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On top of all that an estate agent already has to do to grant the satisfaction of their clients, they also need to worry about the next step: finding new potential clients that could turn into new real estate deals. But splitting their time among many tasks to take care of present and future clients is not easy.

If only technology could work for them… Well, it can!

In this article you will learn how to convert real estate leads with our widget, get to know a few actions to enhance its power and the benefits it offers to the estate agents. 

What are real estate leads?

A potential client that gives you their contact details through a form, an email or on social media, for example, is what is called a lead. Usually, this happens through an exchange of information. The person receives something useful, like an ebook, access to a free webinar or something they need and, in exchange, feels motivated to provide their personal information.

When it comes to our Lead Generator, as you will see in this article, the real estate lead gets access to an online property valuation made in seconds. 

What is CASAFARI’s Lead Generator?

Our Lead Generator is a powerful tool to help estate agents catch more real estate leads and provides access to a property valuation calculator to the potential client, a win-win situation.

How to generate real estate leads with the Lead Generator

The Lead Generator widget is placed on the website of the estate agent or of the agency. When potential buyers or sellers access the website, they’ll have the opportunity of getting a customized and instant comparative market analysis, with a suggestion of asking price for the property they intend to buy, sell or rent. In exchange for the information, the potential client needs to fill in a form with their contact information.

If the estate agent doesn’t have a website, we provide a customized microsite with the widget to attract and qualify real estate leads among property sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants. It also comes with a QR code that drives the clients to the microsite, something that can be used on business cards, social media, brochures and other materials.

Both the widget itself and the microsite are customizable, so you can add your photo, contact details and the colours of your brand.

Installing the widget takes less than 5 minutes, with great benefits: all the names, telephone numbers and email addresses are either directed to their email or are added to the estate agent’s CRM as real estate leads. This allows the professionals to approach them, already informed of what they are looking for.

As a result, by attracting more potential clients, this tool ultimately allows you to convert more leads into real estate deals.

How to access the widget?

Any independent estate agent or agency can use the Lead Magnet on their own website or on a microsite quickly built by CASAFARI. Simply contact your account manager to help you implement it and customize it to fit your brand.

If you are not yet a CASAFARI client but you are interested in our Lead Magnet, get in touch with us!

Which are the benefits of using the widget to catch real estate leads

Once you know the widget is one of the answers to the question “how to convert real estate leads”, let’s understand which are the benefits of adding this technology to your work.

Fast response to the leads

Either receiving the real estate leads in your CRM or in your email inbox, you get all the information about the potential client instantly when they use the property valuation calculator. This means that you get to act fast, offering properties from your portfolio suitable to their needs or offering help to sell/rent their property.

Also, if you choose to send this information straight to your real estate CRM, you can also follow the evolution of the lead, nurturing it through the sales funnel.

Settle the leads’ expectations about prices

The comparative market analysis report that the real estate lead is going to get from your widget offers them a few important pieces of information. 

First of all, they will see suggestions of a fair market price for the property, the ideal asking price for a fast sell and what would be the value that decreases the competitiveness of the property.

They also get to see charts showing how the comparable properties on the market are distributed in terms of prices, price per square metre and the average time spent on the market for a property with such characteristics.

This brings a data-based, realistic view of the market to your real estate lead. With this down-to-earth perspective, they already start talking to the estate agent aware of the reality, of how much they can get out of this deal and of how long they should expect to wait for the sale of the property. It makes the work of the estate agent easier, since they don’t need to be the bearer of bad news.

Works for both sale and rent

It doesn’t matter if your real estate lead wishes to buy, sell or rent, we have a widget that answers their doubts. There’s no potential client left behind!

You just simply have to choose which kind of business works best for your company and implement it on your website.

Catches leads 24h a day

Even the most dedicated professionals have to rest at some point, right? Well, if you use CASAFARI’s Lead Generator, you have a technology catching real estate leads for you effortlessly 24h a day.

This means you get to focus your time and attention on the already existing clients and on your other real estate marketing strategies.

You already know in which kind of business the real estate lead is interested in

Imagine one potential client uses your property valuation calculator to check for how much they can sell a two-bedroom apartment, with two bathrooms, lift and garage in the building. The property is located in the city centre of the capital city of the country.

Once you get the information about this real estate lead, you will also be informed of which kind of property they were looking for, either to buy, sell or rent. This allows you to act instantly, selecting properties that could fit into their profile even before approaching the potential client.

And if you don’t have the right property for your client in your portfolio, fear not! You can share the deal through CASAFARI Connect, which puts you in touch with portfolios of professionals willing to share commissions for faster deals.

How to convert real estate leads: spread the word about the widget!

We know that the more real estate leads, the bigger are the chances of closing deals, so let’s understand a few ways to enhance the power of your Lead Generator. You want to make sure your target audience accesses the page in which the widget was placed and, for that, you have a few options.

Business card

Add a QR code to your business cards, which leads directly to the Lead Magnet on your website or on your microsite. This way, every time you give away a new card, you get to explain about the free property valuation that you offer and where they can find it.


The same we said for business cards goes for brochures. If you’re used to distributing this kind of materials for your marketing strategies, then remember to add the QR code or link to the Lead Generator on them.

Social media

If you already work with real estate marketing for social media, then you could create organic or promoted posts on your Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to talk about your property valuation calculator! Remember to use attractive images to make sure your audience pays attention to your post.

Another benefit of working with social media to boost the number of real estate leads on your Lead Generator is that they allow you to focus on a target. If you tend to have a clientele with specific characteristics, add them to the social platforms and show your post only to the people who fit into this profile. These tools allow you to filter your target audience per age, gender, living area, interests and many other possibilities.

Blog posts

If you’re used to creating content for attracting potential clients, spend a few minutes creating a blog post to explain why your Lead Generator is so interesting. The idea here is to make the readers curious about the property valuation calculator, so they click to see the widget and become real estate leads. Don’t forget to talk about the benefits for the readers!

Ads on search engines

Did you know that you can advertise your free property valuation calculator on Google? Yes, you can create ads so that, when people search for “valuate my property” or something like that, they see your website!

This method is not free, you will have to pay per click that you get on the ads. But imagine what a good investment it could be if a big part of these clicks become real estate leads that you convert into clients!

Make sure your copy attracts the readers, so they click more often. Also, try to understand which are the words that your potential clients look for on the search engines, so you can direct your ads to answer these expressions and needs.

Don’t forget to measure the results of your efforts!

Being aware of these strategies of how to catch and convert real estate leads and how to attract them to your widget, it’s time to understand how many potential clients are turning into new properties on your portfolio or homebuyers for you to attend.

A good metric for you to use is the conversion rate. This is calculated based on a percentage of how many real estate leads became clients out of all the leads you caught. Let’s see an example.

Let’s imagine you caught 100 real estate leads with the help of the widget. 16 of them became clients that are willing to sell properties with you or have you as help to find their dream home. This means a 16% conversion rate. The higher the conversion rate, the better you are in turning all these leads into clients.

Now that you know how to catch and convert real estate leads with CASAFARI’s Lead Generator and know how to enhance the attractiveness of your page, waste no more time: boost your business with our widget!

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