Real Estate Expertise: Nuno Ascensão from KW Portugal

Nuno Ascensão, from KW Portugal, smiling to the photo

Nuno Ascensão, Regional Owner of KW Portugal, told us about the partnership signed with CASAFARI since March this year, gave us a forecast of the property market for 2022 and also left an advice to new consultants:

That they should seek the best training in the market, because only then will they be able to build a business and a career with the necessary foundations for a sustainable business.

All KW Portugal consultants have had access to CASAFARI’s services since March this year.

What led to the decision to make the services available to all professionals in Portuguese territory?

Our decision was made because we want to provide our consultants with the best tools in the market in this area. We know that credible and detailed information about each property and its comparables allows our consultants to sustain comparative market analysis, thus adding value to their clients.

A Real Estate consultant is a specialist in his market, and for this he needs the necessary technological tools that allow him to access the information that supports his recommendations. For that to be possible, they need not only the best training in the market, but also the best information.

After almost six months of using our services nationally, what is the feedback you have gathered from consultants?

The feedback is very positive. We have a user rate above 80% which demonstrates the importance of our investment in this tool.

As with any technology-based tool, there is also a need for training. The training has been done in partnership with CASAFARI, which, after the training and taking into account the feedback from the Market Centers, increases the degree of use, satisfaction with the tool, as well as further enhancing the use of the different features that are available in CASAFARI. 

What is the main added value you point to the fact that everyone has access to CASAFARI’s services with deep CRM integration? 

The main added value is simplicity and speed of access (as it is integrated into our platform) and also obtaining updated information on all existing properties on the market, thus being able to deliver a better service to its customers both at the time of comparative market analysis and in the search for solutions for its buyers.

How would you describe the post-pandemic Real Estate market?

The pace of recovery in the various real estate segments is moving at different speeds. We continue to see a market that remains strong because buyers continue to exist and are active.

From the point of view of foreign buyers, we had 12 months of retraction, due to the constraints of the pandemic, but we believe that we believe that Portugal continues to be a country of high interest and, therefore, with the gradual opening we will again have an influx of foreign buyers.

What do you foresee happening in 2022 in the Real Estate market, nationally and internationally? 

Although we cannot have a real notion of the economic impact that this pandemic will cause, we know that markets are cyclical and real estate is not an exception.

Since 2013, Real Estate has been on the rise and therefore there will tend to be a downturn somewhere. However, we can point out that the pipeline will be robust on the supply side, due to the positive evolution in the investment capacity of national players.

Despite the impact caused by the pandemic, we expect the interest in the property market to remain high due to a context of low interest rates and high financial liquidity at a global level.

What advice would you give to new professionals arriving in the Real Estate market?

My recommendation is to seek the best training in the market, because only then will you be able to build a business and a career with the necessary foundations for a sustainable business, robust and with the capacity to face all the challenges of this sector.

Besides the most complete real estate data in the market that CASAFARI makes available, what is the biggest benefit that you highlight presence in this Real Estate Network?

For KW this partnership allowed us to strengthen the value proposition that we deliver to our associates. By making available to all KW Portugal consultants and free of charge the best and most complete tool on the market is something differentiating and allows our consultants to provide a better service to their customers.

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