Real estate lead: how to catch, nurture and convert

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A real estate lead is an opportunity to doing business that no one wants to miss. We can also call it a potential client. A potential client, interested in what you got in your property portfolio, should be seen as an asset that can bring not only a future sale, but also loyalty for life, passing from generation to generation. 

Therefore, gathering, nurturing and converting real estate leads are tasks that should be part of the day-to-day routing of the estate agent. Catch the attention (and the contact information!) of qualified potential clients and nurture your relationship, positioning yourself as a professional stakeholder and an expert on the real estate market. The final goal is to convert this real estate lead into a client, something desired by all real estate professionals. 

However, not all get to the final stages of the sales funnel: 78% of consumers buy from those that answer first. And how many professionals end up never answering? Surprisingly enough, only a few answer the leads and they take a long time to do it!

So, here goes a piece of advice: answer first. And, for now, read this article to get to know more about how to gather, nurture and convert your real estate lead into qualified clients.

1. Real estate lead generation

There’s no skipping phases: before converting leads, you need to attract them first. To enhance your chances of converting the real estate lead into a client and seal the deal, it’s fundamental that all steps are followed.

Check 3 valuable tips to attract more real estate leads that are truly qualified.

  1. Define a target
  2. Use CASAFARI’s Lead Magnet 
  3. Create a microsite with CASAFARI
  4. Publicize your business regularly and work with ads

Setting your target

Defining a target is something simpler than it sounds. You need only to have in hand the right questions, so you reach the ideal answers.

  • What are you selling and who is it destined to? 
  • How do you imagine your ideal client when it comes to purchasing power? 
  • Which is the lifestyle, habits, hobbies and interests of the said client? 
  • Are your communication efforts aligned with this target? 

When we’re talking about real estate leads, you will have two main kinds: those of buyers and those of sellers. Remember that the potential client that wishes to sell a property is the one who makes your property portfolio grow. This is the kind of client that can bring you more profitability. 

However, it’s also good to have in mind that it’s as important or even more to get to know those who are looking for houses. After all, the profitability only becomes a reality when you combine business (the client with a property to offer) with pleasure (the one that wishes to buy or rent).

Nurture and grow your network is essential to be ahead of events: is there a couple about to have their first kid? They’ll probably need one more room. Do you know a potential real estate investor for a second home? Show them what you have in your property portfolio. The possibilities are endless. 

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Use CASAFARI’s Lead Magnet

Did you know that you can catch qualified real estate leads day and night? Your website can work for you with CASAFARI’s Lead Magnet.

This powerful tool generates an online property valuation in seconds and was created with the objective of gathering leads for real estate professionals effortlessly. Any person that enters your website will be able to access the widget and select what they’re looking for: either buy or sell, rent or become a tenant. They will get a Comparative Market Analysis report. 

The reports are delivered automatically to each real estate lead that adds their contact info in the widget’s form. In addition, you will get access to the origin of these leads and can choose someone in the company to be responsible for the list of leads in your CRM. 

You know what’s best? It takes only 5 minutes to install!

CASAFARI's Lead Magnet
CASAFARI’s Lead Magnet

Create a microsite with CASAFARI 

For a more professional presentation and for another kind of communications, you can choose to create your own page, advertising your personal brand. The idea here is the same one: to catch leads effortlessly. 

This microsite allows you not to need a real estate website to promote your business and your brand. Any real estate professional can do it independently, working with the qualified real estate leads that come from that. 

Landing Page with CASAFARI’s Lead Magnet

Publicize your business regularly and work with ads

Now that you’re aware of who your target is and you have a Lead Magnet inside your real estate website, other than a customized microsite, you’re officially ready to attract potential clients. Let’s get this communications machine moving!

Before we start talking about tips and tricks, here goes a spoiler that puts you in a privileged position in the race for real estate leads: frequency! 

When you communicate regularly:

  • You are constantly present in the mind of your potential client.
  • You position yourself as an expert in your field, in this case, the real estate market. 
  • You establish a close relationship with your real estate lead.
  • It’s guaranteed that you catch more leads comparatively to those that only talk to the target when questioned.

Therefore, bring some frequency to your communication as an estate agent and test the following strategies.

Publicize your pages on social media

  • Tip: Use the links on a bio or on Instagram stories to spread the word of your Lead Magnet, attracting attention by offering an online property valuation!

