Private Luxury Collection: the choice for CASAFARI CRM to expand the business

Keely Capel, broker at Private Luxury Collection

When Keely Capel, broker at Private Luxury Collection, first reached out to the CASAFARI CRM team, she had a clear vision in mind: she needed a powerful CRM that was affordable for a new agency and provided tools to help both the business grow and compete with more established brands.

Some of her must-haves included:

  • the ability to manage communications,
  • link to their domain and website,
  • ease of use.

Let’s see how CASAFARI CRM was able to deliver everything that Private Luxury Collection needed!

The features that made a difference for Private Luxury Collection

Since their main goal was to expand the business, we wanted to know if CASAFARI CRM helped Private Luxury Collection to catch more leads and seal more deals, both tasks essential to grow the revenues. Here’s what Keely had to say.

“The ability to connect directly to portals, create landing pages, lead magnets and campaigns means we never miss the opportunity to capture a lead.”

Keely Capel, Broker at Private Luxury Collection

She continued, telling us that having Smartlinks (link that gathers properties of interest to your client), being able to search market properties and viewing the sale funnel ensured that the company could communicate quickly and efficiently with clients, staying on top of all interactions.

And, pairing these features with the canned replies allowed Keely to always quickly promote new listings that are suitable to their clients, even if their requirements didn’t match any of the properties she had on her mind. 

When asked about the features Keely and Private Luxury Collection valued most in CASAFARI CRM, she chose:

  • Data integration with CASAFARI – a 360º view of the market, allowing you to stay on top of trends, find properties and partner with other agencies.
  • Smartlink – customizable links with a list of properties of interest to the clients, with the chance of tracking the open and click rates.
  • Surveys – a tool that allows estate agents to get feedback from clients after showing a property and collect testimonials about their work.

All three of them, as well as all other functionalities in our real estate software, were carefully designed to make sure agents and agencies reached their best results, making clients satisfied and enabling more deals.

As for the time management, Keely told us that having it all in a single platform and being able to automate tasks definitely saved time on their day to day routine. “It’s impossible to always be in contact with each client once your database grows to a certain size, so the fact that a lot of these tasks can be done directly in the CRM or even automated makes a big difference.”

And, on top of it all, the usability of our real estate software was also something to be highlighted. When asked about her quick adaptation to CASAFARI CRM, she said: “things are easy to change and it flows nicely from one step to the next.” 


How CASAFARI CRM impacted Private Luxury Collection’s results

The positive testimonial from Keely is due to the fact that our real estate CRM allowed the company to:

  • automate lead capture from their website and various other portals,
  • target sellers or buyers individually through lead magnets provided by the CRM itself,
  • Expand their marketing reach with the connection to all main real estate portals.

And there’s more! The integration with the data from CASAFARI has also helped reduce the amount of time she spent on data input and capture. 

“Lead generation has definitely grown since using CASAFARI CRM and so has the number that convert to a sale, purely just because it enables me to keep on top of so many things at once. We have seen more hits to our direct website too which is great.” 

Keely Capel, Broker at Private Luxury Collection

And what about your business? Which challenges do you have to tackle? Get in touch with us and see how CASAFARI CRM can elevate your real estate business to the next level!


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