5 ways to work smarter with our property management CRM

Working smarter with CASAFARI CRM

The day-to-day work of an estate agent is undeniably busy and demanding. These professionals are tasked with managing a multitude of responsibilities, from prospecting potential clients and conducting property viewings to negotiating deals and handling administrative tasks.

With a constantly changing real estate market and client expectations, time management becomes crucial. To thrive in this fast-paced industry, estate agents must work smart, employing efficient tools and strategies to maximise their productivity. By harnessing technology, prioritising tasks, and streamlining processes, they can juggle their hectic schedules and serve their clients effectively.

Thinking about these challenges, CASAFARI developed a few features so our property management CRM can make your life easier and keep you productive as an estate agent. Let’s see!

Ownerlink: easily following up with your client

Ownerlink is a link in which the owner can see all of the estate agent’s efforts to promote a property. It shows information about in which portals the property was listed, the number of people who saw the property on the website of the agency and on portals, as well as feedback about visits.

Ownerlink also allows estate agents to message the owners, concentrating all the exchanges about a piece of real estate on a single place.

By having all information automatically updated, Ownerlink spares the time of the estate agent, excusing them from having to be constantly following up with all seller clients.

Ownerlink: easier communication between agent and client

Canned replies: approaching potential clients in the blink of an eye

Imagine that a potential buyer sees a property on your agency’s website and sends a message interested in visiting it.

While this interaction is a good sign because it shows a real interest in the property, it’s important to bear in mind that yours is probably not the only real estate on the market that matches their criteria. Meaning, the faster you answer, the greater the chances of your property standing out from the competition and being chosen by the buyer.

With our property management CRM, real estate professionals can also work with canned replies, which are templates for emails to interact with potential clients swiftly and without requiring any of your time. You get to write your automatic responses and decide in which context they should be sent. And, what’s even better, these answers can be translated to many different languages, helping you serve foreign investors.

Properties for sale by the owner: effortlessly grow your business

A real estate management software shouldn’t only be helpful to take care of what you already have in your property portfolio, but also to expand it. That’s why CASAFARI CRM grants you access to CASAFARI, the largest, cleanest and most organised real estate database in Europe.

Through a simple search, the estate agent can find properties put on the market by their owners, as well as set alerts to get notified when they show up. The whole system is integrated, allowing you to add the FSBO properties as leads, so you can keep track of your prospecting efforts.

This way, you don’t need to walk around the streets looking for new properties to add to your portfolio or search for hours in property portals: all that’s new on the market can be found in the same place.

Start working smarter with CASAFARI CRM

Landing pages: boost the promotion of your property portfolio

Landing pages are a useful resource for estate agents to promote one single property, highlighting it and increasing the chances of attracting potential buyers. But not everyone has the necessary skills to create a website page from the start.

It doesn’t mean you don’t get to advertise the properties in your portfolio! With our real estate CRM, you can use one of our many templates to easily build as many microsites as you need in just a few minutes.

Smartlink: provide a selection of properties to buyer clients

The last, but certainly not the least, feature in this list is all about helping you find the perfect property for a buyer client. Once again, users of our real estate management software have access to all properties available on the market thanks to the integration with CASAFARI data.

But that’s not all! CASAFARI CRM provides estate agents with Smartlink, a shareable link to present market opportunities tailored to each client’s needs. And the best part is that you’ll be able to track the interactions of the client with the link you sent, so you can understand what interests them more.

As you can see, our property management CRM can be a true ally of the estate agent, not only helping them to take care of their current clients, but also with the prospecting of leads. All of it while saving time and streamlining processes. Waste no more time and start working with CASAFARI CRM!

Start working smarter with CASAFARI CRM

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