How CASAFARI improved the everyday work of Remax Lux, in Terracina

Simone Seccafien, REMAX-Lux (Terracina, Lazio)

The professionals of Remax Lux got to know CASAFARI through Remax Italy and quickly adopted the habit of checking our tool to stay updated about the market. Let’s see how CASAFARI changed the daily routine of Simone Seccafien, one of their estate agents.

Day-to-day activities made easier

CASAFARI is the most complete real estate database in Europe: out platform shows over 200 million property listings from more than 30,000 sources, including real estate portals and agencies’ websites.

Any real estate professional with access to our all-in-one real estate software solutions can see information about basically any property in the market. 

This means that CASAFARI helps these professionals stay updated about the market, its changes and trends, without having to spend loads of time searching for these news in dozens of different sites.

“I’m always connected to CASAFARI because the platform reports every day the changes in the real estate market. Being informed about them and studying them is part of our job to stay updated as professionals.”

Simone Seccafien, estate agent of Remax Lux

Also, our Alerts feature allows estate agents and other professionals to save up to 200 different searches and be notified when new properties of interest are available on the market. This includes properties set as FSBO, which become private seller leads.

Among all our solutions, Simone states that the Alerts and our Property Valuation tool are the ones he uses the most:

“CASAFARI is very useful to search for new properties to add to my portfolio and even more to run property valuation reports, mainly because the comparison can be done based on properties put on the market in the last 3 or 6 months.”

The advantages of working with CASAFARI

As the main benefits of using CASAFARI, Simone talks about the speed in which he is able to create property valuation reports for Remax Lux’ clients about the properties in his portfolio, optimizing and streamlining this process into a much faster one.

This kind of comparative research, previously something that would take a whole lot of time from an estate agent and would be a hard task to accomplish, can now be done in seconds with the help of our property valuation calculator.

How does it work? Well, CASAFARI’s Property Valuation profits from our complete database to find a big amount of comparable properties. Those that match the criteria more accurately are chosen as competitors of the estate agent’s client’s property. 

Based on the prices practised on the market for real estate under these conditions and by the competitor properties, our valuation tool provides the ideal asking price for any property. This is the ultimate data-driven analysis.

Forget trying to find manually a few houses that match the one of your client’s: now, providing an accurate view of the market to your client is something much easier.

Results that can be felt by the team of Remax Lux, in Terracina

Remax Lux joined as a CASAFARI client quite recently, but even in these very first months the results can be felt. Simone tells us that he was able to increase his contacts with property leads in no-time.

“So far, my results are a considerable increase in the conversion rate from lead to client and the growth of the property portfolio, not only mine, but also my colleagues.”

Simone Seccafien, estate agent of Remax Lux

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