Powerful Real Estate Insights at Your Fingertips

Don’t let the real estate market catch you off guard. Understanding property market trends and conditions is key to the success of any real estate business. CASAFARI’s Market Analytics includes a powerful set of tools that provides you with valuable information and property market analysis about prices, most profitable locations, and trends over time.

Heatmap Analysis: Compare Locations with Ease

Easily identify areas with high or low property values, rental yields, and other metrics. Our blue-coded maps highlight up-and-coming neighbourhoods, areas with high demand, and potential investment opportunities, helping you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Price Distribution Analysis: Optimise Your Pricing Strategy

 Get a visual representation of the distribution of property prices in a specific area, allowing you to compare and contrast the prices of different types of properties, such as apartments, villas, or townhouses.

Whether you’re a property owner or real estate agent, Price Distribution analysis can help you determine the optimal pricing strategy for your property and stay competitive in the market.

Time Series Analysis: Track Property Market Trends and Patterns

Track changes in property prices over time and identify market trends and patterns, helping you predict future market conditions and make informed investment decisions.

Whether you’re an investor or a financial institution, Time Series analysis can give you a competitive edge in the market.


Identify up-and-coming neighbourhoods, optimise your pricing strategy, and forecast market trends - Market Analytics has got you covered.

Request a demo of Market Analytics today and start getting the insights you need to succeed in the real estate market.