• market watch200,000+ listings analysed
  • meta search70,000+ unique properties
  • price comparisonprices for the same property differ by up to 150%
  • new listing alerts12,000+ new properties every month
  • price change alerts2,900x prices decrease every month
  • price increase alerts2,700x prices increase every month
  • price change alerts€980,000 (€1,250,000)
  • status tracking20,000+ sold, delisted, reserved listings every month
  • historical dataunlock the best deals with predictive analytics
villas houses and apartments with penthouses for sale tracking, analysis, compare property prices, price comparison, match, source new listings, sold homes, compare real estate agencies in Palma, Port Andratx, Santa Ponsa, Son Vida. Market Analytics, historical data for estate professionals in Spain.


200,000+ property listings in Spain

In the last 30 days:





unique properties



new listings



price reductions



price increases


market watch

outsmart your competition

You decide what real estate agency’s portfolios to watch –

we will do the rest and do analysis for you.

historical data

unlock the best deals with predictive analytics

• what is the best price to buy or sell faster?

• what locations are red-hot and where are the hidden gems?

• how many properties did your competitor sell?

price comparison

one property = several agencies =/= same price…

• 80%+ of properties are listed at several agencies with different prices.

• more than 20% of properties have more than one price

• prices for the same property differ by up to 46%

new listing alerts

daily straight into your inbox

In the last month we monitored

12,000+ new listings in Spain

price change alerts

be the first one to see what property listings

In the last month we tracked:

2,900+ price reductions

2,700+ price increases

status tracking

be the first one to see what property is reserved or sold…

Keep your portfolio clean and clients happy!

meta search

powered by Artifical Intelligence…

• More property listings than any classifieds website

• The more search queries are processed,

 the richer the property database becomes