CASAFARI CRM: Get to know the Free Plan

Paulo Fernandes, CRM Director

CASAFARI CRM has launched a new version designed for all professionals who manage properties and clients and want, above all, to simplify: the Free Plan. A top service, free of charge.

The Free Plan aims to make life easier for all real estate agents, adding the essential features for fully independent lead management

CASAFARI CRM is simple to use, which allows any professional, regardless of experience, to master the use of our system in just a couple of hours.

If you are looking for a complete, simple, and integrated free real estate CRM with the main real estate portals, CASAFARI CRM is the solution. 

Learn, in this article, all the details of this latest version of our platform:

CASAFARI CRM, now in Free version. 

Client, property, event, and lead management

A real estate CRM is a system that helps nurture leads, boosts closing deals, helps build customer loyalty, and saves you precious time. It is therefore considered indispensable for any real estate professional or agency that wants to offer quality customer service to its clients, regardless of the size of the business.

In the Free Plan, you can manage the sales funnel, from the first contact, until the delivery of the property to the client. This way you monitor the agency’s business in each state of the funnel.

We guarantee that the Free Plan of CASAFARI CRM makes your life easier. All information in one place. Always free.

10 customizable website templates to choose from. 10 showcases to display opportunities.

CASAFARI CRM has developed a set of optimized and responsive templates, with unique design, so that your website will look perfectly aligned on any device.

Yes, for free. We want it to be highly independent, so you also have the option to create your real estate website through templates designed for home seekers.

You also have access to an intuitive CMS (Content Management System) that is fully integrated with your real estate CRM. The CMS allows you to create and manage all the content simply, quickly and without technical knowledge, so you can keep your real estate website always updated.

Moreover, the solution developed by CASAFARI CRM takes into account all SEO best practices recommended by Google.

With the Free Plan, you can create content pages (blog and recruitment, for example), and add new languages, allowing you to deepen and facilitate your relationship with potential clients.

You have the freedom to choose the template and customize all the pages of your site, with content adapted to the image of your real estate agency.

Create your show window online, even in the Free Plan.

Export at once. And to where it matters.

The disclosure of properties in real estate portals, national and international, available in our real estate CRM, allows you to save time and resources. Any changes to your property portfolio will be automatically updated in the portals.

In CASAFARI CRM Free Plan you can export to the most important real estate portals: Idealista, Imovirtual, and List Globally.

An uncomplicated process in CRM, from the property marketplace subscription to its activation.

If you have a CASAFARI account you can synchronize it with your real estate CRM.

With this integration, you can access properties for sale by owners, collect valuable, reliable, and real-time market data. In addition, you can create complete and accurate Comparative Market Analyses. 

Do you have a potential client interested in a particular property, but don’t have it in your portfolio? Collaborate with other agencies, without leaving your CRM: 

  • Choose from all the properties available on the market that match your client’s profile
  • Select the source you want to work with
  • Streamline the process of buying and selling properties

This way you never run out of product for your clients. 

This precious information included in CASAFARI CRM allows you to find the ideal property for your client in a few minutes, know the movements of the competition, control your portfolio and access the largest database of properties in Europe.


This is the latest version of our CASAFARI CRM. A client management software designed for those who manage clients and properties. Designed to simplify your daily life, from the system interface to the most important real estate portals and website template options available. And it’s free. Forever!

Get to know all the CASAFARI CRM plans!

We track daily over 310M listings across Europe

Be the first one to know about price changes, new and sold listings.
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