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The estate agent’s ability to identify potential clients likely to buy or sell property soon is crucial for business success. Understanding clients’ specific needs, motivations, and timelines allows for a tailored approach, building trust and streamlining the sales process.

But as this is one of the many tasks that must be carried out by those working in the sector, how can the professional qualify leads for real estate in a seamless way? CASAFARI can help you in several ways. Let’s see which ones!

What does it mean to qualify leads in real estate? 

Qualifying leads is part of the real estate leads generation process and involves assessing and determining the level of interest and readiness of potential clients for hiring the professional’s services. The qualification will allow agents and other real estate professionals to make sure they prioritise individuals who are more likely to convert into actual transactions, allocating their time and resources efficiently.

Qualification typically involves assessing factors such as the prospect’s budget, timeline, specific needs and motivation to buy or sell property. For example, people who already know what they’re looking for in a property, or who need to move quickly, are more likely to close a deal than those who need to see what’s on the market before making a decision.

CASAFARI products to help you qualify real estate leads

Lead Magnet: attracting buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants

Lead Magnet is a widget that allows potential clients to add their contact information and data about the property they are looking for or that they have to offer and get an instant property valuation.

The provided reports show how much these people should ask for or be prepared to pay, which means they both solve their doubts and generate leads for real estate professionals. This tool can be added to your website or to a microsite provided by CASAFARI, working for both sale or rental properties.

Lead Magnet: convert real estate leads into sellers and buyers with CASAFARI

The leads generated are directed to a dashboard, in which all the input information can be found and filtered. And why are these qualified leads? Because you get to see exactly what the potential client is looking for, in detail: what kind of property, for how much, in which area, etc.

Find the results of your real estate lead generation with Lead Flow

CASAFARI's Lead Magnet widget

Lead Flow Private Sellers: easily find qualified FSBO property leads

Our Lead Flow Private Sellers is a dashboard that provides a list of all private seller listings in an area. This simple, yet powerful tool solves one of the pain points of agents looking to expand their portfolio with FSBO leads: identifying who are the actual private sellers among those listing properties.

How? By showing it visually, with a count of how many assets are listed under the same phone number, which makes it easy for you to tell private sellers from selling agents.

You’ll be able to see all the basic information about this listing, such as:

  • Where was the property listed;
  • For how much;
  • By whom;
  • A contact number to get in touch with the seller;
  • Where it is located;
  • What type of property it is.
Lead Flow Private Sellers Beta

Along with the data about the listing and its seller, the real estate professional has the option of opening the Property Page with a single click to see all the detailed and historical information about it.

Finally, with a single click, it’s also possible to run a property valuation to see if the asking price set by the owner is in line with the market for properties of this type and location.

Basically, you’ll be ready to approach the private seller with all the information and strategy needed to seal the deal much faster.

Find and qualify private seller listings with Lead Flow Private Sellers

CASAFARI CRM: information to understand the readiness of your leads

Within CASAFARI CRM, you can record all the information about a lead, such as what type of property they are interested in, where they came from, how many times you have contacted them and much more. You can also add tags to indicate which customers should be prioritised because they’re 100% ready to buy or sell.

Finally, the sales funnel also helps you visualise in which moment of the buying or selling process is your client, allowing you to care for the clients who are ready to seal a deal.

5 ways to work smarter with our property management CRM

As you can see, qualifying leads helps you ensure that clients are financially capable and genuinely interested, reducing the risk of deals falling through due to financing issues or changes in client preferences. 

And, of course, CASAFARI can help you make this task easier with its real estate technology! Subscribe right now and see for yourself.

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