Video for real estate: what to create as an estate agent

Recording video for real estate social content

One thing is for sure: estate agents and other professionals have been creating videos for real estate for a reason. This type of task became part of their marketing plans and routine because consumers are increasingly relying on marketing videos for brands.

According to a research from HubSpot, during 2022, 66% of the interviewees have watched a content in video to learn about a brand. Another research, conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, found that 92.6% of global internet users watch digital videos every week.

But, besides being a way of providing the kind of content that your audience consumes, creating real estate videos offers your target a better idea about the size of a house, the disposition of rooms and, of course, your personality, making the viewers feel more connected to you.

Convinced? Then, let’s see which kind of videos you could create and a few tips to make sure your videos get the best results possible.

5 relevant type of video for real estate

When it comes to real estate marketing, creating a varied content is a key part of providing an experience to your audience. And, of course, the same goes for video marketing.So, here are a few pieces of content for you to keep in mind for the next time you’re uploading a real estate listing, creating content for social media, for your website or a newsletter.

House tours

House tours are useful for an estate agent for two reasons. First of all, when added to a real estate portal, this visual aid helps attract potential buyers to book a visit and come see the property with their own eyes. In addition, this is a way of showing the place to a foreign audience that might be interested in acquiring the property even from afar.

It can be done in many formats: either a live broadcast or a recorded real estate video, either a long and detailed content or a short one, showing only the size of the property and disposition of the rooms. Maybe even both, for different communication channels!

What really matters is to emphasize the qualities of the property and show those characteristics that will attract potential buyers to it.

Questions and answers

Not only is this type of video for real estate interesting to keep your audience interested in your content and informed, but they draw your following close to you.

You can choose those questions frequently asked to you by your current clients, on emails or even use a broadcast to give your audience the chance to ask their questions live and interact with you.

Tips and tricks

You know that insider information, those tricks that only a real estate professional knows? These can become juicy pieces of content to share with your followers! 

You could talk about the documents they will need to sell or buy a property, yields, market movements, what to look for in a property, how to increase their chances of getting their home loans approved or anything else you can think of.

The idea here is that your knowledge makes your audience feel more secure about buying, more ready, more informed. Also, this strengthens the interaction between you and your followers, as well as reinforces your image as a very knowledgeable professional.

Client’s testimonials

Testimonials are a great way of showing your audience that you’re reliable and trustworthy as an estate agent. Basically, they work as social proof of the quality of your work.

The challenge here is to get your current clients past their shyness in front of the cameras. But once they are convinced about it, you can either let them record their own videos, so they feel more comfortable with what they are going to say, or you can help them with recording, to make sure the quality is up to your expectations.

Having your clients on your video for real estate adds an extra pinch of reality and credibility, since they will not only be a random name in your content, but have a voice and a face.

Once this content is live, make sure to spread the word in all your communication channels. 

Social ads

You want to expand your reach, build a bigger audience and reach even more potential clients? Social ads can be useful for that, especially in the form of a real estate video. 

Remember to talk straight to the needs and concerns of your target. Also, if you’re showing them a property, select one that fits with the audience that will be impacted by this content. Finally, remember to talk about what makes you the best choice for them, followed by a call-to-action for them to fill a form or get in touch with you.

Quick tips for working with real estate video

Keep it short!

Your audience has a life that’s packed with obligations, as yourself. So, remember that their leisure time is limited and needs to be put to good use. 

Going back to the research done for HubSpot, 16% of the interviewed consumers said that they prefer watching videos up to 1 minute long, 36% would rather watch videos from 1 to 3 minutes long and another 27% chose videos from 4 to 6 minutes.

When creating your videos for real estate, provide useful information and straight-to-the-point information, exactly the kind of content they will be looking for while scrolling through social media, emails or looking for entertainment.

Pay attention to the quality of your real estate video

Poorly made content can scare your audience away and give the impression of an unprofessional work. Around 64% of those interviewed by HubSpot said that the quality of the production matters when choosing which video to watch.

So, whenever you’re filming, check if the light and audio are working on camera. When it comes to audio, pay attention to external noises that might interfere with your video, places that echo or, if you are wearing a microphone, make sure it doesn’t rub against your clothes. As for ambience, work on lighting so you always show the houses in your portfolio as well-lit spaces to cause a good impression.

Make the first few seconds remarkable

Did you know that Microsoft once conducted a study that found out that the attention span of an American adult was 8 seconds. As much as Americans cannot be used as the standard for all nations, the results sure made marketeers wary, especially after AdAge confirmed this statistic. And on social media these numbers can drop even further!

Speaking of AdAge, in 2015 it conducted studies showing that if you haven’t engaged your audience in your video content up until 30 seconds, most likely you lost 33% of your viewers by this point and 45% until the first minute is complete.

But, on the other hand, even with these challenges, videos for real estate continue to be a good idea. Not only video content raises the ROI, but also a research done in 2021 shows that 78% of marketing professionals saw increases in traffic to their website after adding videos to the pages.

Meaning, if you want to make sure your audience sticks with your content and brings you positive outcomes, then make those first seconds memorable. Make an impactful statement, use a call-to-action, show some impressive images, anything that can catch the attention of your audience and make them want to keep watching should be tried.

Add captions to your real estate videos

That’s a fact: many people simply watch videos on mute, especially when they’re on public spaces. The actual number for Facebook is of 85% of users with muted videos, while Forbes tells us that 80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available.

So, you get the gist: caption your videos for better results.

Interact with your audience

To get closer to your following or potential new clients, do interact with them by answering inbox messages, comments or emails. Not only this allows you to explain something in more detail, but also gives an impression that you care for your audience.

Use call-to-actions

They’ve watched your video for real estate. Now what? You should always give your viewers a next step, whether it’s dropping their opinions on the comment section or getting in touch with you in some other way. What do you want them to do next?

Ok, ready to get this done? Start working on your video for real estate right now and enjoy this new way of prospecting for your business.

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

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