HomeLovers chooses CASAFARI CRM for being “super intuitive in all tasks”

Magda e Miguel, from HomeLovers

In 2021, HomeLovers celebrated its 10th anniversary working with real estate. A few months before it happened, this premium business with the most instagrammable houses on the market had decided to optimize its working processes. They sealed the deal with CASAFARI CRM as the first step into easier and more efficient task management.

They were looking for:

  1. A tool that made faster the process of managing tasks
  2. A convenient and intuitive real estate CRM, that made the work of their team easier
  3. Speed up the response time and increase the quality control 
  4. Grant their clients a customer success team that’s present, quick to act and provides great customer service

All these aspects were under the spotlight for the decision-making, including prompt customer service and lead control. André Correia, from HomeLovers, explains that both characteristics “helped seal more deals”.

The truth is: all needs were solved. 

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Agility in tasks and customer support CASAFARI CRM 

More than saving time throughout the whole process, HomeLover’s team could speed up their routine and focus on important tasks with a single real estate CRM, improving their response time to leads and and their quality control.

“Since we started working with CASAFARI CRM, we managed to systematize some tasks of our accounts, like working with the sales funnel and client acquisition across all steps”. To André Correia, from HomeLovers, “organizing all events in a single calendar and sending smartlinks” are also strengths that could be highlighted about this partnership. 

Something that previously was time-consuming and had to be distributed among many platforms, today is made easier by CASAFARI CRM, a real estate CRM thought in detail to support the daily tasks of an estate agent. 

Smartlink, Portals Catalog and CASAFARI CRM’s App

The key features of CASAFARI CRM for HomeLovers do not end here. They also highlight the benefit of Smartlink as “a fast way to present properties to the client and get to know when they opened the link”. This confirms that the client is interested in a specific property more than in others.

Besides Smartlink, CASAFARI CRM App was also praised, “for the easy way in which accounts can answer directly to the client, either via email, SMS, WhatsApp or a phone call”. 

Our portals catalogue was likewise listed among the biggest benefits of working with CASAFARI’s real estate CRM because it allows HomeLovers’ team to “filter all the properties they want to see in each portal”. This is a thoroughly intuitive tool that helps in all steps of advertising a property. 

And since the work of an estate agent doesn’t end when the deal is closed, surveys were also appointed as essential features “for quality control throughout the whole selling or client acquisition process”.

“CASAFARI CRM is super intuitive, our accounts have easily adapted to it and the same happened with the APP, it’s simple and easy to navigate”, completes André Correia. 

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2021 was distinguished by the partnership with CASAFARI and one of the best years in business for HomeLovers

Besides the experience with CASAFARI CRM, since March 2021, HomeLovers also became a customer of CASAFARI’s real estate software. This premium business for the home lovers is “better prepared to source properties and find the best options for our clients through market studies”, states Miguel Tilli. 

After two years of working with CASAFARI, HomeLovers highlights 2021 as “one of the best years in business for us, which coincided with our first year with the first year of partnership with CASAFARI”.

And for 2022 we are going to raise the bar!

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