How to benefit from CASAFARI’s Favourites folders

CASAFARI's Favourites folders

CASAFARI’s Favourites allow users to save properties of their interest and receive updates about them, making it easier to stay informed and make data-driven decisions about buying (for a client or as a property investor) or selling assets.

When you save a property to your Favourites, you get to choose whether you want to add it to an existing folder or create a new one, allowing you to keep your findings organised. On your Favourites dashboard, you will see information about:

  • Price changes and new listings of these properties;
  • How many and which of your Favourites were reserved, delisted or sold.

You can also choose to see data of the last 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days or 30 days, in order to provide you with information about what’s going on at the moment or allow you to have a broader view.

Additionally, you can click on a folder to see updates solely about the properties inside it. And, finally, another option is to sort the order of the properties by price or to show the ones that were recently updated.

Now that you know how our Favourites work, let’s see how your business can benefit from it!

3 ways the Favourites folders can help your business

Monitoring your portfolio as an estate agent or broker

By organising properties into folders, you can easily keep track of what’s going on with your property portfolio. Favourites will show you:

  • Exclusivity breaches: with the notifications of your Favourites folder, you will be able to see when a new listing is publishedby someone else for a property in your portfolio, meaning there’s an exclusivity breach.
  • Competitive disadvantages: when there’s no exclusivity, you can use your Favourites folder to be aware of decreases in the asking price of properties in your portfolio, made by other listing agencies. This way, you can approach the owner and make sure you are able to sell the property for the same price, ensuring a fair competition.

These notifications are sent to you daily by email, keeping you informed without you even having to log in to our platform.

Monitoring interesting assets as a buying agent or property investor

You’re using CASAFARI’s Property Sourcing to see what’s available in the market and see a property that matches yours or your client’s criteria? Save it to your Favourites! It will notify you of decreases in prices in the investment properties you’re interested in, so you can buy them at their lowest price.

In the end, the Favourites folder will work for you, helping you build a property portfolio full of market opportunities.

Making informed decisions about selling real estate assets

Want to keep an eye out for what’s going on with the properties that compete against yours or your client’s? The first step is to run a Comparative Market Analysis inside our platform, to find out which are the closest comparables to that property at the moment.

How to make a Comparative Market Analysis with CASAFARI

Once CASAFARI provides you with a list of comparables, save them to a folder inside your Favourites to keep track of their activity. By doing so, you will be able to measure the demand for properties similar to yours or your client’s, as well as figuring out when is the appropriate moment to sell.

If you notice that there are many properties similar to yours decreasing their prices, you might want to consider doing the same and sell sooner rather than later, since the market might be getting smaller for properties such as yours.

On the other hand, if the prices of the comparable properties are going up, you might want to delay the sale for a while, in the hope that you get a higher price for that piece of real estate.

Whether you’re interested in monitoring your property portfolio or finding interesting investment properties to buy, this can easily be done with our Favourites feature: today, you can have up to 200 properties saved in folders inside your CASAFARI account.

Also, you can expand that limit if this isn’t enough for your business: get in touch with your account manager and talk to them about your needs!

And if you haven’t started using CASAFARI yet, waste no more time: start benefiting from our portfolio control, property tracking and the many other uses of our platform to enable more deals!

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