CASAÈ: access to the whole Italian market with CASAFARI

Alessandro Ferrero - Amministratore Delegato CASA È

CASAÈ is the first real estate franchising specialised in finding homes with innovative tools, such as their digital platform. With the help of CASAÈ, estate agents are able to provide a service that combines the proximity of human relations and technology, making sure their clients choose the right home.

All of it, while empowering their franchisees to develop their brand and grow on the property market. Impressive, right?

When they first met CASAFARI, CASAÈ looked for a data provider that allowed them to find properties for sale, in order to satisfy the needs of their clients, who have assigned them a research assignment. Let’s see what made the difference for the company to pick CASAFARI as their data partner!

Unlocking a full market view 

A big part of CASAÈ’s work is to find the perfect property, according to what the end customer wants. In order to do so, they need to see what’s on the market and here’s where CASAFARI enters the scene.

With our Property Sourcing, CASAÈ is able to see all the properties available, including those that were just listed. They can also filter their search with over 30 filters to find a list of properties that match what they’re looking for in just a few minutes.

Improve your property sourcing and find the perfect place for your clients

Besides the completeness of the data, CASAÈ also took into consideration the accessibility: CASAFARI Property Sourcing provides an interface that’s intuitive and easy to use, so every real estate professional can find the information they need with very little effort.

And speaking about the future, where is CASAÈ headed? Antonio Pasca, CEO of CASAÈ, says that the mission of the company is to make a difference everyday in the lives of real estate professionals by creating a community with shared values that becomes a reference in the market.

We’re glad to embrace this challenge providing our technology to help you fulfil your mission, CASAÈ! It’s made for CASAFARI!

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