4 characteristics of CASAFARI’s real estate database

Characteristics of CASAFARI’s real estate database

As you might already know, CASAFARI aims to bring transparency to the chaotic European property market, organising data and providing insights to empower real estate professionals. And, in order to accomplish this mission, all roads must lead to one place: our data!

In this article you’ll better understand why CASAFARI is such a powerful ally of professionals in the sector, the difference it makes in their work and what makes us the largest real estate database in Europe.


Access to the entire market stock is crucial for understanding real estate trends and behaviour. Having comprehensive data allows professionals to make informed decisions, identify emerging patterns, tracking changes in property values, assessing areas of growth or decline, and anticipating shifts in demand.

Without a holistic view of the entire market, professionals may miss valuable insights that could impact their investment strategies or decision-making processes. Therefore, a comprehensive and up-to-date database of property listings from various sources is instrumental in gaining a thorough understanding of the real estate sector.

CASAFARI plays a pivotal role in meeting this need for real estate professionals by aggregating data from over 30,000 websites and portals, compiling more than 310 million property listings. This extensive and diverse database provides users with a comprehensive overview of the landscape, ensuring they can serve their clients with in-depth market knowledge.


And after aggregating all this information about the property market, what does CASAFARI do? It organises it! We deduplicate information, combine all photos from the same property and analyse data from sources to ensure maximum accuracy in what’s exhibited on our platform.

This organisation allows you to have a 360º transparent view of the property market and work with actual market data, without being faced with the same property over and over in different websites, showing conflicting information.

Within each Property Page, for example, one can find all structural information about a specific property, its complete history on the market, as well as visualise points of interest in the vicinity along with graphs showing how the property is positioned according to its comparables on the market. All you need to know about a property can be found in a single page, just like all properties available in an area can be found with a single search.

Property history: why is this data priceless to real estate professionals


In the ever-evolving property market, timing is often of the essence, and swift decision-making can be the key to seizing valuable market opportunities. Real estate agents operate in a dynamic environment where property values can shift rapidly and assets can be taken off from the market in no time.

In such a competitive and fast-paced industry, having access to an updated tool to monitor the market is paramount. A current database empowers estate agents with the information needed to make quick, well-informed decisions on behalf of their clients and check what’s new in a city or neighbourhood.

That’s why professionals of the industry find in CASAFARI’s real estate database the latest market data, for them to draw fast conclusions and work seamlessly with. With CASAFARI Alerts professionals can even get notified about relevant changes on the market and new properties available, all so they can offer the best service to their clients.

Gather more property leads with CASAFARI: get to know Alerts


Data and insights are related concepts in the context of information and decision-making, but they refer to different aspects of information processing and understanding. While data is the raw material that is collected or generated, useful for broader analyses, insights are the valuable, actionable information derived from interpreting that data.

The good news is that CASAFARI provides you with both.

When analysed and transformed into insights, the data collected by CASAFARI becomes a powerful tool for informed decision-making and developing a deeper understanding of a market’s trends and movements.

With our Market Analytics, for instance, real estate professionals can see price variations and changes in market stock for different areas of a city, district or country, along with the distribution of various assets per price range and trends across time.

All this insightful information allows estate agents to advise clients about emerging areas for rental properties or helps them with identifying underpriced properties on a market.

CASAFARI Market Analytics: follow the property market trends

Whereas with CASAFARI’s Property Valuation, all the insights needed to market a property are at your fingertips. Our tool allows professionals to see how long a property with such characteristics usually spends on the market, for how much it’s usually sold, which are its competitors, how much the closing price varies in relation to the asking price and more.

Basically, you have all that you need to strategize the sale or buying of a property with the best outcome possible for your client.

How CASAFARI’s property valuation helps estate agents sell more and faster

Are you ready to bring a more data-driven approach to your work and look at the property market with crystal clarity? Start a free trial of CASAFARI and see all the insights you can draw from actual and trustworthy market data.

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