CASAFARI CRM APP: carry your business in the palm of your hand!

Marta Simões, Account Manager of CASAFARI CRM

Much of the real estate agent’s day-to-day is spent outside the office. 

With that in mind, CASAFARI CRM developed a client management APP (available on Google Play and App Store) that is the real estate agent’s best friend. It allows you to check locations, interact with dynamic maps, view and add properties to your portfolio, without forgetting to manage events and leads. In addition, you can also use digital signature after visiting a property. 

Wherever you are, you can generate a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Report to get the fair market value of a property and see data from other similar properties.

The new world is mobile and digital and with the CASAFARI CRM APP you are there!

Learn, in this article, all the features of the client management APP.

Dynamic Calendar

Access an intuitive diary and keep track of your daily tasks. Don’t lose sight of scheduled events, book new appointments with just a few clicks and have your monthly planning always up to date.

In the calendar, besides being able to see upcoming events and filter to view those that took place in the last 15 or 30 days, you can quickly add new ones and access their details

In the case of property visits, it is important to prove that these occurred through your real estate agency. In this sense, the CASAFARI CRM APP allows you to obtain the digital signature of the potential client and print the visit form, which will serve as proof.

It is also possible through the client management APP to collect feedback from the potential client on the property visited and share it with the owner.


In the CASAFARI CRM APP, create new pages for your properties, identify the main features and upload photos. Easily show your portfolio to potential clients!

When you access the property list, you will have access to a free search area, so you can quickly find the property you are looking for, besides being able to sort the list according to your needs and see your properties on the map.

You will also have at your disposal all the details of your properties, so you can consult the owner’s details and all the related documents.

On property visits, access the exact location of your properties and navigate to them using your smartphone’s GPS.

Have you added a new property to your portfolio? You can create the new property page in the client management APP and automatically create a listing event associated with it.

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Keep your contact base organised and interact with your clients at any time. Register new contacts, so you can assign them to leads and close more deals.

In the client list you can freely search by type of client or interest: buyers, sellers, holidays or rentals. You can also mark your clients as favourites.

In the APP, you can create new profiles, access details (name, e-mail, telephone, associated properties, origin and language) and contact them at any time. You may call and automatically create a new event type “Phone call”, send an SMS or a WhatsApp message.


Optimize processes and convert leads into successfully closed deals. Share property listings with your clients and see all their business details.

Access the complete list of leads, whether they are for sale or listing, and see all the details associated with them, such as their priority, status, clients and associated properties, offer value and origin. You can even create and work new leads in the CASAFARI CRM APP.

Easily share your portfolio with potential clients through WhatsApp, SMS and email, including a Smartlink (tool that allows you to advertise properties in your portfolio, in mini-site format) with the properties they like the most.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

The CMA report will allow you to estimate the market value of a property, at a given time, by analysing values of comparable properties.  In seconds, you get a personalised CMA report with the most accurate market information.



The CASAFARI CRM APP keeps up with the day to day speed of the real estate professional in a complete and integrated way.

Through it, you can manage properties, clients, opportunities and tasks through a powerful calendar of events that allows total effectiveness in daily management, as well as the creation of a valuable history in the relationship with the client. 

These ingredients will provide crucial information, necessary to maintain an excellent performance even outside the office, and consequently, more sales!

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