CASAFARI CRM: 4 benefits of having a real estate website

Afonso Azevedo, Account Manager of CASAFARI CRM

Nowadays, your potential customers search for their dream home comfortably on the Internet. Gone are the days when, to sell a property, it was necessary to publish the ads in the classified pages of local newspapers.

The benefits of having a real estate website are many, starting with the exposure of the brand, the properties and the ease of contact with potential clients, who seek the real estate agent to know more about a property.

You can advertise all the properties in your portfolio, accompanied by a detailed description, with photos, videos and even virtual visits. This information, available within 24 hours, allows you to show all the potential of your property, without duplicating work, making the most of the time that the online world gives you.

In this article, discover how the real estate website is an essential tool to capture qualified leads and win more business.

  1. Responsive Real Estate Website
  2. SEO Optimization (Google)
  3. Accessibility and Communication
  4. Credibility

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Responsive Real Estate Website

A responsive real estate website is designed to adapt to any screen size without distortion by adjusting the size of images and all page elements to make them proportional.

Responsive real estate website have several advantages:

  • Fast loading of pages and property information;
  • Unique and adaptable design for any device;
  • Access from any browser. 

A good experience leads to more visits and consequently increases the chances of generating more business.

CASAFARI CRM has developed a set of optimized templates, with unique design, so that your site looks perfectly aligned on any device.

In addition, you have access to a CMS (Content Management System) intuitive and fully integrated with your real estate CRM. The CMS allows you to create and manage all your content simply, quickly and without technical knowledge, so you can keep your website always up to date.

SEO Optimization (Google)

In order for your real estate website to be easily found in searches, it is important to use a set of techniques to optimize your pages. 

These techniques are called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and influence the ranking of your site in Google search results.

For this reason, an efficient use of these techniques contributes to your pages achieving better rankings, increasing visits to your site and capturing more and new leads.

Some of the techniques to start optimizing your site’s pages are:

  • Use of keywords

By choosing the right keywords, you have the possibility of attracting potential clients interested in your properties and a higher probability of closing deals.

  • Quality Content

Original and informative content about your business and its properties. When producing this content, it is important that the text and images are appealing and related to the subject.

  • Titles and description for SEO

They are the first elements visible on search engines (Google), so it is important that they contain the keywords that attract the potential client.

  • Responsive Real Estate Website

It is essential that your website is responsive so that you don’t lose business. Google favors responsive sites in search results, since the experience they offer to those who visit them, is much more adapted, compared to a platform that is not.

The solution developed by CASAFARI CRM takes into account all good practices recommended by Google.

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Accessibility and Communication

A real estate website also allows direct contact between potential clients and the estate agent. 

As your digital shop window is accessible 24 hours a day, it is as if you were always “open door”, reducing the time spent on exclusively personal contact and providing greater convenience for your potential clients.

Through the site, the dissemination of forms of communication is also more efficient. Service channels such as e-mail, telephone and social networks can be easily identified, giving options to those who want to get in touch.

Pages that have complete and updated information about the properties, photographs, videos and virtual tours offer the opportunity for the client to do their own research.

In CASAFARI CRM, you can create Landing Pages (mini-sites), content pages (blog, for example) and add tools for capturing contacts, allowing the development of a closer and easier relationship with potential clients.

You have the freedom to choose the look/template and customize all the pages of your site, with content adapted to the image of your real estate agency.

In addition, you can count on CASAFARI Lead Magnet to help you capture contacts 24 hours a day. Who visits you, will give you the contact, and you may have:

  • A property valuation, in a few seconds;
  • The fair market price for selling and buying property.


Another advantage of having a real estate website is the positive effect on the image of the real estate agency. A complete and attractive page transmits greater credibility, reinforcing the perception of professionalism and seriousness to your clients.

In this sense, it is also possible to use the site to present some success stories, through the dissemination of testimonials from clients who have already done successful business. This type of recommendation also helps to reinforce trust and build a good reputation.

With CASAFARI CRM, you have access to a testimonial publishing area in your website, so you can share the feedback you receive with the world.


The wesbite is a fundamental tool for the real estate agency activity. 

With it, it is possible to expand the dissemination and scope of your work, strengthening the recognition of your brand in the market and attracting potential clients.

Online visibility gains more and more prominence and makes the process of buying and selling real estate easier, allowing you to close more deals.


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