Garrell Real Estate and the choice for CASAFARI CRM


Garrell Real Estate is a company focused in collaborations with banks and real estate investment funds. They worked in a close relationship with the CASAFARI CRM team, helping the development and adaptation of our product to fit the Spanish property market.

When Garrell’s decision-makers first met our team, in September 2020, the company was looking for a real estate CRM provider that also had a property valuation tool. What they didn’t know was that CASAFARI could help them in many other ways.

Automatizing processes for a more efficient work

CASAFARI CRM helped Garrell to have a faster response time when it comes to contacting, nurturing and converting real estate leads. Their team managed to automatize and control the whole journey of each lead, from their arrival in the real estate CRM to converting and becoming a client of an estate agent.

Also, the company could supervise the work and its pace, making sure goals are achieved and both deadlines and clients’ expectations are met.

“We estimate that, after implementing CASAFARI CRM, we have been achieving a higher conversion rate from lead to client.”

Joan López Garrell, associate in Garrell Real Estate

Other than lead management, Garrell’s support team could also automatize the whole process of selling or renting a property, starting with the advertisement in a property marketplace until the signing of the contract. “Having the whole workflow in a single real estate software allowed us to save time and focus our efforts on what really matters: the client.”

Client management app and property valuation tool: essentials for Garrell Real Estate

Talking about must-have features in CASAFARI CRM for Garrell, one highlight is our real estate app, available for both Android and iOS, in which estate agents can follow their whole portfolio of leads and clients even when they’re away from the office.

But the real star of the show was the integration of the CRM with CASAFARI data. It has allowed Garrell Real Estate to:

  • Follow changes in the prices of properties in their portfolio, leading to data-driven decisions
  • Create complete property valuation reports that show real-time data of the property market and comparable properties, adding value to their service

As for the results obtained, the numbers show that the partnership with CASAFARI CRM was definitely worth it:

“In 2021, we could manage a total of 4.843 leads, which means 403 contacts a month. Without CASAFARI CRM and its features, we couldn’t have successfully done this.”

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