Real estate portals: 5 tips to catch more leads


Advertising your property portfolio in real estate portals should be a simple task, one that doesn’t take too long and brings a good return. And by return, we mean leads. We know this is what you’re looking for!

If you get a smaller or larger amount of leads, it’s directly related to the way you portray your properties in the main real estate portals.

No matter if they’re national or international, when one advertises in real estate portals, one should always have in mind a few rules that improve how the property is noticed and the reach of your brand.

Follow the tips in this article and check the questions in the end so you don’t miss a single detail in your listings. 

1. Fill every field, including the location

All the information that you need to achieve a higher performance on a real estate portal are already available inside your CASAFARI CRM. Every field should be filled in: a captivating title, a detailed and organized description, photos, virtual tours, translations, etc. All these options must be adapted to each property in your property portfolio.

Details such as gross area, built-up area and plot size are just as important as the asking price or letting people know if the property is for sale or rent. Offering the most complete data allows you to save yours and your prospect’s time from asking and answering with unnecessary questions.

Another extremely important topic is providing the exact location of the property. Put yourself in your lead’s shoes: when one is searching for a home, one needs to know where it is located. Neither the client, nor the estate agent wishes to lose time visiting a poorly located property.

Location is one of the key-assets when it comes to the property market, so take advantage of it by showing the address, maps and describing its surroundings. This way, your listing will stand out from the others and your work will reach the desired results. 

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2. Create captivating titles and descriptions

It seems quite simple to fill in all the required information about a property, but the title and description fields definitely need some time and dedication. Those who wish to catch the largest number of leads possible through real estate portals need to focus on enhancing their copy.

Let’s look at these examples:

Option 1: Two-bedroom apartment in Rua das Flores

Remodelled home with 2 bedrooms, a living room and fully-equipped kitchen.

North-facing with a balcony. 

Option 2: Charming two-bedroom in the historical Rua das Flores, in Porto

Your dream home is located in one of the most central streets in the heart of Porto!  Completely remodelled in January of this year, with two well-lit bedrooms, a spacious living room and a fully-equipped kitchen. It also counts with a balcony, connected to the living room, through which the natural light comes in at the end of the day. 

Between both options, which one would you rather see?

Always choose to describe the space in a thorough way, guiding the reader as if they’re visiting the property.

3. Add the best photos, virtual tours and the floor plan

Yes, an image is worth a thousand words. And, when it comes to listing a property on a real estate portal, if you don’t add any images, it’s as if the property didn’t exist. 

Real estate portals benefit listings that are thoroughly described, with all fields filled in. Even if their filling is not mandatory, the title, the description and the images make the sacred triad for performing better. 

Apart from the photos, virtual tours also make your listings shine. Conquer clients with an immersive and realistic digital tour that’s as if they were visiting in person. With CASAFARI CRM, one can create virtual tours of one’s properties in just a few steps. Add them to your real estate website, to real estate portals or share them with a potential client through a link. 

If you can, always take professional photos of each property. During the day, when there’s natural light, visit the space and identify which would be the best clicks. Check a few tips below to help you sell the property faster with proper real estate photography: 

  • Stage the space: clean and organize the scene you’re about to capture before shooting.
  • Shoot from an angle that captures the largest possible area.
  • Profit from natural light and avoid using the flash.
  • Avoid shooting yourself: check if there are any reflective surfaces such as windows or mirrors.
  • Edit the photos to make them more luminous or remove undesired objects.

Finally, it’s important to add the floor plan of the property, so the potential buyer or tenant has a visual idea of how the rooms are disposed. They can be of a traditional style or stylized versions made by interior designers, the important thing is to bring a complete view of the property. Remember: at this stage, you are trying to attract potential buyers and tenants to visit the place, so every information counts. 

When you have all the visual material ready, add them to the listing in an organized way. As an example, you could display the visuals in the following order:

  1. Virtual tour and videos
  2. Photos, in the same order as the person would see those rooms when visiting. Start with the entrance and finish in the outdoor area. 
  3. Floor plan
Real estate photography taken of a bedroom
Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

4. Use social media to publicize your property portfolio and send Smartlinks to ideal clients

Is the listing active on the real estate portal? Great! Now it’s time to spread the word about it. Having a page about a property live and not doing anything else to publicize is like walking only half the way to success. You must use all possibilities to be top of mind to your clients and to strategically let people know about your property portfolio.

After you have done that, you can consider that 80% of your work inside real estate portals is done.

Publicize your listings on your social media to promote your personal brand, position yourself as an authority and show potential clients that you’re constantly updating your property portfolio. Make sure all new properties are shared on social media.

Have you listed a new property that could be perfect for a client? Sent them a Smartlink! All properties that could interest them can be gathered in this link and, later, you get to see the interaction metrics to know which ones caught their attention the most.   

5. Refresh, diversify, update your listings

Imagine that you have a listing that isn’t getting much attention from potential leads. Don’t give up on it just yet! Give it a revamp: create a new title, new descriptions, add better photos. Also, make sure to diversify the listings that you publish. 

Try to publicize properties of various asking prices, in different locations and types of businesses, so you reach an also diverse audience.

One additional note: we want to remind you that, just as it is important to advertise the new properties in your portfolio, it’s also super relevant to update which properties were already sold. 

Having these listings still active is something harmful for your brand, since the client is looking for an efficient service and a competent professional. Therefore, always erase or deactivate past listings and update your portfolio constantly.

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Here’s a challenge! 

Take another look at your listings and check all questions below to optimize their performance on real estate portals.

  • Is the title of your listing attractive?

Even before they see the photos, this is the first thing people will see about your property. So, it should be adequate and captivating. 

  • Are there any images? Are they displayed in the right order?

Add the best photos of your property to your listing. Don’t forget the main areas of the house and interesting details. 

  • Did you add a virtual tour for a more dynamic way to see the property?

Offer a better experience for those looking for a house. Dynamic listings, like those that provide a virtual tour, tend to have higher conversion rates.

  • Is the description of the property complete and organized?

Besides the basic information about your property, remember to talk about the presence of natural light, the view and the features that the tenant or buyer can enjoy. 

  • Were the translations applied? 

Check if all translations are ready and well-done before uploading the content, so the copy sounds professional and is properly adapted to each language.

  • Do you have a plan to spread the word about these new listings?

How are you advertising your property portfolio? Through social media to enhance your personal brand? Via a Smartlink, to send to an ideal client? With the help of an app?

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