Real estate management with CASAFARI CRM

Computer with charts to measure the results of real estate management

Have you faced the potential of a CRM designed especially for the real estate market? This is the question we are going to answer along this article, in the most complete way.

You will have relevant and essential information about the structure of a solution like CASAFARI CRM and about how it allows you to truly optimize your real estate management.

We know that there are dozens of digital platforms, CRMs and other solutions promising to speed up your daily work. Each one serves a purpose, but not all of them serve the same type of professional, since they don’t have the same necessities.

Save this article on your favourites for future reference, so you can consult it and make the most of the functionalities of your real estate CRM.


CASAFARI CRM — what is it and what is a real estate CRM for?

Among the many advantages of a CRM for real estate, the main one is to speed up the real estate management process and strengthen your relationship with clients. This can happen in many ways, depending on the functionalities available on your CRM.

CRM is the acronym for “Customer Relationship Management”. Loosely translating, we can say that this system helps you manage the relationship with your customers. This task is made easy in several fronts of the real estate business when it’s focused on a single platform that provides solutions for better work.

In this article, you will find the 8 groups of features of CASAFARI CRM. We will talk about each one in depth, so that no benefit is left behind.

  1. Real estate software
  2. Real estate website
  3. Real estate portals and Feedcruncher
  4. Real estate marketing
  6. Customer support
  7. Help Centre
  8. CASAFARI CRM’s Plans 

What is a real estate CRM and the advantages of having one in your day-to-day

Software for real estate management

To effectively manage a real estate business, it’s necessary to focus in many different areas. When it comes to managers specifically, their attention must spread among clients, properties, leads and the team. All these fields require efforts for them to have a long-lasting and successful business, instead of being left out of the race 6 months after opening the company.

This is why an efficient software for real estate management is essential to make their routine a more sped up one, buying them extra time and saving efforts, for example, in repetitive tasks. Therefore, CASAFARI CRM works for yourself, since it has the key-features for this business.

Real estate client management

This is obviously one of the management aspects that can’t be ignored. The customers are a business’ greatest asset. Besides, they are the ones bringing profit to the company. So, a well-managed relationship can have positive repercussions throughout the lives of both parties.

Whether with a client or potential client, properly treating them will make them always remember you when they have real estate needs.

A close and effective follow-up allows you to be aware of the life stages of each of your clients. A new baby on the way could mean a family searching for a bigger house. A divorce could lead to the need for a new property, to start over in this new life. During these moments, you can be present in your client’s mind (and email) with the follow-up message that CASAFARI CRM allows you to send.

Schedule follow-up reminders, birthdays and messages to potential clients with which you haven’t sealed a deal yet. Make them have no reasons to forget you. Serve your clients well and accompany them throughout their lives. Never forget that word-of-mouth marketing is the cheaper option (and one of the most effective!). When you take care of your relationships, this is what you are potentializing.

Portfolio and property management

Besides client management, managing properties and keeping your portfolio updated literally avoids wasting time. It avoids, for example, having to provide answers to leads asking for information about a property that’s already reserved or that might not even be available anymore, but that was still online by mistake.

Create and manage your property portfolio through CASAFARI CRM. Each property sheet has all the essential fields for you to fill in and don’t forget important information.

Updating good quality photos, a complete description, virtual tours and promoting the properties on real estate portals, as well as a connection to your real estate website, all of it is made easier and can be found on our real estate CRM.

It’s easy to perceive that you need only to update the information inside your CRM in order to have them automatically updated in all other platforms. This is what we call working fast and not losing time.

HomeLovers chooses CASAFARI CRM for being “super intuitive in every task”

Real estate lead management

Catching leads on itself is already a big task, but it’s when you have them on your hands that the real work starts.

  • You need to qualify this lead: what is the potential client looking for?
  • Create a follow-up flow for this lead. Get in touch to thank them for the information request and better understand their needs.
  • Keep in touch. In case they don’t answer you, schedule a few follow up messages. Don’t give up so easily on this first approach just because the lead hasn’t answered in a timely manner. You need to insist and schedule another message (via email marketing or direct messages) so that you can talk to each other and you can proactively nurture this communication channel.

