ComprarCasa PT: the adoption of CASAFARI CRM as their real estate CRM

Luis Nunes, CEO ComprarCasa PT

When he made the decision in 2017 to adopt CASAFARI CRM as ComprarCasa’s real estate CRM, Luís Nunes had a few goals in mind:

  1. Improve the quality of services offered in the company’s stores
  2. Initiate the use of a tool for the exportation of advertised properties
  3. Adopt a real estate CRM that would help in the decision making process for the real estate management

To achieve them, he needed not only a powerful tool: he also needed a platform that would help his real estate agents save time with operational tasks and allow them maximum efficiency in their work. This way, these professionals could dedicate themselves to serving clients and raising properties for ComprarCasa.

“For those who lead a real estate agency, CASAFARI CRM makes it possible to fully manage the portfolio of real estate agents, understand where they are and what they are developing, making it possible to improve the management processes of a brokerage.”

It was in CASAFARI CRM that Luís found the real estate solutions he was looking for for his team.

How CASAFARI CRM helped reach these goals

The app of our real estate CRM, allowed agents to have their agendas in the palm of their hand and closely control the amount of contacts, which optimizes time and increases individual productivity.

On the other hand, ownerlink, a personalized page where the owner can follow everything that happens regarding the marketing of his property, and Smartlink, a selection of properties made according to the clients’ interest, were fundamental to optimize the feeling of added value of ComprarCasa for the client.

The questionnaires have become a quick and handy tool to track how customers feel about the service provided, allowing the company to constantly improve what they call the “ComprarCasa Experience”.

At last, another highlight was the Funnel of Listings and Sales, which represents for Luís Nunes and his team of real estate agents the true “moment of truth”: a site to monitor the entire process of real estate mediation, which is intended to be holistic.

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The results achieved

With these features, the objectives were achieved and about a third of the real estate agents’ working time was saved. Thanks to the use of CASAFARI’s real estate CRM, they could pay more attention to what really matters in real estate mediation: serving existing clients with quality and acting in commercial activities with greater focus.

With this goal in mind, Luís Nunes and his team relied on the prospection of private properties, which proved to be, in the words of the CEO, “a huge lead-generating tool that works extremely well, allowing the optimization of resources”.

The leads captured in the ComprarCasa portal and in partner real estate portals were also automatically imported into CASAFARI CRM, making it possible for real estate agents to have a complete overview of their client portfolio and leads at hand.

“Our numbers are a direct reflection of the productivity of the CRM. Thus, ComprarCasa has grown in Sales, in private property listings and in process efficiency over these last 4 years and this cannot be dissociated from CASAFARI CRM.”

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