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CASAFARI is a database aimed at real estate market professionals that aggregates and centralises all the information available online, allowing its users to follow the entire sector’s offer, as well as analyse any trends and carry out comparative market studies.

For years, we have been developing artificial intelligence and machine learning, which currently allows us to centralise all information on the property market in a clean, up-to-date and comprehensive manner. Our analysis is therefore an accurate reflection of the reality of the property market.

CASAFARI is aimed at all real estate professionals with a vision of the market, to support their professional activity with full transparency and dedication. Real estate consultants, brokers, property developers, asset managers, advisories, iBuyers, banks, insurance and fintech, just to name a few.

All professionals related to the real estate market can subscribe to CASAFARI. If you wish to submit the request, just click on Request a demo, fill in the form and you will be later contacted by our dedicated team that will guide you.

CASAFARI offers different products which complement each other:

1. Property Search – Works as a search engine and allows a panoramic and comprehensive view of the property market. This effect is achieved by aggregating and centralizing the information present in more than 30.000 sources that have properties listed, including agencies and marketplaces. Currently, we count on more than 200M listings. It is important to mention that CASAFARI does not publish properties, it only indexes the listings found on these sources. For example, if the same property is listed in 3 different sources, CASAFARI indexes all the information from all the 3 websites in one page, giving you all the historical data about the property. You can also find the best business opportunities, including properties listed by private sellers, by refining the characteristics of your search.

2. Alerts – Use alerts to be the first to know about all new market entries, exits and even any price changes. Monitor your competition, track your portfolio and receive a market feed of leads from private sellers.

3. Comparative Market Analysis – CASAFARI’s automated valuation uses a mathematical model combined with a database, which will allow you to estimate the market value of a property at a given moment by analysing comparable property values. In a matter of seconds, get a customisable, comparable market study with the most accurate market information.

4. Market Analytics – A revolutionary real estate market trend analysis tool that is based on CASAFARI’s database, representing the market in a complete, deduplicated and clean way. By using this tool, you can analyse the market movements based on price and time series. You can also compare areas through heatmap, find undervalued properties and understand where to invest. You will have the possibility to quickly receive in your email a market report with the most accurate information.

5. Lead Magnet – Your website can work for you with CASAFARI’s Lead Generator. Catch qualified real estate leads day and night! This powerful tool generates an online property valuation in seconds and was created with the objective of gathering leads for real estate professionals effortlessly. Any person that enters your website will be able to access the widget and select what they’re looking for: either buy or sell, rent or become a tenant.

6. CASAFARI CRM – A complete CRM specially designed for real estate. Allows you not only to have full control of your whole business (clients, leads, team and porfolio). The simplicity of our system allows you to master the tool in a couple of hours. 7 out of 10 customers describe CASAFARI CRM as one of the most efficient in the Iberian market.

7. CASAFARI Connect – Share commissions with a single click in a fair, safe and feasible way to seal deals faster. If you have a buyer for a property listed by another agency, or you have a portfolio you would like to collaborate with buyers agents on, close a commission split partnership deal with just one click on a handshake button.

8. Market Reports – We create “on-demand” reports to help you get market intelligence. Benchmarking reports to measure the quantity and quality of your or any agency’s performance, advanced market reports in csv, comparable property reports in csv, and more.

9. CASAFARI’s API – An API allows two systems to communicate with each other, sharing information through an integration. In this case, one of the systems is CASAFARI and the other is your software of choice for real estate management. Fully automated, customisable and constantly updated: this is the perfect way to summarize CASAFARI’s property data API.

  • Monitoring of the entire property market: entries and exits of properties, price changes, exclusivity breaches
  • Knowledge of price trends in any part of the country
  • Control of individual and competition’s property portfolios 
  • Possibility to search for properties listed by private sellers only 
  • Access to all the details and historical data of properties 
  • Comparative market analysis with customisable reports
  • Detailed market reports, that arrive to your e-mail in seconds
  • Price distribution and time series analysis
  • Deals share with other agencies through CASAFARI Connect
  • Lead generation with a specific landing page
  • CRM to centralise all management (new leads, properties, clients and teams)
  • Receiving all data directly in your system through customisable API that meet your needs

Through CASAFARI you will see, in an organized way, all public information about a specific property, in a single page:

  • General property information associated with each listing, including price and status – sold, reserved, active, delisted
  • Comparable properties
  • Dynamic charts: check if a property is below or above market price 
  • Timeline: access all the property’s historical data, including price change dates and market movements
  • Estimated location of the property on the map

CASAFARI’s location structure allows the user to search by district, municipality, parish, and even street. Note that your search may be performed in more than one location at the same time. Alternatively, you can draw a custom boundary on the map.

CASAFARI is present in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, having its database for each territory. The user will have access to the territory where it operates. In the case of a real estate professional who works in the Portuguese market, when buying a subscription, it will only cover Portugal.


To buy a subscription, you should click on Request a demo, where you will find a contact form. Once completed, the form is recognised by our sales department, who will follow up the process by contacting you as soon as possible.

Payment frequency: monthly or annually
Payment method: Credit card or SEPA direct debit
Permanence period: 12 months (automatically renewed)

  • Credit Card
  • SEPA Direct Debit

If there is no active contract between your company and CASAFARI, you can access the platform by subscribing to an individual account. For more information, please contact

Yes! Please click on Request a demo, where you will find a contact form. After filling in all the requested data, the form is recognised by our sales department, which will follow up the process, contacting you to arrange a brief presentation of CASAFARI.


Yes! In addition to CASAFARI assure you an account manager that will guide you through the whole process, we have a specialized team that will be available to help you with any question. To contact the support team you can send an email to or contact through the live chat you can find at the bottom right corner of the platform.


Please click on Login and then on Forgot password?. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

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