Besides these first steps of the real estate lead management, CASAFARI CRM also allows you to keep following up with your clients until the deal is done.

Don’t forget to look for the metrics of your company as well. The metrics related to the leads are super important for understanding how many of them have you been able to catch and convert or how many were lost. All these numbers can be easily found on CASAFARI CRM, so you can keep track of your business, your team or your work from up close.


Managing and keeping up with your team

Since a real estate business is not only built of clients and leads, the team must also be managed carefully, having in mind their need and the related metrics that should be followed.

With our real estate CRM you can stay updated about the promotion, lead generation and conversion initiatives of each element of your team. Therefore, you can recognize who is doing a good work and following your employee’s evolution throughout the time.

Furthermore, you can also create different accesses to the platform, since not all members of your team can or should have access to all kinds of documents related to the agency.

By promoting a close management of your team, you get to understand how to motivate or praise the good results of your employees and improve processes that need to be polished from time to time.

ComprarCasa PT: the adoption of CASAFARI CRM as their real estate CRM

Efficient automations

This is a relevant matter inside CASAFARI CRM. Through automations we save you daily hours of work in front of a screen. Furthermore, besides automations being highly useful and versatile, they also allow you to close more deals in the medium and long term.

Let’s spread this subject across the various automations available, so that you see how you can benefit from each one of them in your daily routine.

Smartlink, smartmail, smartreply

These are the 3 “Smarts” of CASAFARI CRM and that you will for sure hear a lot about. Each one was created for a specific goal, but all of them are meant to make your life easier when it comes to communicating with clients.

Whether to send properties or answer automatically to an email (without your presence being required), you can count with these 3 functionalities. 

Here is a brief summary of what each one of the features do:

Smartlink: for when you need to communicate one or more properties

It’s a tool that allows you to present properties on your portfolio with characteristics that match your client’s needs as a customized microsite.

Smartmail: for when you need regular following-up

This is an automation that allows you to regularly send emails to potential clients with a Smartlink that provides properties of interest to the buyer.

Smartreply: for when you need to set canned replies

This automation allows you to send an email when a lead is created on your CRM. It could contain a Smartlink or not and it’s sent in the language set for the lead.

Sales funnel and client acquisition

These funnels are already well-known for their daily and easy use. Through these fields you can manage all about the client acquisitions of your real estate business, as well as the sales that are already ongoing.

It’s important to have it all described, with dates and an action plan, for when it’s needed to get in touch with a contact again. All members of your team should be trained to do so, in order for them to follow the same process and save time looking back at information that you have about a contact. 

Meeting between estate agent and client
Photo by DocuSign on Unsplash

Calendar, recurring events and reminders

These 3 functionalities of CASAFARI CRM perfectly tie together. They are useful for:

  • Having a complete calendar, through which you can understand how busy you are in each week or month. 
  • Keeping up with real estate events (yours and of your team) like, for example, visits to properties or the deed of a deal.
  • Being reminded of all events taking place in the medium and long term, so that no information goes missing. 

It may seem too obvious, but it’s important to remember that being prepared is already having half of the work done. Therefore, a well-filled calendar, updated with real estate events for the next 15 days and reminders already scheduled for the next 6 months (like national holidays, birthdays and other relevant events) can and should be part of your real estate management process that you run with your CASAFARI CRM.

Integration with Google calendar

We really want to stress that CASAFARI CRM exists above all to make your life simpler, not the other way around. Therefore, we managed to integrate our system with many other platforms that you might use on your day-to-day.

In this case, any event added to your calendar inside the CRM can be automatically updated on Google calendar. So, you need only to work on one platform to have the information on your hands.

If you already use Google calendar to organize your week, there’s no need to leave it behind. All information added to the CRM will be replicated there without causing you any troubles.

