Reaching international property investors with CASAFARI CRM

How to reach international property buyers inside CASAFARI CRM

By targeting the international property investors, the estate agent gets to expand their range of potential clients, whilst increasing their chances of selling, especially if they are working with people from countries with greater purchasing power.

But, although this strategy brings good results, the ideal would be to do it in a way that does not consume even more time from the estate agent. 

Enter CASAFARI CRM, a product developed to help real estate professionals to keep in touch with clients and potential clients, as well as allowing them to close more and faster deals. Let’s see which are the features from our real estate CRM that broadcast your listings to foreign property buyers.

Automatically exporting to international real estate portals

With CASAFARI CRM you can export your listings with very little effort for real estate portals that reach the four corners of the world, like List Globally and Green Acres. This is the first step to showing your property portfolio to and attracting the attention of international property investors.

Advertising your listings outside of your own country may not only attract more potential customers, but also increase the number of deals sealed each month, something that benefits every estate agent.

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Optimised real estate website to connect with an international clientele

That CASAFARI CRM offers many different templates for you to create and personalise your estate agency’s website, you already know. But what’s even more interesting is that these templates have two characteristics that can boost your access to an international clientele. 

First of all, they can be automatically translated to nothing less than 16 languages, allowing you to be understood by international property investors from different origins in their native languages. This avoids losing potential clients due to language barriers and make them more at ease to approach you, as well as allow you to advertise your listings via email, ads or any other marketing action without worrying about being understood by foreign potential clients.

The second characteristic is the fact that all templates are SEO-optimised, which means that they were developed according to the best practices recommended by Google to make sure your content performs well in searches. You get to manage your URLs, content and keywords so that, when people search for services such as yours, they find your website.

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Enable more deals with CASAFARI CRM

Automatic translations for your communications

From the moment a language is set inside the profile of a client on your CASAFARI CRM, all communications sent to international property investors are automatically translated to the chosen language. Once again, our real estate CRM avoids that language barriers stand between you and a closed deal with a foreign client.

Once these translations are automated, you can plan follow-up emails, come up with Smartmails and any other kind of communication that will help you keep in touch with potential clients in their native language.

Are you ready to start using these features for the benefit of your business? Waste no more time and subscribe to CASAFARI CRM!

Enable more deals with CASAFARI CRM

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