Ownerlink: easier communication between agent and client

Ownerlink's results inside CASAFARI CRM

Ownerlink is an innovative feature of CASAFARI CRM that improves the communication between the agent and client. In this exclusive link, the owner finds all about the work that’s been developed to sell their property and the results achieved so far.

See in detail all that’s possible inside Ownerlink and how each part in this relationship benefits from using it.

What can be done inside Ownerlink

There is no shortage of uses of CASAFARI CRM’s Ownerlink. We’re talking about:

  • Exchanging documents: take advantage of Ownerlink to send the service agreement to your client, receive photos of the property or any other document you might exchange.
  • Exchanging messages: clarify with clients any doubts about their property, provide information about your activities, ask whether you can book new visits or talk about whatever you need inside the messages section of Ownerlink.
  • Registering feedback from visitors: allow your client to know what people thought about the property, what interested them most and what features could be improved.
  • Keeping track of website clicks: see how many people clicked on the property inside the website of the agency in the last 7, 15 or 30 days.
  • Checking property promotion: the client is able to see all the listings of their property, in each real estate portal. Also, they get to check to how many potential buyers this property was sent through a Smartlink.
  • Comparing the property to the market stock: Ownerlink shows if the asking price of the property is in line with the market, taking into consideration its location and characteristics. It will also let you know how many similar properties were sold in the last 6 months and how long they spent on the market, on average.

All this information gives credibility to your work, while still make your day-to-day interactions faster and much more transparent.

Seal more deals with Ownerlink

The benefits of Ownerlink

Ownerlink provides a win-win situation, with benefits both for the professional and for the client. Let’s see how each of the parts can take advantage of it.

How it helps the estate agent

Ownerlink is an extra argument that estate agents have to win potential clients: other than the quality of your service, Ownerlinks works as a differentiator, something that other agencies don’t provide.

Another point is that Ownerlink saves a lot of time and effort in communication, since it’s the main channel of communication with your client. Forget about searching through emails and messages on your cellphone to find that one piece of information: it reunites in a single place all the messages and documents exchanged between agent and client.

The advantages for the client

Besides being able to communicate with the agent without having to resort to phone calls, the client can be at ease knowing that their property is not forgotten. In a couple of clicks, they can see what visitors said about the property, where it’s being listed and how popular it is on the agency’s website.

Are you ready to start using Ownerlink as a way to win the trust of even more clients? Subscribe to CASAFARI CRM and boost your deals!

Seal more deals with Ownerlink

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