Marcela Propriedades: improved customer service with CASAFARI CRM

António Marcela, managing partner of Marcela Propriedades

Marcela Propriedades is an estate agency specialised in properties in Algarve, the paradisiac southernmost area of Portugal, and were one of the first companies to believe in CASAFARI CRM. António Marcela, managing partner of Marcela Propriedades gives us a glimpse of how were things before technology came to their rescue:

“CASAFARI CRM automates tasks and makes the registration of clients and activities easier, enabling a better flow of the company’s internal communication.”

Let’s see which were the other changes that they felt in using CASAFARI CRM for their daily tasks.  

Better internal and external communication of the company’s property portfolio

One of the main advantages highlighted by Marcela Propriedades was the ability to share calendars, information about visits, feedback from visitors and any other relevant data about the properties between their agents. With all this information available internally, their collaborators could provide a better service for both seller and buyer clients.

But this was not the only way in which the company managed to improve their communication. 

As a brand established on the market for over 25 years, Marcela Propriedades is always looking for new ways to share their portfolio and reach potential clients. In this sense, their website is a priority and they make sure to keep improving it across time to provide a better experience to users. 

As per CASAFARI CRM and its team, they made sure Marcela Propriedades was always up-to-date with technology, as well as provided new layouts for the website, both for desktop and mobile.

Improvements that allowed agents to better care for their clients

When it comes to practical changes that CASAFARI CRM provided to improve the agency’s everyday work, Marcela Propriedades could point out many improvements they saw in our platform across the time. 

The first one is the creation of the sales and lead funnels. They have allowed estate agents to categorise at what stage the customer or property is, making it easier to follow-up with active clients.

And another relevant development is the possibility of attributing properties to clients according to their needs and sending them a customised list of properties that match their criteria. This is a result of the combination of the client profile, in which you can register all information about a customer, and Smartlinks, a feature for clients to find a tailor-made selection of properties made by their agents.

And how has all this advanced technology impacted Marcela Properties?

The company continues to grow, gathering a diverse property portfolio that goes from land to luxury homes and currently managing four different offices. By 2021, they launched Marcela Premium, a business that unites local expertise with focused and segmented real estate strategies for the high-end market.

“CASAFARI was essential to allow a connection between the systems of both Marcela Properties and Marcela Premium, while still keeping the autonomy of each brand.”

António Marcela, managing partner of Marcela Propriedades

Whether it’s improving the dynamics of the business or allowing the company to export to national and international property portals at once, the union between Marcela Properties, Marcela Premium and CASAFARI CRM has been a positive partnership that keeps on evolving. 

And we’re ready to help you conquer even more, Marcela Propriedades!

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