How to boost your real estate sales

Estate agent working to improve her real estate sales

When you work on a commission base, sealing more deals is defining for you to increase your revenues. But which strategies can you apply to your day-to-day work to make your real estate sales going in the midst of so many tasks? Here are a few ideas.

Become an expert in a market

The more you understand the nuances of a specific market, its main characteristics, what makes it special and what kind of people live there, the better you can serve your clients (and, as a consequence, seal more deals).

Among the information that you will need to keep up with, it’s important that you’re aware of the trends in price changes, the market stock for each typology, how much time each typology usually spends on the market and other details related to the movements in supply and demand.

All of it you can find in CASAFARI Market Analytics, a tool designed for you to be able make the best data-driven decisions for your clients and your estate agent’s business.

CASAFARI Market Analytics: follow the property market trends

Another possibility is to focus your work on one kind of property. Whether your niche is offices, business units, houses for middle class families or luxury real estate, specialising increases the chances of you becoming even more knowledgeable of your business and being seen as an authority.

What’s important is that you know how to sell to your clients, knowing by heart the answer to why they should buy in that neighbourhood or that property.

Improving your real estate marketing to reach new leads and keep in touch with former clients

Speaking of being seen as an authority, another good idea to boost your deals is to use real estate marketing to position yourself as an expert when it comes to real estate.

“But why is this so important for sales?”, you might ask.

The idea here is that people will want to talk to you or get to know your opinion when they are considering selling their property or investing in real estate. This trust that you built will lead to more people coming to you for advice and becoming clients.

Real estate marketing is also useful both for you to present your services to people that still don’t know you, expanding your reach to a new potential clientele, and to avoid being forgotten by former clients.

Real estate marketing: the complete guide

Attract more potential clients with a Lead Magnet

Still on the topic of attracting potential clients, it’s important to understand that not all leads are going to become clients. So, having a broader audience is a big part of increasing the chances of sealing more deals.

With Lead Magnet, you can effortlessly attract leads to your website or to a microsite that you can create by offering a free property valuation for people looking to buy, sell or rent. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sparing your time and effort.

Lead Magnet: convert real estate leads into sellers and buyers with CASAFARI

Another relevant advantage of having a Lead Magnet is that it qualifies the leads generated. You receive all the information about that lead in your CRM or email, already with the record of what kind of property they’re interested in and what type of business (rent, sell, buy). And, as you might have guessed, qualified leads also lead to higher chances of sealed deals.

Use a CRM to follow-up with clients

Yes, catching new leads is important for sure, but you can’t forget about the clients you already have, right? In order to increase the real estate sales, you need to work efficiently and take good care of your clients, so they recommend your services to friends, family and acquaintances.

That’s when having a real estate CRM comes in handy: it helps you to automate the follow-ups and keep in close contact with your clients without having to dedicate much of your time to do so.

Real estate management with CASAFARI CRM

One feature that helps you with follow-ups is Smartlink, from CASAFARI CRM. The link groups interesting properties for your buyer client, so that they can choose which ones they wish to visit, and can be sent through an email or message. 

While the client can see all the information about each property, you can see the results of each Smartlink, making sure to send new properties aligned with what they interacted with the most.

Provide your seller clients with an assertive property valuation

And when it comes to seller clients, you know what can help you increase the real estate sales rate? Appropriately pricing the property! Why? Because an overpriced property will stay longer on the market and an underpriced property might make people think there’s something wrong with it.

The importance of setting the right asking price for a property

That’s why you need CASAFARI’s Property Valuation, a tool that finds comparable properties (both in location and characteristics) and takes the market movements into account to provide you with a suggested asking price.

Once you have the right number in mind, you get to negotiate with the seller client and define a strategy to make sure this property is interesting to potential buyers and goes out of market in no time. Sales boosted!

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

Partner with other professionals

Whenever you have a buyer client, but can’t find a property that matches their needs, it lowers your real estate sales rate. The same goes for then you have a seller client, but no one seems to be interested in their property.

How to get out of these situations? By partnering with other real estate professionals!

Sometimes, another estate agent will have a client looking for a property in a market that they’re not an expert in, but you are! So, while they’ll have a difficulty in finding the right property in an interesting area, you won’t. In other situations, the opposite will be true: you’ll need to find a property for a buyer client in an area in which you lack expertise.

By combining the knowledge of both professionals and sharing the real estate commissions, you will be able to satisfy the needs of your clients faster, increasing your revenues. 

To help you with this mission, you can count on CASAFARI Connect, a product that allows real estate professionals to:

  • define rules for commission sharing;
  • manage shared deals in an organised dashboard;
  • Identify and access properties available for partnerships.

How CASAFARI Connect boosts property deals and who is it for

CASAFARI Connect: easily define and negotiate real estate commissions for more and better deals

Are you ready to start implementing all these strategies to boost your real estate sales? Waste no time and use technology in your favour to provide a better service to your clients and improve the results of your estate agent’s business!

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