Find out the main real estate portals for professionals in Portugal

João Rodrigues, account manager of CASAFARI CRM

Nowadays, the amount of existing real estate portals is big, but there are a few in which you could potentially catch a larger volume of leads.

With a varied range of integrations, CASAFARI CRM allows you to promote your properties on the most renowned real estate portals, making it easy and automatizing many tasks related to this distribution.

Also, with the Free Plan, recently launched, you can export your properties to three of the main real estate portals all at once: idealista, Imovirtual e Listglobally.

Get to know the main real estate portals for professionals in Portugal:

Main real estate portals in Portugal


Since 2000, Idealista displays thousands of properties. It is also present internationally, in Spain and Italy.

Idealista offers tools that help the real estate agent with all sorts of tasks, from managing their long-term rental and sale listings to managing vacation rentals (short-term deals).

Through CASAFARI CRM, it is possible to reach maximum profitability of your listings in this portal. Check on the list below some best practices for you to maximize the number of people getting in touch through Idealista:

  • Upload 20 photos minimum per listing and make sure all your images have a caption. On your real estate CRM there is no limit to the amount of photos that you can upload of your properties. You also can tag images per areas, add a caption and translate it to many languages. 
  • Add videos and/or virtual visits to your listings. To publish videos, you will need an activation on Idealista and, then, let your account manager from CASAFARI CRM know, so they can activate the possibility also on your real estate CRM.
  • When it comes to virtual tours, reach out to your account manager so they can prepare your user to publish this kind of information through CASAFARI CRM.
  • Add the property plan so potential buyers have a complete view of the property. When it comes to Idealista, you should upload a foto of the property plan and tag it as “Plan”, inside CASAFARI CRM.
  • The descriptions must contain at least 450 characters. Make sure to include information about the square meters of the many rooms, finishes, solar orientation, state of conservation of the property, among other possibilities.
  • Talk about all main characteristics of the property, for example: a backyard space, garage, pool, fireplace, air conditioning, amount of bathrooms, energy certificate, year of construction, usable area, among others.
  • Share the exact location of your properties. In order to have this information available on Idealista, it should be concerted in the agreement that you have with the portal.

Idealista offers a trial period of 60 days to clients with CASAFARI CRM that haven’t subscribed yet. Also, this is one of the real estate portals included in our CRM’s Free Plan.


Imovirtual was created 10 years ago and it’s a Portuguese real estate portal with around 300.000 listings, over 6.000.000 monthly visits and more than 400.000 interactions to ads. 

On Imovirtual you can publish properties both for sale, long and short-term rental.

Find out below some basic best practices to bear in mind when publishing your properties on Imovirtual through CASAFARI CRM:

  • All photos should match the 4/3 proportion and have a minimum resolution of 1024 pixels of width, to ensure good quality for the images.
  • Add at least 11 photos per listing.
  • Catch the attention of potential clients adding videos and virtual tours to your listings. 
  • When you’re describing the property, make sure to add information about the square meter of all rooms, finishes, solar orientation, state of conservation of the property, surrounding area, main accesses, among other possibilities.
  • List at least 2 characteristics of the property. This way, when someone searches for a property on the website with these attributes, your listing is going to show on the search results.
  • Add all relevant information about the property: amount of rooms, of bathrooms, if this is a property for rent or sale, year of construction, useful area, etc. It is mandatory to provide at least 2 of these pieces of information.
  • It is compulsory to fill the field about Energy Certificate for all properties for sale.
  • It is compulsory to fill the Use License field to all properties for rent.
  • By default, CASAFARI CRM sends the contact information of the agent associated with the property. However, this information is only made publish in case you have purchased this plan with Imovirtual.
  • Share, whenever possible, the exact location of your properties.

Besides being part of CASAFARI CRM’s Free Plan list of real estate portals, Imovirtual offers a trial period to all CASAFARI’s clients of 28 days (provided that you were not a client of this website before).

Best international real estate portals


Listglobally helps real estate agents to promote their properties globally, allowing them to connect with potential buyers from abroad. Through a network of over 100 real estate portals (Arkadia, Trovit, Le Fígaro, entre outros) spread through more than 60 countries (like France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan, for example), it provides international exposure to your properties.

This website allows you to publish your listings for free in its network, Properstar, with 37 real estate portals available. You can also choose a paid subscription, among one of the following possibilities:

For real estate agents:

  • Global Agent – 30 euros (monthly payment), publishing your properties on the PREMIUM network.
  • Elite – 49 euros (monthly payment) and it can only be purchased through Global Agent Program.
  • Luxury – 99 euros (monthly payment) and it can only be purchased through Global Agent Program.

For real estate agencies:

  • Elite 49 euros (monthly payment)
  • Luxury 99 euros (monthly payment)

You can publish your listings for free on the PREMIUM network if you have a 6 month or 12 month subscription.

CASAFARI CRM updates the property feed for this real estate portal once a day and counts with all functionalities that allows you to prepare your listings for the best performance. 

Export to the main real estate portals with CASAFARI CRM Free Plan

Green Acres

Originated in France and with over 288.000 listings globally in more than 56 countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.), Green Acres is the leading real estate portal for second home buys in Europe.

This portal allows you to publish an unlimited amount of listings and pay only per gathered lead. You can choose between 3 different fares per lead: 12, 16 or 20 euros. 

You also have to choose a monthly budget.

For example: if you publish 50 listings and choose 10 leads per 16 euros each, you will have a monthly budget of 160 euros. If, by the end of the month, you received only 5 leads, then you pay only 80 euros.

The integration of Green Acres with CASAFARI CRM allows you to update your properties daily.


Rightmove is a real estate portal that spreads the word of your properties in over 90 countries, allowing you to catch leads globally.

Among the countries in which Rightmove is present are Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and more, making this one of the best real estate portals for professionals. 

At CASAFARI CRM, any update to your properties’ listings is sent to the portal so the information goes live accordingly.
Besides, this is the real estate portal to which you can export listings with CASAFARI CRM Free Plan.

Promote your properties in one of the main international real estate portals. Discover the CASAFARI CRM Free Plan

Things to watch out for when advertising properties on real estate portals

Promoting your properties on real estate properties can be of great help when it comes to catching leads and enhancing your chances to seal more deals.

Announcing on these portals brings numerous benefits. However, you should pay attention to the quality of your listings when creating them.

With CASAFARI CRM, you can add all details of a property and export it to many real estate portals. Appealing descriptions that bring useful information about the area of the property, solar orientation, exact location, the property’s main characteristics, high-quality pictures, videos and virtual tours are some examples of what should be present when creating a new listing.

In the end, the more information you provide to potential buyers, the bigger are the chances of them getting interested in the property and getting in touch.

Also, providing a fast response after getting a message from a lead is very important. When you quickly answer their request and book a visit to the property, it gets easier to get the potential client’s attention and avoid the chance of them losing interest.

To help you with this task, CASAFARI CRM developed the Lead Importer, which automatically saves new messages from leads, coming from your website or real estate portals, to your CRM. With this functionality, available on PREMIUM Plan, you won’t waste time in checking potential clients and business opportunities manually. 

Focus on what really matters: nurture your relationship with your clients!

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