3 updates in our property valuation tool

Updates in our property valuation tool

A profound understanding of both the intricacies of a property and the dynamics of the local real estate market is paramount for conducting a successful and expeditious real estate transaction. A nuanced comprehension of a property’s unique features, potential drawbacks, and market demand allows real estate professionals to position it strategically, enhancing its market appeal.

Additionally, a keen awareness of the prevailing market conditions enables agents to accurately price the property, ensuring it is competitive yet lucrative. This combination of in-depth property knowledge and market expertise not only expedites the sales process but also maximizes profitability for both buyers and sellers.

In this article, we’ll talk about three updates of CASAFARI’s property valuation tool that will foster successful real estate transactions for your business. Let’s see which are they!

Average closing prices showing on our property valuation tool

Having access to information about the average closing price for properties on the market is a significant advantage for estate agents. This data serves as a valuable benchmark, allowing professionals to provide accurate and informed guidance to sellers, helping them make well-informed decisions and set competitive listing prices for their properties.

This knowledge not only instills confidence in clients but also contributes to faster and smoother transactions, as properties are priced more strategically to align with market trends.

Furthermore, having insight into average closing prices empowers estate agents to negotiate effectively on behalf of their clients. Armed with this data, agents can present compelling arguments during negotiations, whether they’re representing buyers or sellers. They can leverage the average closing prices to support their case, ensuring that their clients secure the best possible deal in line with market standards.

Now, this information is available inside our Property Valuation tool and is displayed in each property valuation report of yours, to empower your work and boost your sales.

selecting closing price comparables to create your property valuation report

Points of interest with location intelligence powered by Targomo

The presence of desirable amenities in close proximity to a property can significantly expedite its sale. Buyers often prioritize convenience and lifestyle factors when making a decision, so having access to amenities such as schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation enhances the property’s overall appeal. 

These amenities not only make daily life more convenient but also contribute to the property’s perceived value, making it more likely to sell for a desirable price.

Targomo's points of interest in the vicinities of a property

Now, seeing valuable businesses nearby a listing in your portfolio is even easier. CASAFARI acquired Targomo, a company that’s expert in location intelligence and that provides an even more complete list of amenities in the proximity of a property in your portfolio, along with a real estimate of how long it takes to get to them.

CASAFARI enhances its location data expertise with the acquisition of Targomo

Enhanced overall customer experience with a revamped algorithm

For an estate agent aiming to sell an asset, a crucial aspect is gaining a comprehensive understanding of the competitor properties on the market. This knowledge not only provides valuable insights into the current trends and pricing strategies but also enables the agent to position their client’s property effectively.

By assessing competitor listings, an estate agent can identify unique selling points, which empowers them during negotiations and helps them showcase the distinct advantages of their listing. 

You could already count on CASAFARI to help you with such knowledge in the past, but now our algorithm is even better at picking comparables, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and up-to-date information from the market.

And this is not all, there’s plenty more to come to further enhance your experience with our property valuation tool! Want to see it all firsthand? Start your free trial right away!

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