Boosting Productivity for Real Estate: Tools for Better Time Management

Boosting productivity in real estate with CASAFARI

When it comes to the fast-paced routine of estate agents, time is definitely not something that they have to spare. These professionals juggle multiple tasks daily, from meeting clients and conducting property viewings to managing paperwork and closing deals. So, as you know very well, efficiently managing time and maximising productivity is crucial for success.

Thankfully, tools designed specifically for estate agents can help streamline operations, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance overall efficiency. Here, we showcase how they can transform your workflow, boost your productivity, and ultimately, help you close more deals easily. 

Property Valuation: determining the ideal price of an asset in minutes

Property Valuation is a cutting-edge tool that generates comprehensive reports, including all relevant property information, a suggested market price, and a comparison with similar assets nearby. Additionally, it provides an overview of price distribution for similar properties in the market.

Previously, estate agents had to manually search through dozens of property portals and hundreds of listings to accurately price a property, a time-consuming and repetitive process.

With Property Valuation, this task is automated and completed in minutes with maximum accuracy. This not only saves agents a significant amount of time but also ensures more precise pricing, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and provide better service to their clients.

The creation of a property valuation inside CASAFARI

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

Alerts: all you need to know in a notification

Alerts empower estate agents by providing real-time notifications on critical market activities, eliminating the need for daily deep dives.

When other agents list properties from your portfolio, you are immediately informed, allowing you to stay competitive, for example. Price changes in properties in your portfolio are also promptly communicated, enabling swift adjustments to marketing strategies. The addition of new properties to their market area is instantly flagged, keeping agents aware of fresh opportunities.

Additionally, alerts about properties that meet your clients’ criteria ensure you can quickly act to get the best opportunities the minute they show up.

This streamlined information flow helps agents stay ahead of market trends and react proactively to maintain a competitive edge.

Setting Alerts inside CASAFARI to stay updated with the market

Smartlinks, swift communication with clients

Present inside our Property Sourcing, Property Valuation and CRM, this feature is paramount to those worried about boosting productivity as an estate agent.

Smartlinks allow you to share with your clients multiple properties that might be of interest to them, as well as a property valuation, whether for them to know for how much to sell their property or so you can show them how much an asset they’re interested in is actually worth.

Selecting multiple properties to add to a Smartlink

Not only can they see your selection or the information in your report all at once and in an interactive way, but also the professional can easily send them straight from CASAFARI via WhatsApp, Facebook or copy a link to send it through any other messaging tool.

Smartlinks: sharing useful market data with your clients

CRM: from automations to reporting tools to save you time and effort

CASAFARI CRM is a property, lead and client management tool with multiple resources to help estate agents work smarter and seal more deals. So, let’s see some of them.

The Smart Replies in CASAFARI CRM automate responses to client inquiries, ensuring that no potential lead is left waiting too long for a reply.

This feature allows agents to maintain a high level of responsiveness even when they are busy with other tasks. By providing immediate, professional responses, agents can enhance client satisfaction and maintain momentum in their communication, all while managing their workload more effectively.

5 ways to work smarter with our property management CRM

As per virtual tours, they can be offered on your property listings to enable potential buyers to explore properties online, significantly reducing the number of unnecessary in-person viewings.

This allows buyers to narrow down their choices before scheduling physical visits, saving estate agents from dedicating time to show properties to individuals who may not be genuinely interested. Consequently, agents can focus their efforts on more promising leads, optimizing their weekly schedules.

3 reasons for you to offer a virtual tour on your property listings

CASAFARI CRM’s Ownerlink revolutionises communication between agents and sellers by providing a centralised page for all updates and interactions. No more weekly or bi-weekly reports informing the owner of everything you’ve done to sell their property. With Ownerlink, have this information available to your client 24 hours a day. This tool also allows for the exchange of messages and documents directly within the platform.

By eliminating the need for continuous, separate updates, Ownerlink saves valuable time and ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible in one place.

Ownerlink: easier communication between agent and client

Ownerlink, the report for the estate agent to the owner of a selling property

CASAFARI GO: win clients on the go

CASAFARI Go is a mobile tool designed to streamline and centralise the prospecting efforts of estate agents. This tool allows agents to discover properties being sold by private sellers in real-time as they navigate suggested prospecting routes close to where they are, enabling them to contact owners immediately.

Moreover, CASAFARI Go helps organise the prospecting process by allowing agents to track their routes, take notes on potential leads, and even save photos of properties for future follow-up. This ensures that no opportunities are missed and that you make the most out of your time.

5 ways CASAFARI GO improves traditional prospecting

Incorporating the right tools into your daily operations can dramatically enhance the efficiency and productivity of any estate agent. From a system that streamline client management to algorithms that analyse the market for you, these technologies offer powerful solutions to common challenges in the industry.

By leveraging these tools, estate agents can reduce administrative burdens, stay organized, and focus more on building relationships and closing deals. Embracing these innovations not only simplifies your workflow but also positions you to stay ahead in a competitive market, ultimately leading to greater success and job satisfaction.

What about you, are you ready to work more efficiently with CASAFARI?

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