Software for real estate agents: technology as an ally of the agencies


The analogue roots of the real estate market tend to show even more as years go by and new digital solutions are created. The digitization process is faster year after year, with more and more companies bringing innovation and creativity to face the challenges of the sector.

In this field, solutions such as software for real estate agents that meet clients’ pain points and are able to solve them, deserve to be highlighted.

Automating tasks that happen often, eliminating manual searches, bringing a faster pace to all processes, allowing to do virtually what before was only done in person… There’s a lot to be done, but let’s focus this article on 4 essential points:

  1. CASAFARI CRM – the all-in-one software for real estate agents 
  2. CASAFARI data powered by artificial intelligence
  3. Immersive virtual tours to visit properties 

These four points will guide you through digital real estate solutions that allow you to boost deals as a real estate professional.

Let’s see each one of them now.

1. CASAFARI CRM – the all-in-one software for real estate agents

This had to be the first topic of this article.

A real estate CRM designed for your needs, like CASAFARI CRM, allows you to digitally manage new real estate leads, clients, your property portfolio and your team.

The easiest real estate CRM to use

The simple usability of our system allows you to dominate the tool in a couple of hours. Did you know that 7 in 10 clients describe CASAFARI CRM as one of the most efficient in the Iberian market?

Efficiency is key to differentiating our product. We offer tools in our real estate software for agents to have an easier routine. Therefore, adapting to this technology will be fast and simple, like with no other system.

It’s a CRM well designed for sales. It counts with features that others don’t, as well as unique support.

Luís Nunes, Comprar Casa

CASAFARI CRM is super intuitive. We highlight the benefit of Smartlink, as well as a faster way to present properties to clients and gather metrics.

Miguel Tilli, HomeLovers

Key features for the real estate market

Among the many benefits offered by CASAFARI CRM, we highlight the following:

  • Focused leads, clients, properties and team management
  • Straight access to CASAFARI – the largest real estate database in Europe
  • Exporting to over 100 real estate portals (national and international)
  • A Free Plan for those starting their journey on real estate
  • Smart automations to save you loads of time and money 
  • An APP for faster management, digital signatures and Comparative Market Analysis on your mobile phone.

And there’s more!
You can build a real estate website that’s adapted to catch and send real estate leads straight to the platform completely independently. You can also profit from automatized translations. 

Find out all about CASAFARI CRM

2. CASAFARI data powered by artificial intelligence

If there’s another point that’s directly connected to the digitization of the real estate market, that’s CASAFARI data.

With a single click, any real estate professional can access CASAFARI’s platform without leaving the CRM or needing 2 different real estate solutions to manage clients and find information about the market. This way, not only the property search is made easy, but the professional will also be able to easily access many other features. 

Besides aggregating the largest real estate database in Europe — boosting real estate deals enablement to all professionals —, CASAFARI developed cutting-edge products that solve the sector’s many necessities.

  • Property Search
    • The most complete real estate search, with more than 30,000 online sources and over 200 million listings. 
  • Alerts
    • Be the first one to know what’s going on in the real estate market, even while you’re sleeping. Receive an automated email in the first hours of the morning. 
  • Comparative Market Analysis
    • With CASAFARI, you create truthful analysis in a few minutes, based on the biggest number of comparable properties found on the market.
  • Market Analytics
    • Generate reports that mirror the real estate market, with detailed access to information, including historical data. 
  • CASAFARI Connect
    • A symbolic and powerful handshake that allows you to share deals and commissions in a fast and safe way. 
    • These magical integrations allow you to receive CASAFARI data directly on the system you already use. Choose among alerts, comparables and properties those data that are more convenient to you.  

3. Immersive virtual tours to visit properties

When we talk about business digitization, virtual tours have been stealing the show in the past 2 years. 

Forced to cut face-to-face relationships, real estate professionals, especially estate agents, had to adapt and show properties in a more dynamic way, as if the client was there. 

Here is where the virtual tours are born and CASAFARI CRM positions itself as one of the most intuitive tools to create them. Inside the software for real estate agents, you can create your visits and guide the client as if they were inside the property. They won’t smell like freshly-baked cake, but we can assure you that the visit will be a complete one and can even surpass the client’s expectations.

Even if using digital means, it’s possible to give this idea of the space through immersive images that show both the inside and outside of the property!

Watch the Virtual Tours video to see how simple it is!

Find out all about CASAFARI CRM


Last, but not least when it comes to the digitization of the real estate market, we have the CASAFARI CRM APP (available on Google Play and on App Store). 

And which benefits does having an app for the CRM provide you?
Having your business in the palm of your hand is the most relevant one!

Imagine that…

  • The client wants to book a visit, but you’re not at the office to check your professional schedule.
  • You show the property to a client and want to register their digital signature as proof of presence, but you don’t have your computer on you. 
  • You need to generate a comparative market analysis in 15 minutes, to show it to this same client. 
  • You have an hour of spare time until the next visit and could be dealing with your leads, but the computer is not with you. 

With CASAFARI CRM APP you can take care of it all and more: 

  • Check your schedule and keep it updated.
  • Register the digital signature of a potential homebuyer after they visited a property. 
  • Ask for feedback from the potential client straight on the APP.
  • Easily show your property portfolio to potential clients through your mobile phone.
  • You’re in a café and suddenly comes up with the possibility of having a potential client right in front of you: add their contact information on the platform so you don’t risk losing them. 
  • Nurture your relations with real estate leads as if you were on your computer. 
  • Generate comparative market analyses instantly and present them immediately with a customized report. 

Watch the video and see for yourself how simple is the management of leads, clients and properties inside the CASAFARI CRM APP. 

The best real estate solutions are in your hands

These are only four points in which you can see the benefits of being online. The democratized access to information and the greater speed brought to processes change the modus operandi of the market for the better when you have the appropriate software for real estate agents. 

Our focus from day 1 was to improve your day-to-day activities and, therefore, we work hard to simplify processes and boost business deals. 

Interested in CASAFARI CRM? Get in touch!

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