Mon Podcast Immo receives Maxime Hueber, Country Manager France of CASAFARI


The key to success for real estate professionals : to have an overall and complete vision of the properties on the market but also their historical background and a maximum of associated data. This is what the proptech CASAFARI offers, as it aggregates 17,000 sources of real estate databases every day. Maxime Hueber explains how and why in this interview with Fred Haffner.

Tell us what is CASAFARI? 

CASAFARI is the most complete real estate database on the market. It allows real estate professionals to have a transparent vision of the real estate market, to have a complete knowledge of all the properties available on the market, while knowing who is selling them, since when and at what price, and if there are any price movements on each of these properties. 

When we talk about real estate professionals, who exactly are we talking about? 

We have developed many applications around this database to help all types of real estate professionals meet the challenges of their daily lives and access different functionalities that will be key for their success. We address investors to identify the best investment opportunities, especially by knowing the stocks that are available on the market with a very accurate vision, through this exhaustiveness of the database.

We aggregate more than 17,000 sources of real estate data within our platform, which represents more than 125 million different listings in all the countries we are present in. We also work with real estate agents, real estate brokers, and therefore any real estate professional can use CASAFARI to simplify their daily life. 

How did you manage to achieve such an exhaustive list and such impressive figures?

By aggregating all the real estate information from all the real estate portals, from PAP to SeLoger, including Leboncoin, but not only that… We also aggregate the data from all the franchise networks and even the smallest real estate agency that markets properties on their websites. 

We collect public data and we reorganise them within our database. We use the same legal framework as Google. This allows professionals to have this exhaustive but above all transparent vision of the market.

In which markets does CASAFARI operate ? 

Today, we are present in Portugal, which is our historical market, the most opaque and unstructured real estate market in Europe, and it was the best way for us to prove the power of our solutions. We have a major market share, almost 80% of professionals in Portugal. 

We are also present in Spain, Italy and for a few months in France. We plan to open several countries in Europe this year and next year. 

Eventually, we will operate in every European country.

How does having a lot of data change the game? Is all this data really useful?

Of course, these are useful, and especially nowadays when the competition is greater, particularly with i-buyers being able to invest immediately, without any suspensive conditions. 

Today, the importance of having an exhaustive database is the transparency of the market, to know all the available stocks. It also means having a better control over your exclusivities, your pricing positions, and being able to generate more business opportunities by knowing every new property that comes to the market, as well as knowing the entire historical background of a property and its movements.

How many people are working to retrieve these open-datas? 

At CASAFARI, we have around 180 people working in different countries. 

We recently opened Casafari in France with a team of 10 people, which will grow in the coming months.

We have many technologies, and many developers who are working on improving our AI, Machine Learning and Deduplication technologies in order to have the cleanest Matching and Database possible.

We track daily over 310M listings across Europe

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