iBuyers: CASAFARI’s tools for faster property transactions

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The whole work of iBuyers is about being fast to find and buy all the good opportunities on the market and sell them for a higher price later.

And this is also connected to why a homeowner would sell their property to an iBuyer. They provide:

  • Easy and fast property transactions,
  • Cash availability, making an offering on a house without needing any credit approval.

Meaning that, instead of waiting for months on the property market for an offer, the seller receives the cash in no time with an uncomplicated process.

But agility is really key here, to make sure both the investment and the profit comes fast, right? The main difference between iBuyers and non-technological alternatives is that they take a fraction of the time to purchase a property, when compared to the traditional ways of selling.

And here’s where CASAFARI can help iBuyer companies. Let’s see which of our products allow you to gain speed – from finding to purchasing the properties – and make an offering on a house or apartment in minutes.

CASAFARI Alerts: stay updated on opportunities on the property market in real time

Talking about speed, our Alerts is the perfect solution for you. This feature of our Property Sourcing allows you to set automatic searches for properties according to your interest in a certain area.

You will receive an email notification every time a new opportunity that matches your criteria shows up, allowing you to be the first to approach the seller and make an offering on a house. You can choose to receive the emails instantly, hourly, daily or weekly, to ensure the speed you desire.

Gather more property leads with CASAFARI: get to know Alerts

In order to establish criteria, iBuyers get to choose from more than 30 filters, including:

  • a price range,
  • the conditions of the property (used, to refurbish, very good or new),
  • the type of property (studios, penthouses, a regular house, a villa, etc.),
  • characteristics (such as balcony, parking, elevator, terrace, etc.).

With CASAFARI Alerts you get to know all about the market in real time and act instantly.

Comparative Market Analysis: finding the right prices for your property transactions

CASAFARI’s Comparative Market Analysis takes one property as a basis to find a list of other comparable properties, with similar characteristics and located in the same area. And, taking this list into consideration, our property valuation tool suggests a selling, a fair market and an out of the market prices.

This data can also be used to negotiate the value of the property transaction with the seller, to ensure that the property is sold for a fair price, that allows a safe profit margin for the iBuyer.

How to make a comparative market analysis with CASAFARI

Along with the suggestions and list of competitors, you can also find in our property valuation report other data about your chosen investment, such as:

  • how long a property such as this usually spends on the property market,
  • how many other properties in this asset class are available for sale,
  • upward or downward price trends for this asset class,
  • the property prices for the comparable.

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

All this information is useful for understanding your pricing strategy to seal the deal and can be obtained in just a few minutes. Your decision-making doesn’t get any faster than this.

CASAFARI APIs: Alerts, Properties and Comparables on your current system

If an iBuyer does not wish to change the real estate software they currently use, that’s no problem! They can still make use of the valuable CASAFARI data to speed up their tasks inside their own platform through our APIs. 

Here are the best APIs for iBuyers and which data they provide.


This API provides iBuyers a very welcome help to find properties for sale for a good price in a specific area or to see what’s new on the property market, accelerating your chances of finding the best real estate deals. 

The data is updated every 5 minutes so you have a mirror view of what’s out there and you can even see the contact information of private sellers (when available) for getting in touch faster.

The advantages of using CASAFARI’s Market Data API


Very similar to our Comparative Market Analysis, this API allows you to, without the need to open CASAFARI, 

  • get a property valuation for a property that the iBuyer is interested in,
  • check for how much its comparable properties are being sold.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to decide how much you should offer for an opportunity in order to increase your chances of buying while still granting a desirable profit margin. 


With the Properties API, iBuyers get access to all unique properties available on the market straight into their system. They are able to apply more than 30 filters to find the perfect opportunity and make an offering on a house knowing that the property transaction is profitable.

Whether the iBuyers choose to see our data inside CASAFARI or on their own platform, this combo of products ensures a gain of speed in all their tasks, from finding the right property to acquiring it for the ideal price. Waste no time: boost your business with our real estate software! 

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