The advantages of using CASAFARI’s property data API


Fully automated, customisable and constantly updated: this is the perfect way to summarize CASAFARI’s property data API. But if these names seem too tech for you, read this article to easily understand what they are, what each of them do and how they help real estate professionals in their daily needs.

What is an API?

The acronym API means Application Programming Interface, a name that can scare those who are not familiar with the development of technology. To make it easier to understand, an API allows two systems to communicate with each other, sharing information through an integration.

In this case, one of the systems is CASAFARI and the other is your software of choice for real estate management. 

The advantages of CASAFARI’s real estate API

One of the many missions of CASAFARI is to organize the market into an efficient ecosystem with data applications for all real estate professionals. Here are three good reasons why. 

Easy to use

First and foremost, with our real estate API, you won’t need to add yet another software to your daily work. In order to get the information needed from the property market, all you or your company needs to do is integrate our property data API with the system you already use, such as a real estate CRM.

A 360º view of the property market

All our real estate API are connected to CASAFARI, the largest and cleanest real estate database in Europe.

This means you not only see all the information available about the property market, sourced from 30,000 websites and portals and 200 million listings, but also that this data goes through our deduplication process, providing the most accurate historical information about a property or about trends in the market.

Technical support to integrate

The integration process of our real estate API is done by the client’s technical team, which makes the average time of implementation fluctuate from 1 week to 2 months. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this journey!

CASAFARI offers technical support to make sure companies know how to implement our property data API and that the integration is working as it should. After all, we want to make sure our clients get the best out of our products.

Your team will also get access to References, an API that offers documentation explaining all about our property data API: which data is shown, which filters can be applied, details of how they work, how they can be customized and more.

What is each CASAFARI property data API for and how do they work?

1. Alerts

Alerts is a real estate API that provides a fast and low-cost service to send specific listings (only those of your interest) directly into your system. The data can be updated every 5 minutes, bringing everything that’s new on the property market straight to you.

This is a helpful product for:

  • Controlling your property portfolio

You can keep track of other estate agents or agencies listing the same properties as you have. You can also use it to monitor your competitors, being able to know every time another agency lists a property in your area of work.

  • Gathering FSBO leads

You will be the first to know about new properties available on the market and have the opportunity of approaching private sellers to grow your portfolio.

Examples of use

  • A CRM software from Spain uses our Alerts API to insert FSBO leads directly into their software, ensuring that their clients have a streamlined process to transform an owner into a new seller lead, as well as allowing them to easily follow-up to get the listing. 
  • A brokerage company from Italy uses the Alerts API to get FSBO leads added to their CRM, which allows their estate agents to be the first ones to get in touch with private sellers, increasing their chances of getting the listing.
  • Another brokerage company, this one from France, uses the API to control the changes in the market by daily tracking and receiving all the new listings from the top real estate portals in the country. This data is automatically updated and accessible through a simply designed data dashboard.

2. Comparables

Very similar to our Comparative Market Analysis, with the Comparables API our clients can get access to comparable properties based on clean and deduplicated data. They can feed their database with all properties from the market, either from classified portals or agencies.

This Comparables property data API is useful for:

  • Valuating a portfolio of properties

By comparing your property portfolio with other similar properties in the market you get an accurate idea of how much are your assets worth.

This valuation can be done every so often to monitor if your portfolio is growing in value or decreasing, which might lead you to different actions.

  • Making decisions for your property asset management

By benchmarking your property portfolio against the latest data of the market you get to decide which actions you should take to ensure the best ROI possible, like renting or selling assets.

Examples of use

  • An asset management company in Portugal uses the Comparables API to regularly monitor and manage what their property portfolio is worth, other than making decisions on what and when to buy or sell assets.
  • Another example is a digital brokerage company, also from Portugal, that uses the Comparables API to provide their estate agents the comparables they need directly into a mobile application. This empowers their agents to create market studies from whenever they are.

3. Properties

Very similar to our Property Sourcing, this real estate API offers access to all unique properties available. Here, you have a broader search, including all history of a property, energy certificates and more.

This API is a quick way of searching for stock and choosing market opportunities to acquire, growing your property portfolio with the right real estate.

Examples of use

  • A private equity company in Spain buys assets from the real estate market based on their investors’ required yields. They use our Properties API to find good opportunities and market trends to support the decisions of the acquisition team.
  • Another Spanish company, now one focused in the brokerage segment, uses the Properties API to guarantee that their agents’ control daily the exclusivity of the properties in their portfolio.

Can our real estate API be customized?

Yes, of course! The information our property data API shows inside your management software can be adapted to your needs and to the task you want to accomplish with the help of our product.

We can even provide you with extra data into the APIs, such as the property owner’s phone number, the description of a property that’s inside a listing in a real estate portal, the catastral reference (for now, only available in Spain) and more. 

Get in touch with our team and let us know what’s suitable for you!

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