Real Estate Data Directly to Your System

Access valuable data instantly with fully automated, customisable, and real-time updates from CASAFARI’s property data APIs.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use CASAFARI’s APIs

  • 360º view of the property market: All our real estate APIs are connected to CASAFARI, the largest and cleanest real estate database in Europe, thus you will access all the information available on the property market, sourced from thousands of websites and portals and millions of listings.
  • Easy-to-use: Quick and seamless integration into your go-to system, such as a real estate CRM, gaining direct entry to the full real estate landscape.
  • Guides and support for smooth integration: CASAFARI provides intuitive guides and technical support for more complex systems, making sure the integration of our APIs into the client’s system runs as smoothly as possible.

Market Leads API

Receive new leads directly into your system, ensuring you never miss out on a potential opportunity.

Market Valuations API

Access clean and deduplicated data to easily compare properties and make informed decisions about pricing and investments.

Property Sourcing API

Find unique properties based on clean data from classified portals or agencies, making it easy to find the perfect listing for your needs.

Market Analysis API

Get aggregated data from the market to help you find good opportunities, especially up-and-coming neighbourhoods, and make informed investment decisions.


Visit our documentation page to learn more about our property data APIs, including code samples, tutorials, and guides.



  1. How often do you update the data? Depending on the API, we update it once a day or more frequently for some sources.
  2. What is the extent of the historical data? Depending on the API, we can provide 1 year of historical data or all historical data back to the start of our data collection for each country.
  3. Can the API results be cached or stored? The results of the APIs may not be stored indefinitely for reuse. We are happy to discuss this as part of a bespoke offer if your use case requires it.
  4. What data points do you have? To check all the data points available, you can view the API documentation here


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