Events on the real estate CRM: how they help with the customer journey

Comprehensive statistics

We know how numbers are important in a real estate business and we don’t want you to miss out on them! Within CASAFARI CRM, you can find an area to collect information about your statistics, with which you can keep up with the main metrics of your company. 

There are many statistics that you can follow from up close. Whether they talk about properties, agents, leads or events, performance indicators are something that shouldn’t be forgotten and can be found with the name “Goals” inside CASAFARI CRM. 

User access management

When it comes to the safety of a business, it’s always best to be safe than sorry. And if we are talking about the roles of the managers, it’s important to define to which extent the members of your team should have access to certain information inside your organization (and your CRM).

These permissions can always be changed by yourself as an administrator (the person with higher authority inside the CRM), therefore you can manage the sharing of information with your team according to your necessities. CASAFARI CRM gives you full control over the information added to the system, needing only to set who can also profit from them.


Shared folders for working faster

This is one of the features that most speed up the work. Sharing folders should be something compulsory since it’s so simple. This way, everyone can access the most relevant drafts, standard documents and other kinds of materials that need to be available for all members of the team.

Sharing folders allows your team to do their work independently, without losing time to ask or answer questions about a specific subject. Besides, it’s possible to organize them by categories to make the access always simple and organized.

Full history 

Data is power, this we all know. The question is that, without a history, the power is out of your hands, but when you collect past data, you have a great asset for the medium and long term.

All the information collected by our CRM becomes part of your history from the moment you add them to the system. All the team is able to see what went on with a business that was lost or with a lead that became a client.

Furthermore, it allows the team to follow up with a client that was with another colleague (when someone leaves the team or needs to be absent for a while). This way, no deal gets delayed or “lost”, since when you register all the essential information on the CRM, every element of the team can access it and keep up with the work.

Importing data from another CRM

Imagine that you are frustrated with the CRM you’re working with because it’s too complicated and doesn’t speed your daily tasks. We must confess: you would not be the first client coming to us with a story like that.

So, you should know that each and every information that you have in another platform can and should be transferred to CASAFARI CRM. The business and the data are yours, therefore they should be by your side throughout all the course of your actions. There’s no need to lose access to information (hence the history) since you can import everything to our CRM in no time.

Feed XML (the format for CASAFARI CRM)

In this matter, CASAFARI CRM distinguishes itself from other CRMs on the market, since our exporting format for the property feed is unique (and, if we may say so ourselves, it has distinguished us since the beginning of our CRM).

This transfer of information may happen through many formats in which the system of origin can provide the data: XML, JSON, CSV, Excel (among others). 

This way, you don’t lose all the work developed so far inside other real estate management systems.

Real estate management software: technology as an ally of estate agencies

Properties and unlimited hard drive space

This is a crucial subject for those who work on the real estate market. We know that the hard drive space and the number of properties can be limiting factors, but this simply is not a problem when it comes to CASAFARI CRM.

With our CRM, you can load all the properties on your portfolio without worrying about the space. We want, most of all, make your life easier and this should not be a reason for you to worry.

Make use of all the space needed, but don’t forget to update your property portfolio daily in order not to waste your time unnecessarily in the future.

Free and regular updates

CASAFARI CRM is constantly evolving. we look at our platform with a critical eye and promptly follow the feedback of our clients.

Therefore, we update frequently our system with no charges to our clients. Besides, we also make sure our upgrades have minimum impact on your routine, so you can keep working at a full speed.

We also rely on your help. Do you have a suggestion for an upgrade on CASAFARI CRM? Write for us at or send us a message on the chat of our platform and we will get in touch with you!


Everybody knows that a big part of the work of an estate agent happens on the streets. Therefore, CASAFARI CRM created an useful and effective app.

Yes, once again we need to point out the obvious: providing an app is not enough, you need to be able to access documents and functionalities that change your day-to-day for the better, such as Comparative Market Analysis and the collection of a digital signature.

So, download the CASAFARI CRM APP (available at Google Play and App Store).

CASAFARI CRM APP: carry your business at the palm of your hands!

