Software for real estate: what to consider to choose yours

choosing the right software for real estate for you

Are you starting your real estate business and don’t know which tools to resort to? Or do you wish to change your data provider but don’t know which one to choose among the options on the market?

Here are 5 relevant prerequisites that you should have in mind before signing any new contract.

1. Completeness of data in the market of your interest

When it comes to understanding what’s going on with the property market, seeing just a fraction of the whole scenario is definitely not enough. After all, drawing insights from little data can lead you to wrong conclusions and affect your business.

When it comes to data, the more, the merrier: by analysing big data, it’s much easier for your software for real estate to identify real trends and be able to even help you predict demand and supply issues on the market.

That’s why CASAFARI counts with over 310 million property listings across Europe, sourced from more than 30,000 different real estate agencies’ websites, property portals, banks, auctions and more.

Completeness of the market: why is CASAFARI’s real estate data gold to everyone in the property market?

And, what’s more important, it affects your work! Having completeness of data will allow you to, among other possibilities: 

  • Have a realistic and comprehensive view of the property market to support your business decisions and advise your clients;
  • Become knowledgeable and stay informed about the market you work with, even about smaller cities or neighbourhoods to expand your activities;
  • Protect and stay informed about what’s happening with your mandates.

But the completeness of the information is not the only essential characteristic of your software for real estate. You will also need…

2. Clean and organised real estate data

Yes, the abundance of data is only useful when you can make sense of it, right? So, the real estate software of your choice should be able to organise information for you to use it in the best way possible.

Also, imagine that a property is listed in 10 different property portals. When you’re running a property valuation or searching for information such as the average asking price per square meter in an area, each property should be counted in the calculation only once. After all, we’re talking about the same property and, if it’s counted multiple times, it will corrupt the statistics.

So, deduplication of information is a relevant characteristic for you to look for in a software for real estate if you want to work with accurate valuations, market stocks, trends, prices per square metre and any other important figure.

This is why CASAFARI is on an ongoing work to build the cleanest and most complete real estate database, following its mission to solve chaos in the property market by bringing transparency to it.

3. A tool that provides you with actual market insights

Besides keeping you aware of which properties are available on the market, another task that your software for real estate should accomplish is to bring market intelligence to your work. It should provide you with relevant data, so you can have a strategic view of the market, in order to conduct your business and care for your clients in a more efficient manner.

Some insights about the market behavior provided by CASAFARI are:

  • Current stock availability ;
  • Amount of new, sold, or removed properties in the market;
  • Average time spent on the market;
  • The average price of properties in an area, for sale or rent, including information per square metre;
  • How many properties are there in an area that have had their prices raised or; lowered;
  • How many properties are there on the market per price range;
  • What is the average price charged per typology;
  • Rises and decreases of the average asking prices in the market, across time.

CASAFARI Market Analytics: follow the property market trends

How to monitor assets and make informed decisions with CASAFARI’s Favourites folders

These insights will help you guide your clients about when to sell and when to buy, show them promising places in the city or advise them about areas in which properties are depreciating and many other pieces of valuable guidance that make your work stand out.

Also, from a business point of view, you can use all this information to decide in which areas of the city you should focus your efforts, which kind of clients to target per market and make informed data-driven decisions that will help you reach better results.

4. A software for real estate that’s easy to use

Another quality that your software for real estate of choice must have is that it should be helpful! The truth is that if you have to make too much of an effort to use the platform or it takes too much of your time, then you will end up not using it and wasting your money.

So, basically, you should find all information needed easily, in a single place, it should help you save time and make your work easier. After all, technology is meant to make people work smarter, not harder, right? 

That’s why CASAFARI helps:

  1. Buyer’s agents find the perfect property for their clients;
  2. Listing agents grow their portfolio with real estate leads;
  3. Monitor their property portfolio and those of competitors;
  4. Real estate professionals keep up with market trends and changes;
  5. Make effective property valuations to sell faster;
  6. Boost deals by establishing partnerships between agencies;
  7. Manage the estate agent’s portfolio and interactions with clients;
  8. Real estate investors find the best opportunities and invest at scale.

CASAFARI: the most complete software for real estate professionals

All of it in a few clicks, in a few minutes. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

5. A real estate database that’s updated frequently

Staying up-to-date with what’s new on the market can make you grow your portfolio of clients faster, find the best properties for your clients and also secure those that are real market opportunities. But, in order to do so, you need to make sure the real estate software you’re working with is aware of the movements in the market.

CASAFARI not only checks this box, but also provides you with Alerts, a way to set notifications for you to be the first to know about new properties that match your search criteria.

This can be used to stay aware of new properties available on the market, to keep an eye on changes in your portfolio, to monitor your competitors and more!

Gather more property leads with CASAFARI: get to know Alerts

Are you ready to start working with the best that technology has to offer in terms of software for real estate? Waste no more time and get to know CASAFARI’s products!

We track daily over 310M listings across Europe

Be the first one to know about price changes, new and sold listings.
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