Coldwell Banker Spain: real estate data to boosts sales

Ines Cartelle Saez, coordinator Coldwell Banker

When Inés Cartelle Saez, coordinator at Coldwell Banker, met CASAFARI, she was immediately interested in our tools. After all, having technology at her disposal to find properties for sale by the owner, to make a property evaluation and to check the history of asking prices of a property would already be a time-saver for sure.

But having it all on a single real-estate software added a value to their team’s work that couldn’t be ignored. Let’s see how our tools made the lives of Coldwell Banker estate agents easier.

The advantages of CASAFARI for Coldwell Banker Spain

Among the many ways in which CASAFARI has changed the way Coldwell Banker employees work, Inés highlighted three main benefits.

  • Property valuations based on real values

CASAFARI’s Market Analysis provides a suggestion of asking price by finding the most suitable comparables for a property. It matches the property to those that have similar characteristics and are in the same area, calculating what would be a selling price, a fair market price and an out of the market price.

Our tool also brings extra information to help advocate the asking price with the client, such as:

  • Average price per square metre found on comparables
  • Average rental yield expected
  • Average time the a property like that usually stays on the market
  • Increases and decreases trends of housing prices in the area

Instead of manually searching for comparable properties and trying to find information about the conditions of the market in each area, now estate agents such as Coldwell Banker’s can do it in seconds in an automated process.

  • Quickly finding FSBO property leads

CASAFARI’s Property Search allows estate agents to filter their search for properties for sale by the owner. It can include those properties that are listed by the owner and an agency at the same time or not, it’s up to the user. One can also select an area in which one wishes to see FSBO results, of course. This way, they can gather real estate leads in an easy way.

And, if this is something that estate agents want to do regularly, they can even set an alert inside our real estate software and get notified everytime properties that fit your criteria are put on the market. There’s no faster way of growing their portfolio.

  • Keeping up with the market

Our Property Search shows over 200 million properties, from more than 30,000 sources to ensure Coldwell Banker’s and every  real estate professional has access to a transparent and organized real estate database.

It literally gave them a full view of the market and its movements, sparing the efforts of having to research dozens of different websites and real estate portals daily to keep up.

  • Historical data to empower real estate professionals

With CASAFARI’s Property Search, estate agents have in their hands the full history of what went on with each listing on the property market. They get to see which agencies had the mandates to sell them, when and how much was the asking price.

This allows professionals  to show the client they are fully aware of what goes on in the estate market and with their property, raising the credibility of their work. It can also be used to negotiate the asking price with the client, based on real estate data.

“CASAFARI helps us a lot when it comes to making property valuations and, therefore, in selling properties faster. It is a powerful tool to propose an asking price to the client, since it’s based on actual real estate data.”

Inés Cartelle Saez, coordinator at Coldwell Banker

Simplified work and a more strategic approach to business

Nowadays, after having verified the effectiveness of our tools, Inés and her team access CASAFARI’s real estate software almost daily and for multiple purposes. Our tools allow them to focus less on the operational aspects of the business and more on and what’s relevant to increasing revenues, both by:

  • saving time in daily tasks
  • speeding sales with accurate market analysis
  • providing arguments to work, with data that offers a 360º view of the market

“More than saving time, we saw that we could invest it better, since the results we obtained were very good.”

Inés Cartelle Saez, coordinator at Coldwell Banker

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