Lead, client and property management and events

Once you have CASAFARI CRM APP installed on your mobile phone, you are able to literally carry your business with you. This speed of work allows you to consult, create and manage events, messages and reports in real time, as well as you would if you had a computer at your hands. You will be able to speed up your most important tasks through your mobile phone or a tablet from anywhere.

And did you know that our integrations are also available at the APP? When it comes to the calendar, besides being able to consult your appointments inside our application, you can edit and see in real time all updates that are made to Google. This way, you can combine efficiency to the flexibility of your workplace, not being tied to the office to be productive.

Audios converted into text

Nothing could be more useful than being able to record your voice and see it being automatically converted into text. In the audio era, make use of this functionality to take notes without having to have a pen on you or typing one single word.

One voice recording is enough for you to register your most recent ideas about your business. Enjoy this hands-free feature to save you some time!

Digital signature for a greater speed

We know that digital signatures are part of the daily tasks of a real estate professional. They serve, for example, as proof that a visit was made to a property.

Through our APP, you can collect this signature in seconds. The whole process is made easy by adding digitally the signature to the property sheet in order to make sure this proof is not lost.

In addition, you can use the app to send a satisfaction survey to the visitor and get a feedback about the property, as well as about your work.


CMA directly on your mobile phone

And if you still had doubts about the utility of our app, you solve this doubts once you find out that you can create Comparative Market Analysis in minutes through your mobile phone.

With this possibility, you get to spend your time the best way possible! Imagine that you are on your way to meet a client that would like to see this report and you forgot to take it with you when leaving the office or that you have 30 minutes free until the next visit and you are on the field, looking for a way to make the best use of your time. Waste no time and run your market analysis through our app!

In no time, you will have on your hands a report with a selection of comparable properties and relevant data that will help you seal a deal and win the trust of your client.

CASA NO MINUTO chooses CASAFARI CRM for its adaptability

CASAFARI’s real estate data

We can assume that CASAFARI’s data need no introduction. This is the most complete real estate database in Europe. We have over 200 million listings from more than 30 thousand different sources (among real estate portals, websites, ibuyers, banks and developers, to name a few). The full gathering of this data in an easy to use solution allows you to have the biggest amount of information possible on the palm of your hand.

If real estate data are the main asset of our platform, what you do with them is the second most important subject. Inside CASAFARI you can create Comparative Market Analyses (CMA), more comprehensive Market Analyses, search for properties for sale by their owners (FSBO), have access to the history of properties since their first digital appearance, catch leads and create alerts that will save you time on your searches.

Besides all that, you even get to integrate CASAFARI to the management system (CRM) that you already use. In this case, CASAFARI CRM doesn’t need the integration, since it’s innate.

Through a single toggle button you can connect yourself to the largest real estate database in Europe. Check on the next lines how everything happens and which benefits can you take from integrating.

Why is CASAFARI the most complete database in Europe?

One click on the toggle for an easy access

This simple button about which we spoke previously gives you straight access to CASAFARI. This is an easier and faster access than any other real estate CRM.

CASAFARI: the most complete real estate software for professionals

The most complete property sourcing (with property history!) 

As we said before, CASAFARI is the platform that aggregates the largest number of real estate data in Europe. All properties go through CASAFARI and, better yet, only once.

Each property has a page dedicated to itself, organized with its historical information, price distribution (for rent or sale), location on a map, time on the market, among other basic data related to its characteristics.

This way, you don’t need to look at tenths of ads with dissonant information. CASAFARI does the work for you with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How to search for properties and catch leads with CASAFARI

Predefined alerts early each day

Still talking about property sourcing, there is a feature that allows you to save time in front of the screen: CASAFARI Alerts.

Those who don’t use CASAFARI have to run this search manually, looking for many different sources of information online. Inside CASAFARI, you can search only once and set alerts that allow you to automatically follow updates for specific areas and property characteristics.

This information will be provided daily on your email, on the first moments each morning, so that you are the first to be informed about what’s new on the market. Meaning you will know which properties enter or leave the market or change prices in an efficient way. 

