RE/MAX Müller-Kittnau: efficient real estate management with CASAFARI

Christian and Bruno Müller-Kittnau, owners of RE_MAX Müller-Kittnau

The RE/MAX Müller-Kittnau agency, run by Bruno and Christian Müller-Kittnau, is always striving to simplify their daily work and increase efficiency. After noticing that other RE/MAX agencies had already chosen CASAFARI as their data provider of choice, real estate consultant Bruno Müller-Kittnau decided to get in touch with our team.

And, as CASAFARI’s functionalities make it possible to optimise business transactions, the foundation stone for this partnership was laid.

The opportunity to test CASAFARI gave them insights into the potential of the platform. During the demo with our team, there was an introduction to multiple possibilities our platform provides. Questions were answered immediately and a smooth integration between RE/MAX Müller-Kittnau’s way of working and our tools was ensured.

For the agency, CASAFARI’s products offer great added value: the property search is particularly impressive, the creation of individual notifications makes it possible to retrieve relevant information about a property with close to no effort, the intuitive usability and the helpful map display optimise the property search.

When it comes to running property valuations, CASAFARI’s Property Valuation has proven to be indispensable. Bruno Müller-Kittnau emphasises:

“The Property Valuation tool is actually used frequently by us and is very helpful when evaluating a new property. The presentation of the Property Valuation is also fantastic and is received very well and professionally by the clients. For us users, it is also easy and quick to use.”

As per the user-friendly interface, not only does it speed up the decision-making process, but also increases efficiency.

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

Our Property Valuation, praised by Bruno, takes into account the location and features of a property to identify the closest comparable properties on the market. Once these have been found, the tool automatically provides an accurate price suggestion. And, finally, to support the argument of the sales strategy, the report also shows:

  • a list of the comparable properties available;
  • charts showing the price evolution and distribution for properties of such typology and characteristics;
  • the average time these properties spend on the market;
  • a list of the most important points of interest in the vicinity.

This is a comprehensive solution that saves RE/MAX Müller-Kittnau’s estate agents valuable time, as they no longer have to manually search for the comparables. At the same time, the clients’ perception of the work of these experts is improved.

Another product that caught Müller-Kittnau’s attention was CASAFARI Connect. It enables real estate professionals to work together more efficiently and effectively, allowing buyer and seller agents to complement each other’s needs, share commissions and close deals much faster, safer and more transparently.

This way, estate agents can work with professionals from other locations, as well as partner on deals when looking for a property for a client or finding a buyer for a property in their portfolio. This speeds up transactions, ensures security and transparency.

How CASAFARI Connect boosts property deals and who is it for

Bruno Müller-Kittnau summed up the added value of CASAFARI Connect:

“We see it as an opportunity to work together with colleagues across territories and to offer our customers more options in the buying and selling of property.”

The collaboration between CASAFARI and RE/MAX Müller-Kittnau has thus already proved extremely productive. The seamless integration of property search, market analysis and collaboration tools has helped to streamline their workflow, make informed decisions and improve their customer service.

We greatly appreciate the close cooperation with RE/MAX Müller-Kittnau, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership, which helps to further drive the real estate market based on up-to-date data.

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