How CASAFARI data enables and accelerates real estate deals

Handshake to seal a real estate deal

Why does CASAFARI provide so many sources of information and analyze so much data? Does it make a real difference in accelerating real estate deals? 

If you ever questioned yourself about this, then you should know that the answer is a resounding yes: CASAFARI data offers benefits to real estate professionals not only in a quantitative way, but also on a qualitative level. Let’s see how.

The database that makes a difference

A property marketplace, even one of the biggest, exhibits only properties that were listed in its platform. They show a snippet, a partial view of what’s available that could result in misleading conclusions.

Imagine, for example, that you valuate a property based on just a segment of the market. You could be ignoring the fact that there are many other comparable properties being sold for much more, which means your client would lose money by selling cheaper, or much less, which means your client will wait for months with their overpriced property on the market when all others are being sold.

CASAFARI, on the other hand, shows over 200 million listings, sourced through more than 30 thousand real estate portals and websites. Basically, everything that’s out there is part of our database.

So, what you get is a 360º transparent view of the property market that empowers real estate professionals, allowing them to strategize their businesses.

When they see the full picture, they will not only be able to better advise and answer their clients’ doubts, but also to decide in which areas of the city to work, find the properties that tend to increase in value and more.

Full access to all market stock to accelerate real estate deals

This transparent view of the market works not only for informational and strategic purposes, but has also the potential to boost real estate deals. 

How? We have a feature called CASAFARI Connect, a simple button present in the property page for agencies that are willing to share commisions. CASAFARI Connect, in the shape of a handshake, allows estate agents from different agencies to partner, making sure all sides get what they need in real estate deals.

Within CASAFARI, estate agents can literally access all market stock, they don’t have to work solely with their agency’s portfolio anymore. Using our many filters, they can easily find properties that suit their clients’ needs and shake hands with the professional responsible for this listing.

And the opposite is also true! Other estate agents can come to them with buying proposals for the properties they have to sell. By splitting commissions through CASAFARI Connect, estate agents grant their clients’ satisfaction and enable more deals at a much faster pace.

And that’s not the only way in which CASAFARI’s extensive database helps the business of real estate professionals. In our real estate software, you can also filter to see only what’s FSBO, easily getting property leads to grow your portfolio. It’s also possible to see how long properties for sale by the owner have been available, so the estate agent identifies which owners need their professional help the most. 

Forget distributing flyers from door to door, with just a few clicks you get access to potential clients, enhancing your real estate deals.

In-depth information to gain the confidence of your clients

Despite all sources and listings CASAFARI has, one thing’s for sure: just indexing everything isn’t enough, right? Real estate data isn’t just fragmented, it’s also disorganized and chaotically displayed, making it hard for any real estate professional to analyze and really profit from it.

That’s why CASAFARI deduplicates listings that are found in multiple sources, discarding inconsistent information and keeping what really matters. We display clean and detailed information about each property, such as:

  • Which agency or agent is selling the property
  • For how much
  • Since when it’s been listed
  • Where was it listed
  • Which are the characteristics of the property
  • How is the property valued, in relation to others in the market
  • Where is it located
  • What happened to this property in the past

This means you will arrive at any meeting with a new client fully prepared, with all the information you need about what went on with their property. The knowledge about each property provided by CASAFARI gives a boost of confidence to the estate agent, who is fully able to negotiate the deals, and inspires trust in the client, a win-win situation.

Track trends and competitors to ensure data-driven decisions on real estate deals

Is there an increasing or decreasing demand for this kind of asset class? Does this demand cause a rise or fall in the selling price of the property? How’s the market stock for this asset class in the area of interest? Is it easy to acquire properties such as these because there are plenty or is it something that everyone wants and there’s very little available?

When it comes to a specific property, which are the competitors in the same area? Do they have similar characteristics? For how long have they been on the market and how much is being asked for them?

And while we’re talking about competitors, what are the other real estate agencies in the area working with? Which are the properties on their profile? Have they been selling at a fast pace?

Plenty of questions to which CASAFARI has all the answers.

Once the real estate professional understands the whole dynamic of the property market (with the help of CASAFARI, of course), they can explain to their clients what to expect when it comes to selling or buying prices in detail, can properly valuate their clients properties, understand how to sell faster and strategically face competition.

In other words, once again they gain confidence to face clients and solid information to improve their work results. It’s exactly what you need from a real estate software.

Convinced? Then, waste no time: sign up and get access to all real estate market information!

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