Create content regularly and make the real estate market sound easier 

  • Work on the topics about which you’d like to talk about, whether they’re market stock, sales, renting, comparable properties or credit score. The simpler you communicate about them, the easier it is to retain the attention of the audience. 

Run ads

  • From social media (where your potential clients are) to Google Ads, the options are many. Check your budget to see how much can you direct to ads. Remember that, when investing in digital marketing, you can effectively measure results, as opposed to traditional marketing (like outdoors or brochures). 

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2. Nurture your real estate lead

Numbers are worth a thousand words, so we bring here a recent study from Forbes: those who nurture the leads sell up to 50% more, with a 33% lesser cost. 

Are you convinced already?

Answer well and answer fast

We talked in this article about the importance to be the first to answer the real estate leads. To answer messages on the shortest time span and adequately to the questions posed, is essential to keep yourself in a privileged position of the race (for clients) squad.

A fast answer can be even a predefined one. On CASAFARI CRM, we offer various options to provide automatic answers to those searching for a house at 2 AM of a Saturday. It happened to you already, right?

Create a sales process that you can replicate and scale-up

This strategy must be tested and adapted to future cases. Each client has specific needs, but there are some processes that you can replicate: 

  • A real estate lead contacted you? Answer, even if automatically, in the minutes that follow.
  • Is the potential client looking for a house to sell or to rent? Have a predefined answer to each case ready. 
  • Make a habit of utilizing CASAFARI CRM’s app to speed the process of getting a digital signature or to run a comparative market analysis. 
  • Send satisfaction surveys to the client and create content with the good feedback that you get.

Use CASAFARI CRM to fully control the lead management

A complete real estate CRM that’s adapted to your business allows you not only to have full control of your lead management but also of your whole business.

Check out some benefits of CASAFARI CRM:

  • Automatic reception of leads inside your system
  • History of all times you got in touch with the client
  • Statistics and dynamic dashboards
  • Automatizing work with Smartlink, Smartmail and Smartreply
  • Exporting to +100 national and international real estate portals
  • Android and iOS native real estate app for fast and detailed management, with the possibility of adding digital signatures and running comparative market analysis on your mobile.
  • Direct access to the larges real estate database in Europe – CASAFARI
  • Comparative market analysis report in your hands
  • A complete view of the European market
  • Exclusive control of your property and client portfolio
  • CASAFARI Connect to share commissions in real estate deals
  • Complete data, updated in real time

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3. Converting real estate leads

Did you know that, after you convert a real estate lead, your work is not done yet?

The deal can be sealed, but now the final stage of this client’s path has begun. 

Claim victory with your deal

Did you manage to attract the qualified real estate lead and had the ideal property to show them? Great, that’s the ideal path… But things don’t always work this way.

How many times have you managed to attract qualified real estate leads, but didn’t have the right property to show them? The opposite might also be true: the perfect property is at your hands, but your competitor is advising the client that looks for it.

With CASAFARI Connect, this is no longer a problem. You can, through this feature, share commissions with a single click. All of it in a fair, safe and feasible way to seal deals faster!


Keep in touch regularly

Keeping in touch regularly still makes sense, even at this stage. Life changes and it can create different necessities through time. Today it might be important to buy a bigger house for a couple planning on having kids and tomorrow it might be buying an apartment for a person that became a widow and doesn’t feel like living alone in a five-bedroom property. 

Use the many ways to stay in touch that you have today: via CRM, social media, WhatsApp or email, to keep you posted on your client’s life journey, even if you already done business with them. Remember: networking is a huge part of the work of an estate agent. 

Analyze metrics

Now you finally got to the last stage of this process of catching, nurturing and converting real estate leads into clients. How do you know if you’ve concluded something successfully if you don’t look at the numbers? 

Always analyze the metrics related to your conversion rates. Look monthly, quarterly and annually to these numbers. That’s the only way of perceiving:

  • How many real estate leads did you manage to capture
  • Through which source did you catch them
  • How long was the wait of your real estate lead for an answer
  • How many leads were converted
  • How many leads were not converted and why

This way you can have a global vision of your sales process, no matter if you’re looking at the working process of your whole team or only yours. 

Until then, boost your business! 

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