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As an estate agent, the challenge of balancing the consistent generation of new leads while catering to the needs of existing clients is a delicate juggling act.

On one hand, there’s the pressing demand to cultivate a continuous stream of leads, requiring persistent networking, marketing efforts, and staying updated with market trends. On the other, there’s the responsibility of providing quality service to current clients, dedicating time to property viewings, negotiations, and ensuring their needs are met.

Striking this balance is no doubt the key to sustained success. And, to help estate agents to tackle this challenge, CASAFARI launched a dashboard in which they can find private listings nearby, identify listings that are really from private sellers and see all the information needed to approach potential clients and expand their business. Let’s see how it works!

Why keeping a constant influx of private listings is important for the estate agent

Consistently going after properties from private sellers is crucial for estate agents to maintain a thriving business for several reasons. Here are a few of them:

1. Sustained Business Flow

Private seller leads provide a steady stream of potential clients. In real estate, having a constant influx of leads helps ensure there are always opportunities for sales or listings, even during slower periods. And, in busier times, they can prioritize high-potential private listings and maintain a competitive edge by consistently engaging with new prospects.

Moreover, more private seller leads mean more chances to convert them into clients. Not every lead will immediately result in a sale or listing, but a consistent flow increases the likelihood of converting some into profitable deals.

2. Reduced dependency on a single source of clients

A continuous influx of private seller leads helps diversify an agent’s portfolio, not only allowing the professional to have a variety of properties to offer but also reducing dependency on a specific source of clients.

3. Building Relationships

Generating a constant flow of private listing leads enables agents to build and maintain relationships with potential clients. Even if they might not be ready to sell immediately, nurturing these relationships can lead to future opportunities and referrals.

Basically, constant access to private listings ensures continuity of work, stability and the opportunity for growth in a dynamic and competitive industry.

Lead Flow Private sellers: seamless access to actual private listings

What if I told you that you can have access to all properties of private sellers available on a specific market, along with all the data you need to approach them and offer your services?

That’s exactly what Lead Flow Private Sellers does: it reunites all FSBO properties in a single and useful dashboard. This add-on tool is available free of charge to all CASAFARI subscribers who have access to Property Search, simplifying the process of finding and qualifying leads for private sellers.

The leads feed of Private Sellers inside Lead Flow

It not only shows a list of FSBO properties in an area but also helps the estate agent save time by busting fake private sellers with a count of listings per phone number, allowing professionals to approach only those sellers who really have an exclusive listing that could be added to their portfolio.

For each of the private listings on the list, you can see the location, the listing price, the property type, the name of the seller, their contact information, where was the FSBO property listed and when. You can also access the original listing, to check further details and make sure it’s a private listing.

But that’s definitely not all. In order to make your work even easier, a wide variety of filters can be applied, to tailor the results according to your needs. You can opt to select:

  • A specific area;
  • Only properties with contact number available;
  • Only properties within a price range;
  • A property type;
  • A period of time in which they were listed.
Filtering per property type inside CASAFARI's Lead Flow

In depth understanding of each FSBO property and how to market them

CASAFARI’s Lead Flow Private sellers works alongside the agent also to help them understand the private listing in detail, strategise how to approach the seller and define how to sell the property.

With a single click, professionals can open the Property Page of each property for sale by private sellers. The page shows all the information about that asset, such as:

  • How long it’s been on the market;
  • Its historical data;
  • Amount of rooms, year of construction, built surface and other structural details;
  • Photos;
  • Amenities in the vicinity;
  • How the market is at the moment for properties with similar characteristics and location.

And, to top it off, with another simple click of a button, the estate agent can instantly run a property valuation for that specific FSBO property inside our Comparative Market Analysis.

They will receive information to assess if the asset was property priced, which are its competitors, the estimated time it will stay on the market before selling or renting, which is the average closing price for similar properties and more.

After you’ve found all the private listings that might be of interest to your business and know how to approach their seller, you can even download these results in a CSV or XLS file, to help you deal with these prospects.

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