Real Estate CRM software: Find out the advantages of using this tool on your tasks

Sara Nunes, Senior Account Manager at CASAFARI

A real estate CRM softwareCustomer Relationship Manager – , is an ally in sales strategy, in the relationship with your customers and in the significant improvement of your day-to-day business.

The use of this solution allows a 360º vision of the interaction with the client and your business. It creates value with centralised information and automation of activities.

A real estate CRM is completely adapted to the needs of the sector. Meetings, proposals, emails, visits, leads, property portfolio, calls… everything can be managed efficiently and automatically through this system.

Advantages of using a real estate CRM software

Efficient management of Leads and Businesses

Task Automation

Property Visit Management

Customer History and Loyalty

Autonomy for Real Estate Agents

Cost Reduction

Efficient lead and business management

With a real estate CRM software, the data of potential customers are automatically created. Let’s take the CASAFARI CRM case for example, in which you have integrated your agency’s website: when a potential customer fills out a form, those data are immediately inserted in the CRM.

Thus, any communication will have a history from the first contact!

CRM allows you to create and manage the sales funnel, from the first contact, until the delivery of the property to the client. In this way, it monitors the deals the agency has in hand at each stage of the funnel.

The disclosure of properties in real estate portals, national and international, available in the CRM, allows you to save time and resources. Any changes to your property portfolio will be automatically updated in the portals.Daily, CASAFARI CRM updates the properties in minutes. Besides, you can also capture the leads generated in the portals to insert them directly into the CRM.

Task Automation

Importantly, a real estate CRM streamlines routine tasks and allows you to interact with your current client base effortlessly, while you can apply your time and focus to prospecting.

Following up with potential buyers and property owners is crucial, but takes up a large portion of the real estate agent’s time. CRM allows you to create automated responses, with the possibility of customisation.  Thus, it nurtures relationships and boosts the arrival of new leads.

Knowing this need, CASAFARI CRM has developed a series of automatisms that allow the configuration of various responses, allowing a quick response to requests made by potential customers.With real-time notifications, you will be reminded of scheduled events and receive alerts of the activities in which you are involved.

Property Visits Management

In the real estate market, most potential customers prefer to visit the property before buying it. Therefore, the CRM must be prepared for this type of event: either for scheduling and printing the visit form or in case there is a preference for virtual tours.

When it is a face-to-face visit, it is essential to guarantee that the real estate agent proves that the property was visited through his real estate agency. 

As an example, CASAFARI CRM provides all the means to help the agent to create a visit form in order to collect the potential client’s signature.In the case of virtual tours, simplicity in their creation and dissemination must be guaranteed. Your work is facilitated in every step, with help throughout the process.

History and Customer Loyalty

Segmenting potential customers is a relevant step in determining what they want in a property, what they really need and how much they can invest.

As soon as a new lead is generated, it is important to know more than their name, phone number and email address: you need to know their essential interests and needs when choosing a new home.  This way, you will be able to recommend the most suitable properties to them.

Tools like Smartlink, Smartmail and Smartreply developed by CASAFARI CRM, help you to cultivate this highly personalized communication, according to the needs of the potential customer.

When you close a sale, it is important to collect the opinion of those who seek your service, so you can improve the way you relate to your client, clearly understanding what he most valued or least liked during the whole process.


Autonomy for Real Estate Agents

Much of the real estate agent’s day-to-day is spent outside the office.

With that in mind, CASAFARI CRM, developed an APP (available on Google Play and App Store) that is the real estate agent’s best friend. It allows you to get locations and interact with dynamic maps, view and add properties, events, leads and even, get a digital signature after visiting a property.

Even better? Wherever you are, you can generate a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Report to get to the fair market price and see data from similar properties.

Cost Reduction

There are several tools that a real estate agency needs to work consistently, such as: invoicing system, CRM, website manager, among others. This makes each system have its own operation and different costs.

CASAFARI CRM is a true all-in-one for the Real Estate market and covers all the features needed to work consistently: CRM + APP + CASAFARI Data:

  • CRM: focused on automating tasks and improving productivity and efficiency.
  • APP: mobile application for easy management of the main tasks.
  • CASAFARI Data: data, in real time, for market analysis.

Having a single system that can cover all these areas is not only easier to learn how to handle, it also represents a single cost.


A real estate CRM software is a system that helps nurture leads, boosts closing deals, helps in building customer loyalty and saves you precious time. Therefore, it is considered essential for any real estate agency that wants to offer quality customer service to its clients, regardless of the size of the business.

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