Discover your talent, interests and what motivates you

Casafari’s Team Values

Our mission is to provide real estate professionals with hyperlocal and relevant data in order to help them stay competitive and successful. Casafari brings transparency to the real estate market by indexing millions of listings from thousands of sources daily. This mission runs deep through our culture, values and heart.

In Casafari we value diversity, curiosity, desire to learn and to change the world even more than background and knowledge. We are always looking for people who will drive our mission forward and who are looking to evolve and grow with us. Casafari strives to create an inclusive environment where we work together as a team, support each other and where knowledge is shared freely. There are no limits to your imagination, instead we encourage you to think outside the box.

What does our team look like?

3 offices: Lisbon, Budapest, Kharkiv
40+ team mates
15+ nationalities
27 y.o. is the average age
1 serial company unicorn dog

What to expect from the application process?

During the recruitment process we want to discover your talent, interests and what motivates you. There is no one-size fits all approach at Casafari, instead we explore your strongest skills and see where you might fit best in the team.

What’s important for us is that you always aspire to grow and learn, focus on one thing at a time and do what you love. Always.

Our priority is understanding the real you, your interests, skills and motivations. What drives you? How would you describe your perfect self and how can we help you achieve your goals and desires? In what way can we help you with your individual growth and how can you contribute to the teams growth?

To answer these questions, we have a multi-step recruitment process which usually consists of the following steps:

1. You submit your CV and cover letter;
2. We pre-screen your profile;
3. We align our basic expectations (either a short call or in writing);
4. We provide an assignment to assess your potential, ability to learn fast and desire to grow beyond your existing knowledge and skills;
5. We schedule an interview with a hiring manager in the team;
6. You are invited for the second final interview.

Sometimes this process can take a different shape because we want to fully understand you and see where you best fit into our team.

We will support you throughout the process and will be available to answer any questions you have along the way.

The Casafari Team is looking forward to receiving your resumé!

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Job Opportunities

Quality Data AnalystLisbon, Portugal
Product Data ScientistLisbon, Portugal
Product Data ScientistBudapest, Hungary
NLP ResearcherBudapest, Hungary
Python Software EngineerLisbon, Portugal
Intern Data ScientistLisbon, Portugal
DevOps EngineerKharkiv, Ukraine
Node.js DeveloperKharkiv, Ukraine