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In real estate, informed decision-making is key to the success of professionals. The market’s dynamic nature requires a comprehensive understanding of trends, property values, legal regulations, and client needs.

Being well-informed allows professionals to assess risks, opportunities, and the potential for property appreciation or depreciation accurately. Such knowledge also empowers agents, brokers, and developers to offer informed advice to their clients, guiding them towards sound investment choices or optimal property selections aligned with their criteria and goals. Meaning, it not only establishes credibility but also fosters better outcomes and client satisfaction.

Let’s see how Data Export, a data solution from CASAFARI, can help you improve your access to accurate real estate data and provide you with all the information needed to take your business to the next level.

What is CASAFARI’s Data Export?

The Data Export solution brings data insights to those who are interested in gaining a deep understanding of the market, which leads to a competitive edge in the real estate market.

Data Export offers a rich variety of datasets tailored for your business’ needs:

  • Properties: Dive into comprehensive property details.
  • Listings: Explore the latest property listings with ease.
  • Listings Photos: Visualise properties through a gallery of captivating photos.
  • Alerts: Stay informed with real-time alerts on relevant updates.

It allows real estate professionals to make informed decisions based on data, improve operational efficiency with seamless data handling and deliver a customised experience to customers with location intelligence.

Data Export securely uploads and stores data in buckets, allowing clients to access and utilise it according to their specific requirements. Too hard to understand? Well, you need only to know that while our APIs, for example, are ideal for consistently delivering smaller and regular data updates, Data Export excels in providing large-scale data sets. It’s all about the kind of data you need!

Data Export is based on two different technologies. The first one, DELTA-SYNC, is responsible for daily real estate updates and every day at noon refreshes bringing the latest property data — new listings, status updates, and any changes, to guarantee our clients stay informed on a daily basis.

Besides DELTA-SYNC, we also have FULL-SYNC, which means that every Sunday, our system uploads the entire history of data, for countries and sources needed by the client. This is useful for those that need to carefully look at historical information for in-depth analyses.

Meanwhile, JOIN Data is working to connect all this data, providing our clients with unique information on a property and easily linking it to its location or listing details. It’s like getting the full picture of a unique property.

What does Data Export help you with?

  • Customised reporting for decision-making

You’ll be able to develop tailored reports by connecting relevant fields from Properties, Listings, and Locations entities to extract the insights you need. 

  • International Expansion Strategy

Utilising Data Export for an in-depth historical analysis of properties and listings in potential target countries, real estate professionals can understand different market landscapes. 

  • Proactive Alert System for Exclusive Properties

With Data Exports you get to set up daily alerts with specific criteria to monitor exclusive listings through the system, allowing prompt action and personalised engagement with potential buyers.

  • Visualisation through Photos

Leverage the Listings Photos to access a comprehensive collection of property photos. By linking listing_ids, effortlessly integrate high-quality visuals into property listings, creating an engaging visual narrative.

  • Dynamic Listing Updates

Implement Data Export’s daily updates to ensure real-time information about listings and property information for realtors. 

  • Trend Identification

Utilise Data Export to gather historical data on properties and listings, analysing their performance. Monitor trends, identify popular locations and gain insights into property types that resonate with the market.

Basically, Data Export helps companies in a multitude of tasks to understand the market they are working in or intending to expand to. In other words, a valuable solution for those in need to analyse a high volume of data and draw relevant conclusions.

Convinced yet? Nowadays, embracing a data-driven approach is not just an option but a necessity for professionals looking to stay ahead. By harnessing the power of analytics and insights, you can offer tailored solutions and predictive strategies that cater precisely to the needs of clients. Join the journey: boost the results of your business integrating a data-driven approach today.

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