Growing your portfolio with private seller leads with CASAFARI: get to know the Alerts

CASAFARI available in all devices: mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Share business with CASAFARI Connect

It’s crystal clear that CASAFARI focuses on making the daily work of the real estate professional easier. And, for that, creating a system to share non-exclusive real estate deals is a necessity. In comes CASAFARI Connect, allowing you to share commissions with other agencies in a safe and private way.

This application was developed with the help of our clients. We heard them so we could develop the functionalities that allow them to share business in safety like in no other platform.

Where to start? You only need to click on the handshake icon to show interest in sharing a deal. No matter if you have the property on your portfolio or the client interested in it, you should not waste the opportunity of increasing your revenues! 

Comparative Market Analysis Report (CMA)

The real estate professional knows better than anyone else the power of numbers. A good Comparative Market Analysis helps them a lot in sealing a deal and winning the trust of the client. This is one of the most complete and trustworthy real estate solutions in Europe, since CASAFARI has 1000x more data sources than the closest competitor.

Through this feature, you can find the best suggested asking price for a property according to each context and close a deal faster for a good price. Whether you wish to sell or rent, it’s essential that you rely on information that truly mirrors the market. And this is something only CASAFARI can give you.

Complete Market Analytics

This is another kind of market analysis that you can create to show your client you are a well-informed and knowledgeable professional. A complete and trustworthy market study allows you to work more and better.

The trends and the evolution of the European real estate market are concentrated in CASAFARI Market Analytics. This tool identifies strategic indicators about the market, such as the average asked price per square metre, the average time a property spends on the market and how many of them are there in the market.

With these information, the estate agent has all the arguments they need to persuade a client about the pricing of a property, suggested by a CMA. They can also understand how the market is behaving in a certain location, in order to choose a selling strategy or to understand what would be a good deal, when speaking of buying.

How CASAFARI’s Market Analyses help agents sell more and sell faster

CASAFARI Market Analytics, with trends about the real estate market

An attractive Lead Magnet

We already talked about property sourcing, historical information, alerts, sharing deals and creating reports for comparative market analysis. Now, we should talk about leads. And, for this, we must say that our Lead Magnet was created to help you convert leads into satisfied clients from the very first contact.

This feature of CASAFARI allows you to catch leads for sale and rent effortlessly.

You have our full support to install it on your website or microsite (it takes only 5 minutes) and are able to count on our tips to support you with promoting the Lead Magnet on your communication channels, attracting potential clients and encouraging them to fill in the contact form. Automatically, the lead will get a market analysis report and you will get their contact information.

The results of your prospecting work can increase up to 30% a month with this solution, reducing the price per lead and avoiding unnecessary costs with less effective types of real estate marketing.

Lead Magnet: real estate lead generation made easy

CASAFARI’s data integrated to your system through an API

You may not recognize this technical term, but you only need to know that you can integrate CASAFARI with the platform that you already use.

As aforementioned, CASAFARI is automatically integrated with CASAFARI CRM, but if you manage your business with another CRM, you have the option of integrating.

There are 3 kinds of API to choose from: Alerts, Properties and Comparables. Get in touch with our team to know which one is the best suited for your needs. 

The advantages of using CASAFARI’s property data API

Real estate website

The real estate website is your passage to the digital world. This is a place where you can publicise your brand, the properties on your portfolio and catch contacts from potential clients.

That’s why your website should be optimised to be navigated both on a mobile phone or a computer. Your visitors should have a good navigation experience and enjoy the way the properties are displayed. The contact details and form to request information should be available and visible in various moments of the website.

Among many characteristics that a real estate website should have, we highlight 6 of them:

  1. Independent management
  2. Customizable templates or total customization
  3. Optimization for all devices and focus on lead generation
  4. Unlimited landing pages (microsites)
  5. Watermarks and automated translations for many languages
  6. Dynamic slideshows and promotional banners management

CASAFARI CRM: 4 benefits of having a real estate website

Independent management

Your real estate website should be as pleasant to navigate as it is to manage. The goal here is that you have total independence on the management of your content and are able to make decisions in real time about what you display and how you display.

