Rive, formerly known as Kodit.io, and the agility they gained using CASAFARI data

Jorge Caceres, Country Manager of Rive (former Kodit) in Spain

The year is 2021 and Rive, at that moment known as the iBuyer Kodit.io, got in touch with CASAFARI: they needed to receive more information about the property market so they could create new and improved solutions for the sales team of the company. 

Lucky for them – and for us, of course! – they came to the right place: CASAFARI has the largest real estate database in Europe, with over 30,000 sources and more than 200 million listings. Our database mirrors the European property market, allowing our clients, such as Rive, to make informed decisions based on real time data.

Let’s see how CASAFARI changed Rive’s work for the better and understand how they see the future of the company.

Get to know Rive, an innovative iBuyer 

Called Kodit back then, this iBuyer company was born in 2017 with the idea of pushing the property market forward through technology. Kodit provided customised services and created many tools to make real estate transactions an easy and stress-free experience both for sellers and buyers.

Recently renamed as Rive, the company kept its DNA and keeps providing solutions for people to take the next step into their new home.

How CASAFARI changed Rive’s daily worked

Back when Rive was still Kodit and they didn’t have access to CASAFARI yet, Jorge Cáceres, country manager of the company in Spain, tells us that the information they had available about the property market was very fragmented. “To gather all the information needed to come up with a property valuation or find the right properties was something that took a whole lot of time and effort.

In that sense, using CASAFARI was a game changer for them: tasks that took hours or days even were completed in minutes, with a clean view of the market that boosted Rive’s business.

“CASAFARI digitises, centralises and organises all the information on the market and contributes to informing, preparing and providing essential information when advising clients and growing a property portfolio.

The tool is easy to use and gives you the possibility to analyse all the information about the market, from the changes in the selling price, to the state of the property or the distribution of pricing across neighbourhoods.”

Jorge Cáceres, Country Manager of Rive in Spain

Among the many possibilities that our products offer, Jorge highlights a few ways that CASAFARI is used by their collaborators daily:

  • to keep up with the property market trends and evolution,
  • to understand the average price per square metre in an area,
  • to check the average asking price of one asset class,
  • to see which is the average time spent on the market by each kind of property,
  • to find out which is the market stock for a specific asset class.

Follow the Property Market Trends with CASAFARI

And this is solely about Market Analytics, a tool that provides a deep understanding of the market, with interactive charts and maps updated in real time.

The Country Manager in Spain also highlighted the benefits of Property Valuation as part of their daily routine. According to him, it supports Rive in the making of each property valuation, providing access to the most up to date information about each property.

Meet the online property valuation that’s trustworthy and done in seconds

A successful partnership and plans for the future of Rive

Over a year after CASAFARI’s and Rive’s partnership started, it’s still up and running, bringing the expected results:

“CASAFARI makes our real estate management easier, providing the most precise and updated information about the property with the highest efficiency. We gained agility because we can access all the history of each property and, therefore, generate better quality reports and market analyses.”

Jorge Cáceres, Country Manager of Rive in Spain

Whether in the past as Kodit or in the present as Rive, one thing was always certain: focused on providing an easy process for buying a house, free of uncertainties, the iBuyer company has always been innovative in their way of working in the property market. And, for the future, as Jorge tells us, they want to keep being seen that way. 

“We offer complete services related to buying, selling, renovating and financing houses. We are committed to keep leading the evolution of the property market and to develop innovative solutions for our clients.”

And they will for sure be able to count on CASAFARI’s data to accomplish this vision!

We track daily over 310M listings across Europe

Be the first one to know about price changes, new and sold listings.
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