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Frequently Asked Questions


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Login Problems/Device Limitation

Please click ‘Login’, and then ‘Forgot password?’
If you are on a trial, please contact your Business Development Representative to become a paying customer. You can send an email to if you are still unsure. If you are a paying customer, please confirm that your most recent invoice has been paid and that your contract is still valid. If you require anything else, please contact
You will see a popup, please check your email and then enter the security code that was emailed to you.
Some accounts have device limitations. To check what yours are, please contact your business development representative. Alternatively, you can email

Coverage/Filter Questions

CASAFARI indexes properties from, but not limited to: agency portals (RE/MAX, Century 21 etc.), classifieds (Imovirtual, CustoJusto etc.), banks (Millenium BCP, Banco Santander etc.).
Our location structure is very similar to what you will find elsewhere on the internet, in major classifieds portals for example. Please remember we strive to be as accurate as possible, and therefore do not publish commonly (almost always) incorrect information such as street data.
We can only display what we have indexed from the information provided by the listing site, for example, if an agent puts the location as being in Misericordia, we cannot assume a property is listed in Encarnação.
We do not currently include these filters, this is because not all listing sites will provide this information, so you could miss out on properties that do have these features, but because the listing site has not provided this information, they would be filtered out of your search. At CASAFARI we always strive to be as complete as possible with our results!
First, click ‘more’ on the search bar. Then check on the ‘private sellers’ box,. If you would like to refine your search, please check 'Exclusive' or 'Non Exclusive'

General Usage Questions

In the top right you will see a box which is default set to English. Click the box and you will see a choice of different languages.
For example: Apartment, 2 or more bedrooms, 100 square meters, in Alcantara, up to €500,000. First, create the search, type the location in the location bar. Then click the location that corresponds to the location you are searching for. Then add to your budget. Then click ‘more’ to add the additional filters. Add in your additional filters. Click ‘search’. Then click ‘set a search alert’ Your alert can be found in the alerts section in the top right. Click on ‘New’ to see all new listings, and ‘See all changes’ to see every new listing, price change, reserved, delisted and sold listing.
For example, a property in my own portfolio, or a property in my competitor’s portfolio? First, find the reference number for the property. In this example we have used RE/MAX. Then type the reference number into the search by reference number box in the top left of the home screen. Then click the magnifying glass. The appropriate property will then be displayed. Click the love heart in order to add it to your favourites. When the property is successfully added, it will be filled in with blue. You can then track your favourites here, in the exact same way as alerts.
In CASAFARI you can add many locations, just type the location that you want, then click the appropriate option. You can repeat this process as many times as you like. Remember, if you add both a location that is inside another location, for example, Lisbon and Alcantara, you will see the whole of Lisbon, and the whole of Alcantara, so if you want to be specific, remember to remove the umbrella location!
First, click ‘more’ on the search bar. Then in the ‘with this agency’ box, type the name of the agency whose portfolio you would like to see. In this example, we have used Fine & Country in the Algarve. Remember you can add as many agencies as you like, we have added Luximo’s too.