In order to make this happen, we have simplified the work you put on your website with a back office that’s easy to use and that you can learn how to manage in less than an hour. This way, you don’t waste your precious time waiting for a support team to answer your questions: you simply access the platform and change whatever you want.

Customizable templates or total customization

When it comes to the design of your real estate website, there are two options with CASAFARI CRM: either you use one of our 10 templates previously already optimised or you customise your whole website to the needs of your company and your brand.

All our templates are customizable and you get to add the visual identity of your brand, making it look like a genuine online store for your properties. Remember that you can profit from having a coherent visual communication that allows you to be recognised by clients across different channels. The templates are ready to use and filled with all information of your business.

When you choose a project 100% tailor-made to the necessities of your real estate business, you will receive specialized consulting and technical support throughout the whole process of developing the new website. The back office will be equally easy to manage.

Private Luxury Collection chooses CASAFARI CRM to expand their business

Optimization for all devices and focus on lead generation

A good website should provide an excellent experience both navigating on a computer, a tablet or on a mobile phone. This is the only way to keep your client on the platform for longer and increase the chances of them asking you for further information.

And in order to accomplish this, you can rely on the help of our professionals to create the best website for your business. We offer our clients support for the website creation and give trainings on how to manage your back office in an easy way.

In addition, lead generation should also be another extremely important matter when it comes to your website. No matter if your website is visually appealing if all the contact information is outdated and the forms don’t work properly. Catching leads is one of the major goals of your website.

Our team has prepared templates that are ready to catch leads. Besides that, the person supporting you on the creation of your customised website will always have this in mind as something that can be left behind. With our specialists, you only need to worry about how to present your properties. All the rest is taken care of by us!


Unlimited landing pages (microsites)

A website is important, but it isn’t the only important thing in your communication efforts. Social media, email marketing and landing pages (microsites) are also crucial to gather more contacts. But what is a landing page after all? And is it necessary, having in mind that you already have a proper website? The answer is… YES!

Communication must be customised according to context. Despite your website being the “home” for everything you have in your portfolio, it’s super important to count on the help of landing pages to highlight a specific selection of properties and your brand.

Each landing page should serve a purpose and have a specific goal. Do you want to present yourself as a professional and offer a property valuation? Do you want to select 3 properties above the 500 thousand euros for one single client? Do you want to gather all the properties for sale in your portfolio? Each one of these objectives represents a landing page (microsite).

This way, you can send these pages to specific clients (or potential clients) showing them what really interests them.

Garrell Real Estate and the choice for CASAFARI CRM

Watermarks on images and automated translations to many languages

Watermarks are a requirement of many of our clients. Protecting the image with your watermark is something usual and valued for each agency. Therefore, we provide this functionality, adding watermarks to images and identifying your brand clearly.

Another way of highlighting your brand is to make available translations of your content to many languages. There are more than 15 languages to choose from. By doing so, you customise your content and provide information about your properties to clients all over the world, without losing time and effort manually translating.

Dynamic slideshows and promotional banners management

Another hot topic for real estate marketing are dynamic slideshows. This simple functionality presents your properties in an interesting way, much better than a leaflet, for example. Present your slideshows on your shop’s window, bring them to conferences, show it to your clients and don’t forget to add them to your website. A slideshow adds value to the property that it’s presenting.

Aside from the slideshows, promotional banners also highlight your properties, for example, that have had their price lowered. This way you can make sure that they don’t go unseen when people are visiting your website. They are easy to manage as well, both to add or remove banners.

Broad range of real estate portals

We reached one of the most relevant tasks that a real estate CRM must accomplish. The real estate portals are extremely important to work in this field. With CASAFARI CRM you will have a broad range of national and international marketplaces to choose from.

Real estate portals: 5 tips to catch leads

Over 100 national and international portals

Yes, more than 100 national and international portals where you can promote your properties. The business opportunities are limitless. CASAFARI CRM has established partnerships that cross borders and reach the main European real estate marketplaces (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Ireland, just to name a few).

