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What is /Who is CASAFARI for?

CASAFARI is a database targeted to real estate market professionals, which centralizes and aggregates all information available online, allowing its users to follow all the offer of the sector, as well as analyze any market trends. For years, we have developed artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allows us to currently control all the information in the real estate market in a clean, updated and complete way. Our analysis is, therefore, an accurate picture of the reality of the real estate market. Join our real estate network of more than 450.000 real estate professionals and investors, allowing you to enable and accelerate your deals!
CASAFARI is aimed at all professionals related to real estate with the vision of the market, is available for all the community of the sector, aiming to support their professional activity with all transparency and dedication.
All professionals related to the real estate market can subscribe to CASAFARI. If you wish to submit your request, just click on "Start free trial", fill in the form and you will be contacted by our sales department. has different products, which complement each other: 1. Metasearch - Works as a search engine and allows a panoramic and general view of the real estate market. This effect is achieved by aggregating and centralizing the information present in all web pages that have advertised properties, including agencies and marketplaces. Therefore, it is important to mention that CASAFARI does not publish properties, it only indexes the publications made in all websites with that effect. For example, if the same property is promoted by 3 different entities, CASAFARI indexes the information of the 3 websites in a single page, showing you all the historical data of the property. You can also find the best business opportunities, including properties advertised by private sellers, by refining the characteristics of your search. 2. Market Analytics - A revolutionary tool for real estate market trend analysis based on CASAFARI's database, representing the market in a complete, deduplicated and clean way, allowing you to follow all the sector's offer. Through this tool, you can analyze the historical data of the properties, as well as their evolution based on price and time series. You can also compare zones through heatmap, find undervalued properties and understand where to invest. You will have the possibility to receive quickly in your email a market report with the most accurate information. 3. Comparative Market Analysis - The automated CMA model uses a mathematical model combined with a database, which will allow you to estimate the market value of a property at a given time by analysing comparable property values. In a matter of seconds, get a personalised property CMA report with the most accurate market information.
- Monitoring of the entire real estate market: entries to exits of properties, price changes, breaches of exclusivity, and more; - Knowledge of price trends in any area of the country; - Control of individual portfolio of properties; - Possibility of acquiring properties promoted by private sellers; - Access to all details and historical data of properties; - Detailed market reports, which reach your email in a matter of seconds; - Price distribution analysis; - Time series analysis; - Property Comparative Market Analysis, in all asset classes.
CASAFARI is present in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, having its database for each of the territories. However, the user will only have access to the territory where it operates. In the case of a real estate professional who works in the Portuguese market, when buying a subscription, it will only cover Portugal.


To buy a subscription, you should click on "Start free trial", where you will find a contact form. After filling in all the requested data, the form is recognized by our sales department, which will continue the process by contacting you. You will be able to clarify any doubts, as well as enjoy a trial period.
Payment frequency: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually

Forms of payment: credit card or SEPA direct debit

Loyalty period: 6 or 12 months (automatically renewed)
In the case that there is no active contract between your company and CASAFARI, you can access the platform by subscribing to an individual account. For more information, please contact
Yes! You should click on "Start free trial", where you will find a contact form. After filling in all the requested data, the form is recognized by our sales department, which will follow up the process, contacting you to schedule a brief presentation of CASAFARI, and providing you with free trial access.


CASAFARI's location structure allows the user to perform searches by district, county, parish and, in some cases, in more specific areas. Please note that your search can be performed in more than one location simultaneously.
Through CASAFARI you will see, in an organized way, all the public information about a certain property on a single page: - General property information associated with each listing, including price and status - sold, reserved, active, delisted; - Comparable properties; - Graphs - check whether certain property is below or above the market price; - History - access all historical property data, including price change dates and promoters' movements; - Estimated location of the property on the map.


- Credit Card - SEPA Direct Debit


Yes! CASAFARI assures you an account manager who will assist you throughout the whole process and, in addition, we have a specialized product team that will be available to help you with any question. To contact the support team you can send an email to or contact through the chat at the bottom right corner of the platform, with this symbol: 


Please click on "Login" and then "Forgot password?". You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.