5 ways CASAFARI GO improves traditional prospecting

CASAFARI GO showing the results of recent real estate prospection efforts

CASAFARI GO is a product developed to measure, increase and encourage prospecting efforts, giving the real estate agency a tool to boost revenues and enhance their client portfolio. Did you know?

But real estate prospecting was not invented by us, it’s something that estate agents have been doing for years. So, what makes prospecting with CASAFARI GO different from your previous efforts? Why does this tool make a difference on your activities and results? Let’s see!

CASAFARI GO: Real estate prospecting made easier

What differentiates CASAFARI GO from your current prospecting efforts

1. It actually measures your results

CASAFARI GO allows you to measure and index your prospecting efforts to the results obtained and sales made, so you can see which actions brought the biggest returns for your business. Basically, there is no other tool on the market that allows you to do so. 

With CASAFARI GO, the estate agency receives the following information:

  • Which agents went on prospecting routes;
  • How many times were they looking for new clients;
  • How long was the route they took;
  • How much time it took for them to go through these routes;
  • How many checkpoints did they go through;
  • How many opportunities did they create with prospecting.

By seeing all these results, the agency knows how often they need to focus on prospecting new clients, which results to expect and strategise the activities of the agents.

2. It organises the prospecting efforts of a whole team

CASAFARI GO allows teams to visualise which professionals took which prospecting routes, so two different agents don’t go through the same properties and compete for the same client. Instead, they are able to join forces and cover a wider range of potential clients, making sure the business expands its presence in the market and increases its revenues.

Boost your deals with CASAFARI GO

3. It allows you access to all market opportunities

When you see properties for sale by the owner on property portals, you get access only to properties that were listed in that specific website.

On the other hand, CASAFARI GO is integrated with CASAFARI’s data, so it has a complete view of the property market. Meaning, with CASAFARI GO, you can see all opportunities available on the market for you to grow your portfolio with private seller leads – including those that your competitor hasn’t found yet.

4. It automates tasks to save your time

Every time you visit a potential client using the prospecting routes of CASAFARI GO, you can see the property on your map and click on “create lead” to generate an opportunity inside CASAFARI CRM. From that moment on, you can follow-up with this lead using the standard flow of your CRM.

Instead of focusing your effort on management tasks, this ease of working that CASAFARI GO provides buys you the most important resource in real estate: time! For an estate agent, more free time often means more business, so what our platform does is to work for you, allowing you to spend your time with your clients.

Boost your deals with CASAFARI GO

5. It helps you establish feasible goals

CASAFARI GO wants to provide a gamified experience that motivates estate agents to go after new clients. In order to do so, it shows statistics about how much time was spent with prospecting efforts during the week or month, highlighting those professionals that were more invested in generating new opportunities.

Based on this data, the estate agency has solid inputs to establish their prospecting goals, both for the whole business and per agent. They can even use these numbers to help project their revenues, based on how many opportunities generated with their prospecting efforts turned into new sales.

Waste no more time and revenues, improve your ways of reaching new clients with CASAFARI GO!

Boost your deals with CASAFARI GO

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