The promotion of your properties happens in a simplified way with our system, that allows you to upload properties in a few minutes to portals. In case you don’t find one specific property, you can get in touch with our team so they can assess the feasibility of this new addition to our portfolio of portals. You can do it through the communication channels you already know and through the email

More international client with Feedcruncher

This feature was thought for all those that wish to reach international clients with their properties. Through Feedcruncher, you get the attention of international leads and buyers by publicising their properties in a simple way.

Avoid at all costs losing time with manually adding your properties to portals. 

This super automation saves you time (and money), from exporting your portfolio to portals to the lead generation. It’s a high level optimization!

Feedcruncher can be integrated with any system and allows a complete promotion of your properties, adapted to the biggest international portals.

Real estate marketing

A CRM is only complete when it offers different options for you to have all your real estate marketing efforts in a single platform. With CASAFARI CRM you can count with many functionalities that help you send email marketing campaigns, integrate your work with social media, create virtual tours and profit from automations, such as ownerlink, to keep communicating with your current and potential clients in a professional and organised way.

Real estate lead: how to catch, nurture and convert

Email Marketing made easy

CASAFARI CRM’s clients have the possibility of sending newsletters through Mailchimp. This is the platform that integrates with our CRM and that allows you to create newsletters designed to your goals. Whether it’s to educate, catch leads or offer valuable content, count on this tool to keep in touch with your clients. If you already have an account, you simply need to login. If you don’t, then create your account for free on Mailchimp.

Social media for all

Nowadays it’s hard to ignore these online channels. Social media came to stay and, through each one of them, you can attract various targets. So, take care of your communication and create different messages for the channels.
We work with the main social media so you can always find your potential client, wherever they are. CASAFARI CRM allows you to promote your properties on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, sharing content through Whatsapp is also a possibility, allowing you not only to show the properties you have in your portfolio, but to keep a conversation and nurture your leads.

Ownerlink for your client that is an owner 

As the name suggests, this is a link destined to owners of properties. Through this link you can privately share all that has been done by you to sell this property, updating the client. Whether the property is for sale or rent, count on Ownerlink to present all the work with which you are involved. Visits to the property, feedback from potential buyers, promotion initiatives, everything goes through Ownerlink. 

Give visibility to everything that’s important to the owner and win their full trust in the sales process.

Ownerlink is a private section available for property owners to check in real time the promotion initiatives developed by the estate agency or agent to sell their properties.

This area allows a straight communication between the agent and the owner, with the addition of folders, an estimate of average price for the sale and see data of comparable properties, besides showing to the owner:

  • The amount of clicks the property gets on the website of the agency;
  • The amount of Smartlinks sent to potential clients including the property;
  • How many visits the property had and feedback from potential clients;
  • In which real estate portals is the property being promoted.


Immersive Virtual Tours

The pandemic (2022 – 2022) made virtual tours a hot topic, so much so that they became a must-have. The immersive virtual tours that CASAFARI CRM creates allow you to seal deals with remote buyers as if they were visiting the properties themselves.

This is an incredible functionality for those clients that wish to have an idea of how the space is organised, but can’t be present. As one would expect, real estate professionals are better prepared for these kinds of situations and used to virtual tours after the pandemic moment, using this feature to increase sales and offer a new online visiting experience.

In the end, you only need to add the virtual tour to your website, send to real estate portals or share directly with potential clients.

Elegant brochures and displays for your shop’s window

Brochures, leaflets and displays for your shop’s window, they all serve the same purpose: publicising your properties. Whether they are displayed on your shop, taken to a visit to show to a client or distributed at an event, you can benefit from this feature that allows you to print the property page in an organised way and with minimum effort.

These documents can be used as a business card to hand in to your client when you meet them for the first time. Promote the best properties you have in your portfolio to attract potential buyers.

CASAFARI GO for your real estate prospection

Your real estate prospection will become more efficient with CASAFARI GO. Growing your portfolio is now easier than ever!

