Smartlinks: sharing useful market data with your clients

Smartlink, a functionality inside CASAFARI

Smartlinks are a feature that can be found in many CASAFARI products with one solid goal: to simplify the information sharing process between professionals and clients. 

Whether they are used to showing properties to a potential buyer or to share a valuation report with a client, they provide access to relevant market data, such as characteristics and photos of an asset, an enticing description, information about surrounding amenities and more.

Interested in understanding more about the functioning of Smartlinks? Take a deep-dive into this feature with us!

The advantages of working with CASAFARI’s Smartlinks

Faster Communication

Smartlinks revolutionise the way real estate agents communicate with their clients, making the process faster and more efficient. With CASAFARI’s Smartlink feature, agents can instantly share comprehensive property information directly through popular platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or by simply copying and pasting a link.

Easily share the Smartlink through Facebook, WhatsApp or any messaging service.

Customised Information Sharing

One of the most significant advantages of Smartlinks is the ability to share only relevant information about a property. Real estate professionals can select which details to include or exclude from the shareable link, allowing them to tailor their services to focus solely on what matters most to their clients. This level of customization ensures that clients receive the information they need without any unnecessary clutter.

Streamlined Property Selection Process

Smartlinks enable agents to share multiple properties with a client simultaneously. This feature simplifies the property selection process for clients, allowing them to view a portfolio of options at once and easily decide which properties they’re interested in visiting. By eliminating the need for feedback property by property, Smartlinks save both the client’s and the agent’s time, making the entire process more efficient.

Property Valuation Reports

In addition to sharing property information, Smartlinks also allow agents to provide clients with detailed property valuation reports. These reports include information on comparable properties in the market, recent sale prices, and estimated pricing for the property in question. By sharing this valuable information with clients, agents can help them make more informed decisions and build trust in their expertise.

Where can you find Smartlinks within CASAFARI

Property Sourcing

You talked to the client, got their list of criteria for an investment property or for a new house, it’s time to see what’s out there on the market. After applying all the filters to match your client’s needs on our search, you are faced with a few interesting assets that could fulfil their description. 

The next step is to share it with the buyers and see which ones they wish to visit, right? In order to do so, you only need to select the properties that might be of interest and then click on our Smartlink button to create your link. When it opens on a new tab of your browser, click on the share button to provide clients with an interactive way of viewing all their options.

a selection of multiple properties found in CASAFARI's property search

Property page

Found an interesting property and wish to share it immediately with a client? Worry not, you can also find the Smartlink resource on our Property page!

Any link generated from a Property page can show a number of relevant information of an asset, such as its photos, characteristics, an enticing description about the premises and its surrounding amenities, other comparable properties available, its complete history on the market and more.

Property history: why is this data priceless to real estate professionals

Button to create a Smartlink positioned at the top right corner of a property page inside CASAFARI

The step-by-step to generating the Smartlink is as simple as it gets: click on any property to see its details. Then, use the toggles found beside each block of data to choose what should be included on your Smartlink or not.

Toggle to select whether an information should or shouldn't be added to a Smartlink

Ready to share? Then, simply click on the Smartlink button on the top right corner of the page to generate your link. It will open on a new tab of your browser, where you can select the option “Share Smartlink”.

Property Valuation

Meanwhile, if what you need is to educate a client about the market and prices, whether they are wishing to buy or to sell, a good idea is to run a property valuation with CASAFARI and share it with them through a Smartlink.

The Property Valuation Report includes the property’s characteristics, its estimated market value, relevant points of interest in its vicinity, an analysis of the market based on similar assets and a list of comparable properties, among other possibilities. Basically, it’s everything your client needs to understand what to expect from a transaction.

CASAFARI’s Property Valuation report in detail: what you can create

The importance of setting the right asking price for a property

And, when running your property valuation, you always have on the bottom of the page the button offering the option of generating a Smartlink, whether you decide to do it before or after customising your report.

Smartlink creation inside CASAFARI's Property Valuation


The Smartlink present on our CRM works just like the one in Property Sourcing, allowing estate agents to select multiple properties, both from their portfolio and the ones found within CASAFARI’s database, to provide a buying client with options.

All this is done inside the CRM platform, to spare you the hassle of keep switching between tools or tabs on your browser and allowing you to work in an streamlined way.

Smartlink creation inside CASAFARI's CRM

Are you ready to streamline your work process with CASAFARI’s Smartlinks? Waste no time: start right now your trial period of our tool and experience the difference that it makes working with the whole market at your fingertips!

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