How CASAFARI CRM enhanced SURe Properties’ sales, lead generation and online presence

Mario de Vicente Pelaez, Manager at SURe Properties

When SURe Properties first got in touch with the CASAFARI CRM team, they had a very clear goal to achieve: the company needed a real estate CRM that allowed them to have a more interactive and up-to-date website.

Two years later, Mario de Vicente Pelaez, manager at SURe Properties, tells us what changed in their workflow by using our technology. Let’s see! 

How CASAFARI CRM helps SURe Properties in their daily tasks

As changing their website was a priority, Mario tells us that CASAFARI CRM’s feature to create websites was something that caught their attention. The team of SURe Properties chose one of our templates to work with, added their content and customised it to their branding, leaving the whole team proud of the final outcome. They also keep upgrading their content, showing how easy it is to create your own website with our technology.

And this wasn’t the only possibility that CASAFARI CRM provided to their company. It is also used to structure all working processes, allowing agents to:

  • Book visits to properties;
  • Keep track of interactions with clients;
  • Set reminders to trigger action;
  • Organise the work along the leads and sales funnels;
  • Check what is going on in each agent’s agenda.

Enable more deals with CASAFARI CRM

Of course, after the daily tasks are running smoothly and the team is focused solely on providing the best services for their clients, measuring the results becomes a must – it’s the only way to see if the structure is working! But don’t worry, CASAFARI CRM covers this need as well.

“The statistics provided help me understand the best tools to generate leads and which are my best agents.”

Mario de Vicente Pelaez, Manager at SURe Properties

But what is most important in Mario’s opinion is the ability to follow-up with clients using many different CASAFARI CRM features. By setting up all the types of actions offered (alerts, calls, visits, feedback surveys and more), they can have time to work on new leads, showing future customers how they will receive information from SURe Properties on a weekly basis.

Private Luxury Collection: the choice for CASAFARI CRM to expand the business

CASAFARI CRM: enhanced sales and optimised digital presence

By making good use of our features, SURe Properties could identify desirable outcomes coming from different fronts.

  • When it comes to revenue, they saw an increase in sales thanks to being able to monitor the work of the agents. 
  • When it comes to new business opportunities, they also increased their lead generation due to feedback surveys and the use of CASAFARI GO.

CASAFARI GO: Real estate prospecting made easier

  • When it comes to their online presence, they optimised the company’s website, providing better usability to visitors and making their portfolio more accessible.

When asked if they met their goals with our tool, Mario answered in no time: “we did it with flying colours”. 

At the moment, SURe Properties even has a holiday rental channel, also connected to CASAFARI CRM, and it works great to generate more business deals. Our technology is supporting their every initiative, working alongside agents and managers to write this history of success in real estate.

So, waste no time: subscribe to CASAFARI CRM right now and boost the results of your business!

Enable more deals with CASAFARI CRM

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