Organise and measure your prospection initiatives. Using CASAFARI data, find out properties that are for sale by the owner in the area that you work with. Keep yourself organised by tracking the results on your app. See properties for sale by the owner when you are prospecting on the streets, add notes and images to remind later and create new opportunities.

On CRM you can see all routes, statistics and new opportunities for each of the agents, generated by CASAFARI GO.

Customer support

We know how important it is to feel comfortable and supported when starting to work with a new tool or challenging yourself to deepen your use of a platform. Because of this, CASAFARI CRM provides many different customer support features to help you in a wide variety of situations. Whether it’s through a call, articles, videos or a chat, count on us. We are here to help you dominate our CRM.

One on One and Customised Trainings

When you become a CASAFARI CRM client, you can count on our free training and a customised session, adapted to your agency’s necessities. Choose the customised training whenever you need to gather the whole team for the session and collect doubts from everyone in the privacy of your office.

Telephone, email and chat inside the CRM

These are traditional communication channels, already known by our clients. Our telephone number and email are always available to receive any questions, but, when it comes to talking to our clients, our favourite channel is the chat that can be found inside the CRM. In our chat you can speak directly to our team of specialists (not bots!) and can solve all your questions, from the most simple to the most complex ones.


Complete Help Centre

Our client can access our Help Centre inside the CRM. This area is increasingly comprehensive, with explanatory articles, educational tutorials, videos and a section for frequently asked questions so nothing goes missing.

Articles and educational tutorials

You can choose in which way you wish to learn more about our platform. Articles, usually longer, explain in detail the main functionalities of our CRM. This material you can find not only information about our features, but also tips on how to use them to your advantage.

When it comes to tutorials, this kind of content is usually shorter and more technical, showing a step by step of how to perform a certain task available inside CASAFARI CRM.

Both options complement each other and offer you the knowledge to dominate our platform.

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Short explanatory videos

One of the favourite ways to learn nowadays, you can access our videos through our Help Centre or by searching for “CASAFARI” on YouTube. You will find a selection of videos to help you understand the benefits of each functionality of CASAFARI CRM,

FAQ to answer to all your questions

The frequently asked questions are essential to solving quick doubts about our platform. We selected questions that came from our clients because their doubts could also be yours. Besides, this page is constantly updated, providing you with the most updated answers and becoming even more comprehensive as time goes by.



CASAFARI CRM offers 4 plans and all of them are adapted to the needs of each client and agency. You can choose between the Free Plan, Plus, Premium or even Enterprise, where you will find a customised solution to your company.

Free Plan

This is the most recent version of our plans. A management system designed for those managing clients and properties. Created to make your life easier from the interface to the portal portfolio and website templates. And it’s free. Forever!

If you are searching for a complete option, simple to use and integrated to the main real estate portals, no matter how experienced you are with real estate, CASAFARI CRM came to make everything easier with this free version.

CASAFARI CRM: discover our Free Plan

Plus, Premium and Enterprise Plans

With the Plus plan, you can count on automations that will allow you to save time, enhance your sales with immersive virtual tours, dynamic slideshows and beautiful brochures to display your properties. Enjoy our app and work on your CRM anytime, anywhere.

The Premium Plan is the choice of 85% of our clients.

In addition to all functionalities from the Plus, you will also have access to a complete set of automations, from Smartlinks to the importing of leads to your CRM.

Make your website the digital window of your shop: add new languages, apply automatic translations to over 15 languages and create unlimited landing pages (microsites). 

And, finally, we have the Enterprise plan, in which you can fully customise our system to your agency. The CRM will be tailor-made to include all you need to manage your business in a simple and intelligent way. 

Websites with unique designs. Exclusive integrations with CASAFARI’s data. Features developed to specific needs. In this plan, you will have all our customisation options at your disposal.



It’s simple: CASAFARI CRM was designed for the real estate industry and it’s available for you in many different plans and functionalities that will make your routine easier. All of this is supported by the powerful database of CASAFARI and its resources.

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