Join our team and help build the cleanest and most complete real estate database in the world!

CASAFARI’s Mission, Vision and Values

What do we do? Our vision is to build the cleanest and most complete real estate database.
Why? Our mission is to solve chaos by bringing transparency to the real estate market.
This mission runs deep through our culture, values and heart.


Collaboration means listening and evolving together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal; reciprocity.


Curiosity means the desire to constantly question concepts and processes in order to improve. Curious people are willing to leave their comfort zone and explore the possibilities, as they know the path will lead to progress.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning is constant personal and professional growth. More than just acquiring new skills, it is about learning from our experiences and seeing failure as a path to success.

Diversity & inclusiveness

The team is made up of different cultures and experiences and these are respected. All voices are heard and every opinion matters. In fact, it is our diversity that makes us strong having a variety of perspectives in one company allows new ideas and opportunities to flourish.


Being able to focus is vital for high performance. It is about being able to prioritise, manage our time well and commit ourselves 100% to one task at a time.

Brutal honesty

Honesty means direct, transparent and open dialogue with everyone in the team and being truthful to yourself about your failures. Disagreements are productive; we listen and we know we will be listened to.


Taking ownership means volunteering responsibility for projects and seeing our own tasks through to completion. As individual members of a collective, it is important for us to see how we all contribute to the company’s vision; owning our work shows us our value in the team.


The pace of innovation is fast and we need to be able to experiment, learn fast and move forward quickly. Speed means making decisions and implementing ideas efficiently, without delays or procrastination.

Quality & Diligence

Quality means providing a consistently high standard, whether this is in the product we deliver to customers or the effort we put into our team projects. We are thorough and diligent and we care about our work.


Transparency means the practice of having open and honest communication, providing clear answers to the why at any time, and ensuring that there is visibility on decisions being taken. It is through transparency that we can foster a culture of collaboration among our team and customers. Placing all the necessary data in the hands of our team and clients, we can work together to transform the property market for the better.


Our purpose is meaningful

We are bold pioneers. Together we’re building the cleanest and most complete real estate database in the world, and as we expand to more countries, the future is exciting. And it’s in our hands.

CASAFARI is for passionate people

In every department, from Data to Sales, you’ll be surrounded by smart, driven and curious people. We are engaged and dedicated individuals who all share a passion to drive CASAFARI forward.

It’s a lot like working with friends

We are dynamic, energetic and fun people! Our working relationships become real friendships. At CASAFARI, we all fit together like a family – you can just be yourself.

Diversity in all areas

We’re proud to have over 20 nationalities and an overwhelming number of women in our team. Each day we reinforce an inclusive environment where we learn from each other and share ideas freely. Our diversity means we’re constantly learning new perspectives and expanding our horizons.

We strive for growth

We’re empowered to think outside the box and find new solutions. We’re encouraged to be bold and venturing, with a high level of autonomy. Curiosity brings you out of your comfort zone and accelerates the learning process. We love to see you contribute to all projects – here, everyone makes an impact!

“Fail fast, learn fast” is our motto

We are growing fast and must balance focus with experimentation. We view failure as an essential opportunity to learn, grow and achieve success. We do it together, through collaboration, honesty and open communication.

We care about your wellbeing

Our home is an office in Lisbon’s city center, full of light, plants and a terrace to enjoy the Portuguese weather. We blend professional growth with personal wellbeing by integrating team activities, monthly Health Weeks and bi-weekly workout sessions alongside our work routine.

Our perks

  • Cool office in Bairro Alto, with 250 SQ.M. open terrace full of sun and plants (a popular lunchtime spot for the team)
  • Company Stock Options – the opportunity to own a piece of the company
  • Autonomy – clear added value to the team and company
  • Awesome team – the chance to work with smart and ambitious people from all over the world
  • Free access to the CASAFARI platform (helpful if you’re looking for a place to live)
  • Weekly gym classes on the terrace with our PT Luís
  • Discount off access to a well-known gym with branches all over Portugal
  • Monthly Health Weeks
  • Kitchen with fruit and gluten-free/sugar-free healthy snacks (don’t worry, we have gluten-free chocolate cookies)
  • Quarterly team events
  • Company apartment in the centre of Lisbon if you come to Portugal from another country
  • Full support and sponsorship for visa and residence permits
  • A small library to feed your curiosity

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