Affittochiaro: technology to make renting easier for everyone

Angelo Barbara and Angela Dipalma, co-founders of Affittochiaro, a company that makes renting easier for tenants and landlords in Italy

Trying to rent a house for you to live in can be quite tricky: not only the property needs to match your own criteria but also you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd to be chosen by the landlord amongst all the potential tenants interested in the property. Which, of course, gets harder and harder when the list of potential tenants gets longer and longer.

And if you think about it, being in the shoes of the owner can’t be easy either. The landlord publishes their property on a portal and BOOM: instantly starts to receive dozens of calls, messages and viewing requests a day. Answering questions while sorting through the profiles and understanding both which potential tenants are a financially safe choice and would take care of your property can take up hours of your days.

But where some may see a market problem, others see an opportunity! At least it was the case with Angelo Barbara and Angela Dipalma, co-founders of Affittochiaro.

Affittochiaro: the portal that meets the needs of tenants and landlords alike

When faced with the reality of the chaos that are rental groups on social media, with unclear information about properties and rules, Angelo and Angela came up with an idea to bring clarity to the rental market, making renting easier for everyone.

For tenants, Affitochiaro provides a place where they can see all properties for rent on the market, making it easier for you to find one that suits their criteria. 

Also, in their portal tenants can present themselves to landlords and real estate agencies through a personalised profile in which, in addition to basic information, they can add photos and a short video presentation. This process builds credibility, strengthening their own applications and allowing them to communicate directly with landlords in an efficient manner.

As per landlords, Afittochiaro takes the stress out of the selection process. When the owner decides to rent their property, they need only to go to the “Landlord/Estate agency” menu, enter the characteristics of the property and criteria for choosing a tenant – something that takes less than 5 minutes! 

The owner receives a selection of profiles that already match what you’re looking for, so the only effort here is to decide whom you’d like to book a viewing of the property with. Landlords and estate agents alike literally save most precious resource: time!

Complete data that makes a difference

In order to be a complete portal for the rental market, Affittochiaro needed one very important thing… You guessed it, data! There was a need to be able to track every property available and this was no easy task.

But Angelo had worked as an estate agent before and knew where to look for it: at CASAFARI, of course! Our database, the cleanest and most complete in Europe, was integrated to Affittochiaro’s portal via our Properties API, a move that granted Affittochiaro accurate data about the properties shown in their platform, as well as a 360º view of the Italian rental market.

From that moment on, Angelo and Angela were certain they would be constantly updated about all new properties that are put on the market for rent and that their own business was providing the widest choice of properties to potential tenants. Effortlessly, immediately.

“Today we are at the threshold of 20,000 registered users in less than six months of operations, and certainly being able to have CASAFARI’s API to add listings to our portfolio was one of the reasons for this achievement.”

Angelo Barbara, Co-founder and CEO of Affittochiaro

But more than just providing data, CASAFARI’s team became a true partner of Affittochiaro, helping improve the Proptech market in Italy. As Barbara said in his own words:

“I was almost nervous to propose a collaboration, because I was a nobody and didn’t think I would be considered, when I met CASAFARI’s team. My idea was just an idea on a piece of paper and they helped me develop it. I’m thankful.” 

CASAFARI’s mission is to solve chaos by bringing transparency to the real estate market. So, providing our data to other businesses to thrive and improve the quality of the information in European markets is something that is close to our hearts.

Nowadays, Affittochiaro is working on expanding its offer of services with amazing ideas, such as bringing partners that will provide services like renovation, property maintenance and more. We’re excited to support Affitochiaro and glad to be part of their success!

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