Property history: why is this data priceless to real estate professionals

Historical Data CASAFARI

Within each property page, on CASAFARI, the real estate agent can check the entire history of the property in detail, from the first time that the property came up online. Information such as which agencies have listed it in the past, when and for how much, and when it was delisted is shown in chronological order, for a complete timeline view of what has happened around that real estate unit.

But how are these pieces of information useful? Can it change the way you work and allow you to seal better deals? Let’s see! 

How can the property listing history be useful for you?

When it comes to finding the best opportunities on the market, whether for you to grow your portfolio or for buying properties for your clients, information is key. You need to know all there is to know about a piece of real estate, to make sure you are making the right decision.

That being said, the property’s sales history is essential for you to gather information that will guide you towards the best strategy to approach an owner in order to have them as a client or to make an offer to acquire a property. 

Property history for the buyer’s agent

When it comes to selecting real estate to buy, the property listing history is gold. You can check for:

  • how long this property has been available on the market;
  • how many times it had its price decreased in the last weeks or months;
  • how many agencies are trying to sell this property and since when.

In general, subsequent listings or decreases in the price mean that the owner wishes to sell the property quickly and might be able to accept an offer for less than they are currently asking. The same goes for properties that have been on the market for a long period of time and, as a result, the owner starts to broaden the range of agencies selling it in the hopes of sealing a deal once and for all.

The bottom line is that by looking at the property history, you can get insights that will help your client acquire real estate for less money, which shows the quality of your work and might help them buy a better property that was slightly above their budget.

The listing history of a property and the seller agent

As per growing your property portfolio, having the property’s listing history at your hands is equally important because it can help you make it or break it when meeting a potential client with a property to sell. Basically, it will:

  • give you an idea of what already happened to this property in the recent past;
  • help you find the appropriate sales strategy (together with other CASAFARI products);
  • show you when to adapt your sales pitch to convince the owner to sell with you.

For example, if the client has a property that is listed by many agencies and for sale for a long time now, it can start to be seen as a property with issues, due to not having been chosen yet. In this case, you can approach the owner proposing to remove the property from the market, fix some minor problems, take new photos and present it again for sale as a new opportunity.

When you meet the owner of a property for the first time and already show knowledge of the market, of their property and an action plan on how to solve their problem, it adds credibility to your work, enhancing the chances of closing the deal and growing your portfolio. And this is why having access to data such as the property history is so relevant for your business.

Property sourcing with CASAFARI: work with a 360º view of property market

Where to find the property history inside CASAFARI’s Property Sourcing tool

After logging in to CASAFARI, select the Property Sourcing Search on the menu to look for a property. Define an area, along with the criteria for your search. 

Found a property that interests your client? Click on it to see its Property Page.

CASAFARI Property Sourcing

Once you see a page with all the details about that specific piece of real estate, scroll down to find the property’s listing history. It is shown on the right side of your screen, below the comparable properties and beside the price distribution charts.

Historical data on CASAFARI's Property Page

Are you ready to think about real estate deals in a more strategic way? Then, bring the data you find in the property history of CASAFARI into your daily work!

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