CASA NO MINUTO chooses CASAFARI CRM for its adaptability

Miguel Santos Casa no Minuto

As the Director of the digital real estate agency CASA NO MINUTO, Miguel Santos searches for a CRM platform that was intuitive and adaptable to their business model. It was highly important that this adaptability should be constant , therefore, the possibility of customizing CASAFARI CRM was crucial to his choice.

Even on a brand activation phase, the Director from CASA NO MINUTO is convinced that the partnership established “will be extremely beneficial for the level of service that they intend to offer for the members of their team, inevitably causing a positive impact on the real estate services provided to clients..”

More real estate leads with CASAFARI CRM 

An adaptable and customizable tool can only work well when it’s easy to use and effectively enhances results. This is what happens with the partnership between CASA NO MINUTO and CASAFARI CRM.

In the words of Miguel Santos, “as an excellent platform, that’s widely present in the Portuguese real estate market and part of the activities of its most relevant aos “players”, CASAFARI CRM promotes the sharing of information among all. It allows us to work with the information, meaning, selling more and gathering more leads”, affirms the director of the digital real estate agency.

When it comes to capturing, nurturing and converting a real estate lead, CASAFARI CRM supports the estate agent unconditionally throughout the many phases of the customer jouney, with functionalities suitable for every moment. Check out our article about how technology is truly an ally of real estate agencies.


More agility in your everyday work

A complete view, not only from the business itself, but also from the market, it’s something that Miguel Santos highlighted as one of the benefits of the platform. 

This wide coverage allows them to “monitor the performance globally”, and, consequently, “evaluate the essential metrics to the progress of the activity, eventually correcting critical situations with the anticipation needed”, states the director of CASA NO MINUTO. 

The sales funnel and an easier working day

The sales funnel is one of the top tools that the director of CASA NO MINUTO accents of CASAFARI CRM. 

“I highlight the sales funnel, both for the growing of our portfolio and for the sale of properties itself, bringing the possibility to create a unique dynamic, adapted to our business model. ”

Miguel Santos 

About the time saved with CASAFARI CRM, Miguel Santos tells us that he doesn’t count it, but can feel its benefits: “I think the increase in the quality that CASAFARI CRM has provided to our working days is what must be emphasized.”

This is what we work on, in making our system and the work of real estate professionals easier.

Predefined answers, virtual tours, an app that you can use anywhere, they’re all part of the array of tools we have developed to make the real estate professional save time and invest it strategically in what’s a priority. The remaining tasks should all be taken care of by CASAFARI CRM. 

An adaptable and intuitive CRM

In these two words Miguel Santos describes CASAFARI CRM: an adaptable and intuitive tool. “Especially because of the simplicity of its layout, that inevitably promotes a simple use of the tool”. The CASA NO MINUTO team uses the platform daily and, of course, counts with the support of the CASAFARI CRM team for adapting the settings to their needs and to every other issue that comes up along the way. 

Miguel reinforces the message that “the management and development teams of CASAFARI CRM are always very open to hear our improvement suggestions and implement them whenever possible”.


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